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Chapter 1346 – Level 5

He couldn’t keep up at all?

In an instant, Chen Xuanzong was out of the battle circle.

In other words, Oya’s sensing ability could only keep up with the speed of the other eight people.

The Giant Spirit Axe in Li Yuanba’s hand shook, and said: “You like to escape?”

“I’m just looking at you…”

Not waiting for him to finish.

Chen Tianfei suddenly shouted: “Big guy, be careful!”


With the sound, Chen Tianfei’s reaction speed could not keep up. Everything happened too fast.

The area where Li Yuanba was fighting was filled with a ball of black fiendish Qi, which instantly wrapped around his legs, like a pair of demon hands, tightly grabbing onto his legs.

At this moment.

“Hahaha …”

“Hahaha …”


Chen Xuanzong slightly said: “I never thought of running away, your heads are so valuable, if bounty gate knew that you all aren’t dead yet, your bounty would increase by many times. A few hundred million Xuan crystal, that is enough for my cultivation to step into the realm of the Heavenly Emperor Ranking.”

Zhang Xuan frowned.

A group of idea controlled that ball of black fiend energy and laughed coldly: “King Kong, die for me!”

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The black demonic energy suddenly erupted, as it frantically devoured the energy in Li Yuanba’s body.

Also at this moment, Chen Xuanzong’s figure disappeared.



Dragon-Descending Dragon and Arhat flew out.


Li Yuanba said: “Don’t move, he’s mine!”

The s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows tightened and his breathing slowly slowed down. Lightly, his diamond like eyes also slowly closed, not caring about the devouring black aura below his feet, but to fully sense Chen Xuanzong’s movement trajectory.


Li Yuanba’s eyes opened wide in anger.

At this moment, the corpse on top of the Giant Spirit Coffin suddenly opened its eyes.


With an explosion, Li Yuanba bellowed out, “Soul leave the body, condense!”

A surge of power rushed out from his body.

At this moment.

After obtaining the soul force from the void, he instantly condensed a Golden Corpse, with three heads and six arms, “The G.o.ddess of War hangs the moon!”


The three axes blocked off three of Chen Xuanzong’s positions, and smashed down heavily.

“Get down!”


Chen Xuanzong never thought that Li Yuanba’s soul would actually be able to leave his body, and condense a Golden Corpse in that instant.

A complete explosion!

Not to mention him, even the other seven king kongs s did not expect this.

“So fierce!”

“d.a.m.n, that big guy is really that big guy, he’s simply a madman.”

“He can even comprehend such a move. This is too deadly.”

“This is great!”

He had never seen this move before.


This was a new skill that Li Yuanba had used his own strength to break through the new power that the soul losting powder had obtained. Powerful to the point of being a complete mess.


Chen Xuanzong heavily struck the ground, “Pfft …”

Blood gushed out of his mouth.

His face turned pale.

Li Yuanba landed heavily from the air, stared at Chen Xuanzong and laughed: “If you want my life, come and take it if you dare!”

Two bodies!

Chen Xuanzong’s face secretly changed, and said: “Great Vajra, don’t be complacent, do you think that you’re so amazing just because you won in one move? Do you think you can win against me? “

Before he finished his sentence, Chen Xuanzong’s figure disappeared.


At this moment.

A strange scene occurred. Li Yuanba’s body was once again bound by the black fiend energy. In an instant, another three-headed, six-armed Li Yuanba appeared behind Chen Xuanzong.

“Divine power!”

“Giant Spirit!”

Three heads and six arms, eyes as furious as Buddha’s, once again cleaved down without giving Chen Xuanzong any time to react. This was the pure divine power that had erupted from his body.



Chopping down on Chen Xuanzong’s chest, it was like chopping firewood, fiercely smas.h.i.+ng onto the ground.

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The Giant Spirit Axe pierced through Chen Xuanzong’s body and nailed him firmly to the ground. It stepped on Chen Xuanzong’s head and roared loudly, “So what if I know I’m a King Kong, and so what if I’m a holy king kong?”

“Can you stop laozi?”

His voice was like thunder.

Chen Xuanzong’s chest was pierced, to the point where he was scared to the point of peeing. His face was incomparably pale, and he knew that Li Yuanba could use his soul to make a clone, however…

He could only imagine how many bodies Li Yuanba could create from his body.

This was too unbelievable.

It was simply a powerful explosion.

Chen Xuanzong was completely suppressed, and being stepped on by Li Yuanba was exceptionally uncomfortable. The faces of all the elders and disciples of Xuan Yuan sword sect turned pale, and their scalps turned numb.

“Is he even human?”

“Is this person a ghost?”

“Oh, I want to go home!”

Too terrifying.

Li Yuanba did not erupt with human strength.

Of course.

He was also not a human, he was King Kong, a holy king kong!

At this moment.

The disciples and elders of the Xuan Yuan sword sect all felt their legs trembling. They turned around and ran, screaming as if they had seen a ghost.


The corners of the Sky Spirit’s mouth curled up in a cold sneer, “All of you have to die!”

“This is the first battle to recover the strength of our Eight King Kong, all of us will die!”

Lin Yousheng’s body started to bubble.

Other than Li Yuanba, the seven king kongs’s crazy reaper simply did not give these people any other chance, just like how the others in the Kunlun Sect did not give them any chance back then.


They understood in their hearts that if they wanted others to be afraid of them, they had to be ruthless!

If one was not ruthless, one would not be able to stand steadily!

Long Fei was currently too weak, unable to contend against the strong powers, let alone the h.e.l.l Gate, bounty gate, and the Ten Thousand Alliance Sect.

Thus …

They should be crazy, fierce, and ruthless!

Everyone was scared!

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

A large number of disciples were killed and fell, their guild experience frantically rising. Aside from levelling up, there was also another portion of the guild experience that Long Fei could directly extract.

Seeing his experience soaring, Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart, “Such a fast speed, could it be that Eight King Kong’s strength has recovered?”

“If that’s the case…”

Long Fei slightly curled the corner of her lips, “Even if the entire Xuan Yuan sword sect comes to invade, you don’t have to worry!”

“Huff …”

Long Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

In the surroundings of the Great Wilderness Land, only the Xuan Yuan sword sect was slightly stronger. If the Eight King Kong could recover his strength, then Long Fei would not have to worry.

It was a ma.s.sacre!

However… He failed to obtain Striking Energy Value!

In another place.

An elder of the h.e.l.l Gate looked at the scene that happened in the middle of the beast city from afar, and coldly laughed with a grin, “Hahaha … “I truly never would have thought that all of you were still alive.”

“To be able to survive under the bombardment of Destiny’s Trial’s power, your lives are really big.”


“This time, none of you will be able to escape.”


That elder injected a idea into a badge, “Level 5 energy preparation, Eight King Kong is still alive!”


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