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Two days pa.s.sed quickly.

These two days, Fire Gla.s.s City was exceptionally quiet, so quiet that it made people afraid.

In four pillars, there were many second cla.s.s families, n.o.bles, ministers, all quietly waiting. They also smelled the dangerous scent in the air.

In these two days, other than checking the progress of his Alchemy, Long Fei cultivated his martial skills nonstop in the small forest.

Toading Skill.

dragon salyer technique.

infinite s.h.i.+eld.

Mountain-hit Fist, Seism Art …

As long as the cooldown was over, he would be able to continuously cast it. In any case, he only needed to raise the level of the proficiency s to raise the damage, and the higher the level of the skills, the stronger the damage.

As for the consumption of true breath, he didn’t have to worry about it at all right now.

The current Dragon Spirit Pill could give a hint of one thousand five hundred true breath, and it could be used twice in thirty pellets.

With Long Fei’s current consumption of his true breath, this was enough for him to use.

Night fell.

It was time for the meeting.

In the small courtyard, Long Fei looked at Liu Feng and said: “You guys have worked hard these past two days. Bring these people to rest.

The amount of Dragon Spirit Pills he had refined over the past two days and two nights was completely beyond his imagination. He had refined more than fifteen thousand pills.

These fifteen thousand Dragon Spirit Pills had allowed nearly ten thousand disciples of the Long family to break through. Now, their combat strength had increased by two whole levels.

It was as fierce as a tiger.

Liu Feng did not dawdle, he knew that Long Fei still had something very important to do, and he had to investigate these Alchemy Masters again. He had to ensure that the secrets of the Dragon Spirit Pellet were not leaked out.

Everyone withdrew.

Long Fei released Xiao Bai and said: “Xiao Bai, tonight, you will be stationed at the Long family, and if you encounter an expert from the war master ream, don’t give him face, go up and bite him to death.”

Xiao Bai muttered: “Master, I want to follow you to the Imperial Palace.”

He was worried about Long Fei.

The current Xiao Bai was also different from before.

During this time, he did not stay idle, as he had already reached the second level of Peak Realm.

Long Fei slightly said: “With the ice and fire by your side, you don’t have to worry about my safety. But, I can’t really be at ease with the Long family though, since you are able to help Grandfather and the others here.”


Compared to the palace, the Long family was much more dangerous.

Nan Gong Army, three pillars Alliance, the Long family would definitely be fighting a hard battle!

Xiao Bai moved her body, and Ice and Fire: “Ice and Fire, if Master has any mishaps, I won’t forgive you!”

Bing Huo muttered, “Boss, don’t worry. I definitely won’t let Master get hurt.”

“That’s more like it!”

Xiao Bai nodded his head: “Master, I will listen to you, I will guard the Long family, if anyone dares to make a move against the Long family, I will kill them.”

Long Fei did not know.

had already accepted the fire and ice as his underlings.

Because …

Ice and fire were not Xiao Bai’s match!

Long Fei looked at the leopard girl and said, “You are also staying in the Long family.

The leopard girl giggled and said: “Big Brother Long Fei, I won’t run around.”

And then …

Long Fei looked at jojo as the idea sank in and said, “jojo, come with me to the Imperial Palace.”


jojo was startled, and before he could react, he said: “Young Master, I think it’s better if I stay here. If I go to the Imperial Palace, I’ll also embarra.s.s you.

She didn’t want to embarra.s.s Long Fei.

Furthermore, he did not want to implicate Long Fei.

Long Fei stared at her, stopping her from continuing, and said: “Who dares to laugh at you, I will make him kneel in front of you and admit his wrongs, who says you are a servant?”

jojo muttered something.

Long Fei arrogantly shouted, “Are you not going to listen to what I say? I told you to follow me, so follow me. “

jojo nodded, then gently ‘oh’ one of them.

Long Fei continued: “Go and change your clothes, I will wait for you at the door.”

With that, Long Fei walked out.

This time, the leopard girl did not argue and followed, because she knew that the Long family would bring about a bitter battle. jojo had no one to take care of him, but the palace was actually a relatively safe place.

The leopard girl giggled and said: “Shadow Sis, let’s dress Sister jojo up. She’s so beautiful, if we dress her up again, she’ll definitely be dead beautiful.”

Shadow nodded. “You’re right.”

jojo was very beautiful, especially that pair of eyes that was filled with spirit energy, she was unforgettable.

All these years, she had been wearing the clothes of a servant girl and had never been properly dressed up.

… ….

Half an hour later.

The leopard girl giggled as she looked at jojo, “Sister jojo, you’re going to die from being beautiful. Don’t you know how beautiful you are?

She wore a white dress, with two strands of silk flowing down her cheeks to her shoulders. She had a pointy chin, a straight nose, and a flawless yet unadorned face. Her face was white and rosy, and under her long eyelashes, her large eyes twinkled, causing one to be mesmerized.

Especially his aura, which naturally emanated from his body, which was n.o.ble, elegant, and untouchable, he was like a fairy that flew through the sky.

The silhouette also followed and said, “Your beauty is something that even women would be jealous of. Go, follow the young lord and search the entire city.”

“Hee hee …”

The moment jojo walked out of the courtyard gate.

Long Fei’s eyes were wide opened, he knew that jojo was very beautiful, from the first glance he could tell that she was beautiful, but he never expected her to be this beautiful.

It really was like a fairy descending to the mortal world, breathtakingly beautiful.

Seeing Long Fei’s dazed eyes, jojo’s cheeks flushed red as she muttered: “Shao, Shao, Young Master, what’s wrong?”

Long Fei recovered and grabbed jojo’s hand, allowing her to hold onto his arm. He said with a face full of joy: “Tonight, just hold onto my arm like this.”

Too excited.

To have such a beautiful woman holding his arm, Long Fei didn’t even dare dream about it in his previous life.

He felt extremely proud of himself.

jojo lowered his head and softly replied, “Mhm.”

Her cheeks were blus.h.i.+ng, beautiful, charming and moving to the point of being a mess!

… ….

Imperial Palace, Zi Jin Hall.

The place was brightly lit with dazzling splendor.

All the handsome men and women of Fire Gla.s.s City were present.

The disciples of the n.o.bles, the geniuses of the major powers, and their descendants.

This was a gathering of n.o.ble disciples.

It was also the first time that all the geniuses in Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty had come into contact with it.

They were here for only one purpose, to seize the champions.h.i.+p!

If one took first place, they would be awarded the token to become a disciple of the Heaven Sect. They wouldn’t even need to take the examination and directly enter the Heaven Sect. Furthermore, they would be heavily rewarded by the Emperor.

She would even marry the princess!

This was a chance for many people to rise to the heavens in a single step.


A voice came from outside the violet gold temple.

“Princess Nangong and Young Master Dongfang Jian from the Heaven Sect have arrived.”

As soon as his voice faded …

All the n.o.ble children went up to welcome him.

Nangong Yan intimately walked beside Dongfang Jian. With the sound of a sky blue cheongsam, her hair was like black cloth that scattered onto her back, a slight smile on her face.

A proud smile.

Seeing that the crowd was welcoming her, she immediately grabbed Dongfang Jian’s arm, and acted even more intimate.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei and jojo walked in …

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