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Chapter 2071 – Ten Thousand Slaughter You One

“We’re here!”


A voice rang out.

Everyone from beasts tribes stood up, stretching their necks to look at the entrance.

goblin wolf leader first knelt down, and then bowed to the Spirit Demon Emperor who was floating on top of the golden throne in the sun, and then said: “king demon, Long Fei has arrived.”

Long Fei raised his eyes.

He stared at the levitating throne.

From his angle of view, he saw that the Divine Seat had blocked out the sun. The afterglow of the sun burst out from behind him. Coupled with the golden radiance on his body, it formed into an extremely strong and dazzling radiance.

It was just like the sun wheel behind Lord of Buddha.

The golden light was dazzling.

“A super big BOSS?”

“Heh heh …”

Long Fei’s mouth revealed a smile.

The eyes of the Spirit Demon Emperor on the throne twitched, and she looked at Long Fei.

Thousands of meters away.


In that instant, it was as if Long Fei’s body was completely unable to move, as if he was bound by the Demon Emperor’s gaze, and his entire body was also completely seen through as if he was unclothed.



Cultivation base… At this moment, everything was exposed to the Demon Emperor.

This feeling made Long Fei very unhappy and he couldn’t help but shout out loud: “Do you have a fetishism? Want to see it? Should I take off all my clothes and let you have a look? “

goblin wolf leader’s heart sank.

The eyes of the surrounding beasts tribes members changed.

How dare you speak to the Spirit Demon Emperor like that?

Don’t want to live anymore?

Gu Xiang Ancient’s and Elder Lie Hu’s expression also changed drastically. They wanted to defend Long Fei, but seeing the Demon Emperor’s expression darken, they didn’t dare to say a single word.

The Demon Emperor coldly asked: “You are Long Fei?”

Long Fei replied casually, “I asked even though I already know the answer.”

So what if it was the Demon Emperor?

Not to mention the Demon Emperor, even his father wouldn’t be able to take it seriously.

In Long Fei’s eyes, the Spirit Demon Emperor was a BOSS, a big BOSS.

Did he have to respect the Boss?

Should he bow down to the Boss?

Would he want to play the League of Heroes to show filial respect to Dalong?

The Demon Emperor’s eyes became even colder.

Many demon clan leaders on the side bellowed, “Kid, do you know who the person talking to you is? “Be honest, don’t fail to appreciate my kindness.”

“Just look at him, he’s tired of living. king demon, no need to waste words with him, activate him directly.”

“Kill him.”

“You dare to be this disrespectful to king demon?”

… ….

One berating voice after another sounded out.

In their hearts, the Demon Emperor was the supreme protector of them all. The reason the Deep Abyss Mountain had developed to this day was because they had the protection of the Demon Emperor.

A hundred thousand planes … that was him, the Demon Emperor.

The power he controlled …

The path of demons!

It was also a Dao of Laws for a hundred thousand planes!

The goblin wolf leader also lowered his voice, “My lord, you have to be careful of what you say. If he makes a move, you won’t have the slightest chance.”

Long Fei grinned and said: “Really?”

“This is the kind of difficult challenge I like.”

“I like this type of super BOSS. This is what happens when you drop it a lot, it feels great, hehe …” Long Fei laughed excitedly. The stronger the enemy, the more coquettish he became.

The more excited he got.

goblin wolf leader’s gaze darkened. He was now a little regretful of his decision from before.

He should not have alarmed the Spirit Demon Emperor, and even more so, brought Long Fei to the Sacred Mountain.

The Demon Emperor’s eyes widened slightly.


Imperceptibly, a force shot out.

The entire arena instantly calmed down.

Those who were still speaking had their mouths gaped open, unable to utter a sound. The suppression of this attack was extremely powerful.

At least, Long Fei couldn’t do it.

The Spirit Demon Emperor looked at Long Fei and said: “You are Long Fei, you are the name that appears in the Sacred Stele Inscription, and the person that appears, according to the legacy of the Deep Abyss Mountain, you can bring us out of the Deep Abyss Mountain.”


“The human world has many people with the same surname, how can we prove that you are Long Fei?”

“The Master also sent a message, as long as you can beat the beasts areba, you are Long Fei, the predicted person, the one who will lead us out of the Deep Abyss Mountain.”


A surge of power burst out from the Demon Emperor’s body.


A loud sound was heard from the center of the square.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

One after another, four figures fell from the sky. Each figure that exploded fell was followed by a black demon tree that dropped vertically from the sky and nailed to the ground. When the four trees landed, a Boundary immediately appeared.

The surrounding ten thousand runes glowed even brighter.

The arena was born.

beasts tribes roared in unison.

His voice pierced through the skies, resounding through tens of millions of km.

Even the main temple felt it.

“What is the Deep Abyss Mountain doing now?”

“Who knows?”

“What kind of things can happen in a place like this where there’s no s.h.i.t and chickens don’t lay eggs?”


“Wherever’s demon clan goes, they will be forever trampled under the feet of our main temple. If it wasn’t for someone saving them back then, the demon clan would have long ago disappeared from this world.”

… ….

He ignored them.

Because they did not put the Deep Abyss Mountain in their eyes at all.

What could a group of demons do?

Entering the polar regions?

They couldn’t do it!

His voice was shaking the heavens, causing Long Fei’s eardrums to hurt. Looking at the stage, Long Fei thought in his heart: “Fight in the stage?”

“Step up one by one?”

Long Fei took a step forward, but was stopped by Big Sis. She lightly shook her head and said: “Hubby, don’t go.”

“Don’t go.”

“beasts areba can’t fight.”

Long Fei said: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

The old lady of the fox race said indifferently: “beasts areba, it’s not a one-on-one battle, but a group fight, it’s a group fight with you, no one can withstand this kind of fight, even if you grasp the power of the Ancient Code, even if you have some special power, once you enter the beasts areba you will only have one outcome, you will die!”

“And he died without a complete corpse.”

The goblin wolf leader slightly said: “Master, if you can hold it in, and if you win, then you are the person from the prophecy, you will rule over all of beasts tribes … …”

A duel to become a gang fight?

And it was ten thousand people beating him up?

This …

The challenge was difficult, and not just in terms of difficulty.

The Thousand Goblin Tribe was fine, but the thing that Long Fei was truly afraid of was the Demon Emperor on the Divine Throne. The energy aura on his body was extremely dense, to the point that it was almost unshakable.

However …

If he wanted to defeat the Boss, he had to do it through the beasts areba.

Only by winning could he challenge the Boss.

Then again.

If he won, he would be able to rule over the Deep Abyss Mountain’s Goblin Tribes. To Long Fei, this was an extremely strong power, and he needed this kind of power to support him.

He needed them to enter the battleground!

At this moment.

The Spirit Demon Emperor laughed lightly: “Long Fei, you don’t dare?”

“You can choose to give up. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

His smile was filled with contempt.

In the beasts areba, no one had been able to last until the very end.

The man in the prophecy, Long Fei, was nothing.

Right now, he was only unhappy with the Demon Emperor.

The tone and tone of the Demon Emperor’s voice made him feel extremely unhappy.

And again!

How could a Boss not be killed?



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