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The Men At Her Feet is a web novel produced by Hehe-Haha, Xi Xi Ha Ha, 嘻嘻哈哈.
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Chapter 8: Reminiscing lovely memories.

Fu SiNian laid Princess QingLuan down on the bed gently as he sat down next to her.

“Princess, this one would like to ask you a few questions,” He asked politely, “This one would gladly remove the paralysis acupuncture point if you’ll cooperate nicely,”

Princess QingLuan blinked at him, agreeing to his terms.

Fu SiNian poked her with his finger effortlessly, she immediately feel her strength returning to her.

Princess QingLuan took a deep breath, “Minister, what do you want to know?” She murmured softly, still lying face up on her bed.

Fu SiNian was surprised by how the princess could stay so calm, though he wasn’t doing anything to her. He laid down slowly right next to her, taking his time inhaling her sweet flowery scent before replying.

He was unsatisfied with her lack of response, he knew the woman could feel his body heat. h.e.l.l, a grown masculine man was lying down on her bed right next to her and she was still so calm and obnoxious. This made him a little unhappy.

“Why was the princess at the hot spring building on that fateful day?” He asked directly, deciding to not waste any more time.

“I might have met someone with high martial skills, just like minister here, who could enter my living quarters without me knowing.” She answered coldly at his question, “But when I woke up I was already there.”

Fu SiNian could feel the sarcasm and spite in her tone, “Why did you escaped that night?” He asked while reaching out to stroke her cheeks.

“Not escaping means death for me,” She answered emotionlessly, turning her head to the side to avoid his touch.

“Do you recall what happened during that night?” He pressed on, flipping himself so that he was on top of her, “Do you know we all did to you, what do you think of that?”

“I treated that night as a dream,” She answered awkwardly, as her face slowly turned scarlet.

“I see… Then would princess kindly help this one reminisce my dream?” He whispered into her ear and leaned forward, trying to plant a kiss on her lips.

Princess QingLuan covered her mouth with her hand while touching his forehead with another, “Minister is sober now, why would you speak of such confusing words?”

Fu SiNian’s eyes narrowed at her words, “So… Princess knew I was poisoned that day?”

Princess QingLuan cursed herself in her mind for the slip of tongue. It was in her past life that they found out the three men was likely poisoned and did not raped her intentionally, but in this life, it was not time for her to know that yet.

“Minister looked sick that day,” she explained nervously.

“My dear princess, that alcohol that day was not enough to poison me to such length,” He answered coldly, “The actual item that poisoned us so was the poison hidden inside your hairpin!”

He moved his hand to her slender and weak looking neck, as if he would snap it in an instant if she was really a spy, “How would you explain this? How can you prove that you had nothing to do with this conspiracy?”

“Minister, if you were as innocent as you claimed to be, and if the poison was really hidden in my hairpin, it would’ve pa.s.sed to everyone who was near me that day,” She answered after considering his words carefully, “In this case, I might had been their target from the start and you were just unfortunately enough to get caught in this mess,”

He nodded, thinking that it was possible, as he slowly moved his hand away from her neck and moved it to her gown collar. He pulled it softly with a single finger and exposed her neck, soft as feather and white as snow, he nodded in satisfaction.

Such a calm and composed woman, if such a woman would not stand on our side, we would need to kill her, she’s too smart for her own good, he thought cruelly.

“My dear princess, since you understand that this one was caught up in this mess, I a.s.sume you’d take responsibility?” He chuckled, as he leaned down to kiss her, silencing whatever words she would say.

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