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The Mightiest Leveling System is a web novel made by 大海好多水, Da Hai Hao Duo Shui.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Long Fei used his points to exchange for a few pills that could quickly recover Holy Source.

100 million points, now he only had a few million left.

It was completely not enough.

Originally, Long Fei wanted to fill up the main gun again, but now he had to think of a way to get a Secondary Violent Ghost and drop something to exchange for points.

The consumption rate of the Holy Source was too fast. Long Fei’s current level was too low, and his Holy Source simply could not sustain the frequency of the golden cudgel’s use.

He could only rely on pills to recover the Holy Source.

“Mountain, look around. I’m going to recover my Holy Source.” Long Fei reminded as he closed his eyes. His Holy Source value was slowly recovering.

Five minutes later.

Niu Dashan stumbled back as if he had seen a ghost, and said: “Boss …. “In front, look ahead …”

At this time, Long Fei had pretty much recovered most of his Holy Source.

Looking at Niu Dashan’s fl.u.s.tered expression, he asked, “What’s up ahead?”

Niu Dashan said: “There’s someone hanging in the air in front of us.”

“Are you sure it’s a human?”

“Not a zombie?”

Long Fei walked up, this valley had been deserted for G.o.d knows how many years, and let alone a human, even demon beast did not dare to enter this mountain cave.

Niu Dashan said: “It’s really a human, he even spoke to me just now.”

Long Fei asked: “What did I tell you?”

Niu Dashan said: “He asked me to go over, and kept calling me over, saying that he wanted to tell me a heaven-shocking secret.”

Long Fei was shocked, “Soul Search?”

Long Fei asked again, “Then how did you reply?”

Niu Dashan replied: “I only replied with one sentence, what f * cking kick you.”

Long Fei:…

It was also at this time that Niu Dashan became even more agitated, and said: “Then, that person actually smiled at me, his smile is too terrifying.”

“Boss, this cave is too strange.”

“I shudder at the thought of his smile.” Niu Dashan’s back was still drenched in cold sweat, his face full of fear.

Long Fei’s heart was moved, “It should be the BOSS!”

And then …

Long Fei reminded Niu Dashan: “Protect your heart. No matter what he says, don’t bother with him.”


Long Fei also protected his heart and quickly rushed forward.

Ahead was darkness.

In the darkness, there was a white silhouette. The wind was blowing, and his body was floating in the air, looking down with a pair of gloomy eyes.

Niu Dashan immediately said: “Boss, it’s that person.”

Long Fei became excited, “It’s really a BOSS!”

“Since it’s a Boss …”

“Then laozi can’t tolerate it, kill him!”

At this moment.

“Hahaha …”

A sinister laugh seemed to float out from h.e.l.l.

His voice carried a strong power that could absorb souls, causing Long Fei’s sea of consciousness to instantly churn, his mind was in turmoil, and he was in extreme discomfort.

Niu Dashan also revealed a pained expression, and said: “Boss, this guy is too fierce.”

“Protect your mind and don’t relax.”


“I want to see how fierce he is!”

Long Fei took a step forward.

At this moment.

Niu Dashan was shocked, he immediately followed and pulled Long Fei.

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Long Fei’s body suddenly lost gravity, and his entire body fell. Fortunately, Niu Dashan’s reaction was quick, he grabbed onto Long Fei and said: “Boss, I forgot to tell you, this is a black hole abyss.”

“That’s not right!”

Long Fei shook his head lightly. He lit it with the torch in his hand and his eyes filled with shock. It was exactly as Niu Dashan said, a huge abyss. Coffins lined the sides of the chasm.

The abyss was filled with chains.

The incomparably thick chains, as for the person who was floating in the air, were not floating, but instead chained up in the air. It was because Chains City was so black that it was hard to see them clearly, thus it was believed to be floating in the air.

“Why are these chains locking a person?”

“The living are forbidden, Death Valley?”

“What are the coffins on both sides of the abyss?”

“Who cares what it is? If we encounter a Boss, we’ll just kill it.” Long Fei moved the Xiu Luo machete in his right hand and said: “Big Mountain, let go of me.”


Niu Dashan did not dare disobey, and his hands loosened.

Long Fei landed on a huge chain and said, “f.u.c.k, you like Soul Search, right?”

“Come on!”

He quickly charged forward.

The man under the white shadow curled his lips and smiled sinisterly. “Just you?”



The chains moved, and shot towards Xiang Longfei like arrows. Long Fei held onto the Mountain Spliting Knief tightly, “Upanishads, pierce through the armor!”

“Break for me!”

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When the blade slashed down, flames scattered in all directions. The metal chain only drew a shallow line and did not break at all, and smashed into Long Fei’s chest.


Long Fei was firmly nailed to the wall.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

The other chain instantly attacked as well. “Shua la la …”

Niu Dashan roared, he fell down hard and with a jerk of his head, the power of the King Bull’s Blood erupted.


A loud sound was heard, as Long Fei blocked the incoming attack.

Long Fei was able to catch his breath, and as he retreated, “Shua!”

Long Fei rushed out once again, “This old man doesn’t believe it!”


After shattering and flying up, Long Fei leaped up, his body was as light as a monkey’s, shuttling quickly between the chains, the Mountain Spliting Knief in his hands tightly gripped.

He was getting closer and closer to the silver in the air.

The chains around them became denser as they crazily rushed towards Xiang Longfei.


The Mountain Spliting Knief slashed down heavily, directly hitting the white shadow’s neck, Long Fei wanted to cut off his head.




Bang!! With a loud noise, the flames flew in all directions and the Xiu Luo machete in Long Fei’s hand was directly knocked off and flew out. The palm of his hand, as well as his entire arm, were completely numb from the impact.

The move just now had been like a hack on a chain.

The white shadow man gently lifted his head and laughed sinisterly: “Brat, you think you can kill me?”

Disdain, disdainful.

His two eyes were even more powerful than before.


Laughter came out again as the chain moved and locked onto Long Fei’s throat, quickly shrinking.


Niu Dashan shouted loudly.

The white shadow said with a sinister voice, “Living people are forbidden. Death Valley, once you come in, don’t even think about leaving alive. Wahaha …”

As the iron chains contracted, Long Fei’s life was hanging by a thread.

At this moment.

Long Fei’s mouth hooked up, and sinisterly laughed: “Really?”

“devouring vein!”

“suck star over china, this old man will see how I get out.”

With a move of his left hand, he placed his palm on the white shadow’s chest. The power of a level twenty devouring vein burst out, and the powerful divine power of the suck star over china frantically absorbed the white shadow man’s energy.

The Mountain Spliting Knief’s heavy strike was only a feint!

The suck star over china was Long Fei’s true goal.

The powerful force was frantically being absorbed by Long Fei, causing the amount of blood on the head of the white shadow to decrease.

“No matter how f * cking arrogant he is.”

“Your father will suck you to death!”

Long Fei looked at the last bit of HP on the white shadow man’s head and said excitedly: “Explode for me!”


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