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Chapter 2657 – Azure Dragon World

Inside the special Secret World.

Long Fei floated in the darkness.

There was nothing beneath his feet.

Other than the darkness, there was only darkness here. He was flying, flying like a madman.

He could not feel any existence at all.

At the same time, he could not see anything.

Did he come to the wrong place?

Or had he entered a dead end Secret World?


Long Fei shouted into the sky, and the sound waves spread outwards with the speed of sound waves.

“King Kong!”

“Uncle Yi!”

“Big guy!”

… ….

There was no response at all.

This world was like an abandoned world of darkness, with nothing to show for it.

The world was so quiet that it made people panic.


Long Fei took a deep breath, the idea moved, “Corrupt Ghost Claw!”

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

“Level one Ghost Emperor, come out!”

Long Fei wanted to summon the Spirit Emperor. He was of the Darkness Attribute, so he should be able to grasp the situation here much faster than Long Fei.

The system suddenly sounded out.


“System Notification: Special map cannot be summoned!”


“What the h.e.l.l?”

Long Fei was startled and tried again.

The result was the same.

The special map could not be summoned.

Since the Ghost Emperor couldn’t be summoned, Long Fei flipped his hand and took out the ten-storey devil tower.


“System Notification: Special map cannot be summoned!”

It was this notification sound again.

There were some special maps in the game, but he didn’t expect there to be such a place in this alternate world.

Long Fei did not give up.

“Since I can’t summon it, can I create a puppet?”

It was a fast crafting technique, and its craftsmanship was exceptionally fast.

was immediately released after the production was completed, but at this moment …. The released golem quickly disintegrated, immediately failing.

It was too strange.

It was as if Long Fei was the only one allowed to exist in this world.

“No matter if it is what he summoned, or what he refined, it will not be used.”

This was the first time he had encountered such a map.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

“Look, I can’t see anything, and there’s no sound at all. There’s no sky, no earth, and nothing at all. Is this a Secret World or an unformed world?”

“It’s really strange!”

“I wonder how they are, if they are the same as here. If that’s really the case, then finding them will be too difficult.” Long Fei’s heart sank.

He looked up at the sky, then down again.

Deep in darkness.


For a moment, Long Fei didn’t know what to do.

Do you have to do something?

Long Fei frowned, and thought: “To the heavens and earth, choosing one is…”


Then, Long Fei suddenly retracted his Qi, his entire body suddenly becoming heavier, and then frantically falling down.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Violent winds raged, and the speed at which he was falling was incredibly fast. In just a second, he had been falling for ten thousand meters. After half an hour, he still had not reached the bottom.

Long Fei started to suspect that there was no end to this world.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

His body steadied itself, and he remained motionless. He spread out his spiritual sense and quickly spread it out …

There was nothing within a million kilometers.

Long Fei’s heart was a little dry.

The idea moved, “Underworld Fire!”

“Come out!”

A flame rose from the center of his palm, and then, Long Fei fiercely flew up towards the sky. At the same time, the Underworld Fire lit up the entire world of darkness, and at the same time …

Long Fei’s mind suddenly trembled.

His body began to tremble uncontrollably.

A dragon!

An incomparably large dragon!

It was a huge dragon, covered in green scales, gleaming with a cold light.

A series of chains hung from the colossal dragon’s body. At the very end of the chains was a pitch-black and incomparably huge coffin.

The Azure Dragon resided there.

His entire body twisted into a vortex, with Long Fei at the center.

He was now surrounded by a huge body.


Long Fei was unable to sense any of the green dragon’s aura.

It wasn’t because the green dragon didn’t have any aura, but because Long Fei’s level was too low. He simply couldn’t sense the existence of the green dragon at all. From the very moment Secret World had appeared, he had always been wrapped up by the body of the green dragon.

And this world was also the Azure Dragon World.

It was shocking!

As the Underworld Fire slowly ascended, Long Fei also slowly looked at the green dragon’s whole appearance, his heart was stirred, he was extremely shocked.

The Black Dragon was just an illusory image.

It could be considered a spirit body.

No matter how big it was or how little flesh it had, the visual impact was not too great. However … The green dragon in this black world was a real dragon.

The physical body occupied the entirety of the dark world.

That feeling was indescribable.

What was even more domineering was the huge coffin pulled by the long chain behind him.

“Green Dragon to pull the coffin … …”

A memory suddenly appeared in Long Fei’s mind.

It was also in a certain Secret World that he saw this scene, but it was only the Nine Dragon Coffin …

In the coffin was a peerless beauty.

That beauty …

Long Fei could not remember what she looked like.

However …

The scene was very clear, but … The Nine Dragon Coffin was truly shocked, but those nine huge dragons were all dead, while the green dragon in front of them was alive. He was moving, unceasingly moving.

Not only that.

This Azure Dragon was even larger than the nine dragons combined.


Long Fei heavily swallowed his saliva, and thought to himself: “Since it’s a green dragon pulling a coffin, and a living dragon, then … “Who was that person lying in the coffin?”

“F * ck!”

“With such a large lineup, even the leaders of Universal Realm wouldn’t be able to do something like that, right?”

“Could it be… Is this really the tomb of Ming Clan’s number one war G.o.d, Ming Long? “

Long Fei couldn’t think of who it could be.


Long Fei once again swallowed his saliva, and carefully said: “Azure Dragon!”

And at this moment.

The green dragon’s body moved even more, its eyes that were slightly narrowed opened, releasing a green light that was even more intense than the sun, directly blocking Long Fei.

Very strange.

Being stared at by a huge dragon did not give one any feeling of oppression.

One had to know…

The aura of a dragon could burst the heart of a Emperor Zhen Wu powerhouse with just a glance.

The dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in the world.

Especially the innate dragon’s might, which was abnormally strong.

However …

Long Fei, however, could not feel any kind of dragon’s might. However, he felt very comfortable, as if he was swimming in a sea of power.

This feeling was too strange.

“Hualala …”

“Hualala …”

The Azure Dragon slightly moved its body, pulling the chain.

The chain began to move the huge black sarcophagus, and it slowly flew in front of Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the green dragon, then looked at the huge black sarcophagus.

He had never seen it before.

Those runes were like chains made from Seal s, tightly binding the sarcophagus.

The Azure Dragon lightly said, “Open it!”

Long Fei was shocked, and asked: “What are you using to open it?”

The Azure Dragon said, “Use your blood essence!”


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