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Chapter 2209 – Conspiracy Mission

Gui Qingshan did not give up.

This green ox grew up together with Xiao Die.

For an entire sixteen years, if it died, Xiao Die would definitely be very sad.

Without the healing of the elixir, the green ox will die.

Gui Qingshan immediately chased after him and said: “elder Yi, elder Yi, you are the only one with a spirit pill here, can you give me one first? The next time I will definitely give it back, I beg you, although it is a beast, but it is also for protection, do you think you can take it?”

Yi Changfeng paused, he turned and stared at Gui Qingshan, and immediately interrupted: “Still? What are you paying me back for? Now that Sect Master has not come out from seclusion, when you come out, I am afraid that you will not even be able to stay in Xuan Yue sect.

“Besides, what do you think our Ling-Bao Hall is?” The Charity Hall? After Gui Qingshan finished his words today, even if the Spirit Pill were to rot, he would not give it to you. “

“As for that cow … Does it have anything to do with me? “


“Oh yeah, if that cow dies, remember to get me some beef so that I can dry it in the sun. Hahaha …” Yi Changfeng laughed and left.

Gui Qingshan’s gaze tensed up, he still wanted to catch up.

Yi Changfeng did not stand on ceremony and shouted, “Blast him out, and if he dares to take half a step into the Pill Pavilion, cripple him!”

Two disciples raised their staves and blocked Gui Qingshan’s way.


“Get out!”

Gui Qingshan was an elder of the Xuan Yue sect.

However, not many disciples in the upper and lower cla.s.s took him seriously.

In the Xuan Yue sect, Gui Qingshan should be the least powerful elder, and should be said to be even inferior to ordinary disciples.

Gui Qingshan frowned, sighed, and slowly walked down the stairs.


“It’s an elder? In my opinion, he’s no better than a dog.”


“There isn’t even a tiny spirit pill, what a poor bell.”

“So, look and see if he has a single disciple.”

“Who wants to follow him? Whoever is with him will suffer. “

“Hahaha …”

“Elder Gui, didn’t you want the Detoxification Panacea? I just happen to have one. I can also give it to you, kneel down and bark like a dog. “


“Why didn’t you call him?”

“Hahaha …”

… ….

All kinds of ridiculing laughter came from behind Gui Qingshan.

He walked very slowly and did not look back.

Because …

He knew that the Disciple of Powder Pavillion were messing with him, the Detoxification Panacea were all in the Spirit Pill Pavilion, without Yi Changfeng’s permission, no one could obtain them.

Any pill was incomparably precious.

This kind of Detoxification Panacea was even more the same.

Stepping down from the Powder Peak, Gui Qingshan looked at the nearby barren hillside. That was his residence, and also the worst place in the Xuan Yue sect.

The only good thing was.

There was a lot of gra.s.s, but the water buffalo was more than enough to eat.

Now, I’m afraid.

“Moo …” “Moo …”

A few painful cries came from the water buffalo. Gui Qingshan sighed and walked towards the hillside with a face full of worry.

In the distance.

Xiao Die had been looking forward the entire time, and when he saw his father walking up the mountain, he immediately went to welcome him, and asked anxiously: “Father, did you get the spirit pellets?”

Gui Qingshan shook his head and said: “Father is useless.”

Seeing his father say these two words, Xiao Die’s tears immediately gushed out and he tried his best to hold it in, “Daddy, they’re bullying me too much.”

“Why should I?”

“Every elder has a monthly rule. They can all get their own elixirs, so why don’t you have one?”

“Why are you the one to do all the dirty work?”

“On what basis?”

“Just because it’s easy to bully?”

“If I don’t even give a tiny Detoxification Panacea, I’ll go find that Yi Changfeng … No, I am going to find uncle Sect Master. “

Xiao Die was about to walk down the mountain.

Pulled back by Gui Qingshan, he said, “Xiao Die, don’t disturb the Sect Master’s closed door cultivation.”

He knew clearly in his heart that the Sect Master’s seclusion was more important than anything else.

I can’t disturb you.

Xiao Die couldn’t help but cry out, and said, “Then let’s just watch as the great water buffalo dies. Daddy, I don’t want the buffalo to die, I don’t want… “Woo woo …”

She hadn’t played around with him since she was young and had always ridiculed him for being a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Because …

She had no mother.

It was the great water buffalo that had always been with her. It could be said that the great water buffalo was her kin.

Now, looking at the big buffalo screaming in pain, her heart felt like it was being pierced by needles.

Why was it so difficult to solve a problem with just an antidote?

At the door.

Long Fei looked at everything, and although he did not know why he saw Xiao Die’s tears, his heart felt faint pain as he muttered to himself, “Detoxification Panacea?”

“Is it difficult to refine?”

“I wonder if the system in my mind has the ability to refine pills…”

Long Fei walked into the room and opened the system to take a look.

He did not find any ‘Alchemy Technique’ or similar techniques, Long Fei thought: “Seems like he did not.”

“Why do I feel like I have Alchemy?”

It was an intuition.

He felt as if he was the strongest Alchemy master.

… ….

“Moo …” “Moo …”

“Moo ….”

The whole night, the big water buffalo was screaming, half of Xuan Yue sect could not take the noise.

Xiao Die stayed in front of the ox fence the whole night.

Early morning.

Xiao Die’s eyes were red and swollen. He looked at Long Fei who was at the door and said, “A Long, wait for breakfast. I’ll go cut some gra.s.s for the big water bull.

He did not continue.

Long Fei had not slept the entire night. He squatted at the entrance of the room and looked at Xiao Die’s swollen eyes.

He also didn’t speak and directly followed Xiao Die.

Xiao Die looked at Long Fei and said, “You can’t bear to part with your big buffalo, right?”


Long Fei was also a little reluctant.

Both times the Parasitic Spell had landed on the body of a water buffalo, but the key point was … Right now, he was only level one, so his body could only be of level one.

The water buffalo could still borrow his power. If it died and something like yesterday happened, he really would not know who possessed whom anymore.

At this moment.

The system rang out.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for triggering the quest ‘Save the Great Water Buffalo’!”

Mission: Save the Great Buffalo

Level: F

Time: 1 day

Reward: 500 experience points, 100 true qi, 10 Arrogant G.o.d Force!


“Do you accept?”


Long Fei was startled, “A mission was triggered? However… How can I save him? “

He doesn’t have Detoxification Panacea.

How could he save them?

Without the Detoxification Panacea, the water buffalo would have definitely died.


Seeing the system reward, Long Fei gritted his teeth and said, “Accepted!”

“Whatever. I can’t just watch it die, can I?”


“Accept the mission.”


“System Notification: Mission failed, Level – 1”

Long Fei was immediately confused, “Are you f * * king trying to scam your father?”

“Why didn’t you say anything at the beginning?”

“Your father will appear as soon as he accepts you, your sister.” Long Fei was furious, if the System was a person, he would definitely explode his chrysanthemum.

Looking at Long Fei, she felt joy and anger, as if she was a complete fool.

Xiao Die sighed, “Sigh.”

“Follow me.”

“Don’t wander around.”

Xiao Die walked down the slope with the sickle in hand and followed behind her. His mind was thinking about how to save the water buffalo, and he was in a hurry right now.

If he failed the quest, he would become a level zero!


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