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The Mightest Leveling System is a web novel created by Da Hai Hao Duo Shui, 大海好多水.
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Who did you say was out of luck?

She thought that the Black Crow would enter the Secret World.

Even if he didn’t enter, he wouldn’t have attacked her.

Then again.

Yi Yourong was very worried for Long Fei, because she knew the situation inside, and how strong Ming Yue was.

He had let the crow take advantage of the moment of carelessness.

The crow turned around and sneered, “You want me to go in and die? Do you think I’d be that stupid? “

“Since the item is already in your hands, it doesn’t matter whether he dies or not.”

“Yi Yourong, if you know what’s good for you, hand it over. Otherwise …” Black Crow was not anxious at all. At first, he was still a little worried.

But now …

The crow had a confident smile on his face.

Yi Yourong said: “If you don’t save him, don’t even think about getting anything.”

“Is that so?”

The crow sneered and said, “Do you know what the thing that just entered your body is? “The Blood Crows that have been nurtured by my blood essence have no other uses than to nibble away at your divine sense. When that time comes, you will become my puppet, and you think that I won’t be able to obtain anything from you?”

“Forget about the things on your body, you can be considered your body. I can play around with you however I want to, the body of Zhao Guo’s number one beauty should be pretty good, right?”

“Hahaha …” The crow laughed complacently.

Xiao Die scolded: “Shameless shameless!”

Black Crow said, “I am despicable, I am shameless. What can you do about it? Weak! “You’re just an ant!”

thin monkey said, “You are cultivating a devil art.”

Black Crow laughed. “You’re right. I am indeed cultivating a demonic art. So what?”

“Yi Yourong, obediently hand over your things. If you don’t become a puppet, then I won’t be enjoying your life, and my Black Crow Army will enjoy your beautiful body. At that time … “Hahaha…” The crow laughed excitedly.

The surrounding Black Crow Warrior also revealed a perverted smile.

Yi Yourong sat cross legged.


The energy in his body jolted.

“Hiss …”

Yi Yourong took in a deep breath of cold air, and her entire body suddenly trembled. There was a trace of demonic energy moving in her body, and consuming her Profound Qi.

“I forgot to tell you.”

“As long as you channel your Qi to resist it, it will immediately activate. At first, it won’t be able to move, but now it’s alive. It’s about to devour your consciousness.”

“Only I have the antidote. As long as you hand it over obediently, I’ll help you cure the antidote.” The crow became excited and fell into his trap step by step.


Yi Yourong tried a few times. The more she blocked, the stronger the Blood Crows became.

It was just as the crows had said.

The Blood Crow began to nibble away at his divine sense. Once it was under control, she would turn into a puppet.

However …

Yi Yourong didn’t like to admit defeat.

She could even forcibly resist the poison of the Everlasting Burning Sword. She definitely wouldn’t let a mere Blood Crow do as it pleased.

In that instant.

A Ming Clan cultivation technique was activated inside Yi Yourong’s body.

Streams of power of nether were sucked into Yi Yourong’s body from the ground.

The crow’s eyes widened. “Demonic art?”

“I never thought that the dignified young sect master of the Xuan Yue sect would actually cultivate devil arts as well?”


“It’s too late now!”

While they were talking …

Black Crow’s eyes moved.

A Black Crow Warrior punched Xiao Die in the abdomen.

“Ahh …”

Xiao Die could not help but scream.

Black Crow laughed, “Don’t even think about resisting. The more you resist, the more unbearable it will be for you. These people should be your friends, right? You don’t want to see them all die here, do you? “

“Yi Yourong, hand over the thing obediently and I’ll spare your lives.”

Xiao Die endured the pain and said: “sister Yi, don’t worry about us.”

thin monkey also said: “Don’t worry about us!”

Long Fei’s life and death was unknown.

Now, Yi Yourong was poisoned again.

Under these circ.u.mstances.

Even if they handed over the items, the crow wouldn’t let them off either.

Even a fool would understand.

Seeing that Yi Yourong had closed his eyes slightly, the black crow became angry inside. He grabbed the thin monkey and said solemnly, “Didn’t you say that you want me to go and save him?”

“There must be something horrible in there, right?”

With one hand, he grabbed thin monkey and suddenly smashed towards the entrance of the Secret World.

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thin monkey’s body was instantly engulfed by the Secret World.

Yi Yourong frowned.

There were many Super Monster s inside, but they were not Ming Clan s. The moment he entered the Secret World, he would be immediately sensed by the demon beast and instantly sliced into pieces.


“You’re beginning to worry?”

“Hahaha …”

“I already said, as long as you hand over the item, I will spare your lives.” The crow said coldly.

Yi Yourong did not speak.

However, the crow had something to be patient about.

A Warrior said, “General, let’s cripple her first!”

Black Crow smiled slightly and said, “Your suggestion is not bad. First, I will cripple you and then let my brothers have a good time. Zhao Guo’s number one beauty.”

While they were talking …

The crow moved.

Yi Yourong’s eyes opened wide, and summoned the Xuan Yue underworld wheel on her right hand. Without waiting for the crow to attack, she charged out first, and shouted in her heart, “Dark technique!”

“You Mingyue!”

The Xuan Yue underworld wheel split in half and suddenly flew out.

A strong power of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower burst out from Yi Yourong’s body.

She had been secretly gathering her strength ever since she sat down cross-legged. She did not resist the Blood Crows’ attacks. He had been waiting for the Black Crows to make their move.

In terms of cultivation, Yi Yourong and the black figure were still not that far away.

However …

A sudden explosion.

Yi Yourong moved with all his might, “Rumble!”

Nether Wheel’s left and right bags.

Black Crow’s expression froze. He did not expect Yi Yourong to be able to unleash such a powerful force, and by the time he could react, it was already too late.

In the blink of an eye.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

A powerful move struck the crow directly on its abdomen.

The raven exploded.

Yi Yourong was even faster. He did not wait for the crow to land on the ground, he continuously used his powerful killing move and attacked crazily.

“Bang, bang, bang …”

The crow was knocked back consecutively and was caught unprepared by the attack.

Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

He was sent flying and crashed into a rock, crashing to the ground.

Yi Yourong’s face turned sinister, and did not let it go.

The Black Crow was at least at the eighth stage of the Refinement Realm, and it was one of the people close to Zhou Yaozong. It must have had a protective treasure on it, which could be clearly felt from the attack just now.

They definitely could not let him get up again. Otherwise, all of them would die.

At this moment.

Yi Yourong became like an ice-cold G.o.d of death.

Attack quickly.



A sharp pain came from her abdomen. The wound was torn, and blood flowed out.

His movements and speed instantly slowed down.

At this moment.

Black Crow crawled up from the ground and saw Yi Yourong’s abdomen. His expression immediately changed, “So … You are the one who cut off the Crown Prince’s life, the one who was heavily injured by the Everlasting Burning Sword in Zhao Wuji’s hands! “

“Hahaha …”

“I didn’t expect it to be you!”

“Then this time… You will be even more unlucky! “


The crow glared ferociously and was about to charge out.

At this moment.

A person stood at the entrance of Secret World and asked: “Who do you think is going to be unlucky?”


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