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Chapter 2821 – Iron Death Squad




… ….

The waves of shock were higher than the waves of shock, and even the True Donghuang Mountain Range was in a state of shock.

It was like a cannonball.

It stopped only in the evening.

Fu Xishan rushed over anxiously, “Got it, got it!”

Long Fei immediately went up to welcome him, and asked: “What is it?”

Fu Xishan said: “It belongs to the G.o.d’s tribe!”

“G.o.d’s tribe?” Long Fei’s mind trembled, but when he heard the two words “G.o.d’s tribe”, some anger started burning in his heart, and he said: “Isn’t G.o.d’s tribe the strongest? How could this be? “

Fu Xishan shook his head: “I haven’t found anything. There must be a powerhouse fighting against the G.o.d’s tribe. Although the G.o.d’s tribe is strong, but it doesn’t mean that everyone in the G.o.d’s tribe is invincible.

“What is that purple light from the G.o.d’s tribe?” Long Fei asked again.

Fu Xishan said: “According to my conjecture, it might be the G.o.d’s tribe’s purple gold divine armor, but I cannot guarantee it. The violet gold G.o.dguard s are the most elite Warrior s, and every single one of them are direct disciples of the emperor Xuan. Their commander also possesses the power of the ancient inheritance and they have followed the emperor Xuan since the inception of the sect, so it can be said that they have never lost.

The violet gold G.o.dguard was a legendary existence.

He had never lost.

Every time the violet gold G.o.dguard went out to war, not a single blade of gra.s.s grew.

It would be good to deal with the Ming Clan.

No matter if it was against the powerful clans of the ancient world, they had never lost, much less lost so many people.

Not to mention!

They, the eight thousand violet gold G.o.dguard, had lost like dogs to one man.

None of them were alive.

Long Fei muttered, “What’s the use of violet gold G.o.dguard’s armor fragments?”

At this time.

tan dapao ran in anxiously, and said: “It’s really useful, especially big, it’s simply like a divine pill.”

Hu hu hu hu ….

tan dapao gasped for breath, his face flushed red, and said: “Brother Fei, that purple armor is a precious treasure. Donghuang College’s Vice Han Wuya has been unable to break through the Royal Realm for three hundred years, but… Just when he absorbed the power inside the purple armor and instantly broke through and became a Royal Realm, it’s too terrifying. “

Fu Xishan was slightly taken aback, he stared at tan dapao and said: “How did you know? I don’t even know anything about this.”

Long Fei also asked, “Yes, how did you know? You killed Lian Wenhai, so the people of Lian Family must be looking for you everywhere.

Without waiting for tan dapao’s reply.

A few people walked in from the door. su su said with a face full of pride: “I told him, hehe.”

su su, Zhu Tian, Nalan Yu, Nalan Xia, a Leng Feng who hadn’t appeared in a long time also came.

The Iron Head Battle Team!

Long Fei was slightly taken aback as he looked at them, and asked: “Why are you guys here?”

Fu Xishan saw the change in their expressions as well.

Long Fei didn’t know who they were, but he did know that all five of them were extraordinary people.

su su chuckled: “Big brother Long Fei, we’re here to visit you. I was locked in my house by my father for the past few days, and he finally escaped today. Hehe, look at me.


Long Fei said: “Okay, okay, okay!”

su su was indeed very good to him.

Even the bracelet his mother left him dared to p.a.w.n and buy things for Long Fei.

He didn’t know if he was stupid.

However, Long Fei remembered this kindness.

su su laughed sinisterly: “Since I’m so good to you, then shouldn’t you show some mercy?”

Long Fei asked: “What do you mean?”

su su said: “Come with us again to take another risk, hehe … … This time, we will not capture strange ghost s. This time, when we go out to find violet gold armor fragments, as long as we have these fragments, we will be able to achieve a breakthrough in our cultivation as if we were flying. “

“Huh?” Long Fei was slightly startled, then looking at the five of them, they were all dressed in tight clothes.

At this moment.

Lan Mei also hurriedly walked in and said: “You definitely can’t go.”

Lan Mei walked over to Long Fei’s side and said in a low voice, “Elder Swordsman said that the armor fragments contained an abnormal amount of energy.


“Right now, all of the families in the entire East Imperial City are leaving the city to search for the violet gold armor’s fragment. Other than the humans of our East Imperial City, the other major powers of the Ghost Hole, night valley, Wormhole and Ice Plains are also searching for it.”

Elder Swordsman said very little.

However, there was one particular reminder for Lan Mei: You cannot find violet gold armor fragments.

The power of the G.o.d’s tribe contained within was not something an ordinary person could control.

A little carelessness would lead to eternal d.a.m.nation.

However, su su had an indifferent face as he grabbed Lan Mei’s arm and said: “Are you Big Sister Lan Mei? You probably didn’t see it, but I saw it for myself. Han Wuya broke through the Royal Realm after fusing with that purple metal, and I heard from my father that this energy is even stronger than holy vein s. “

“Right now, all the large and small families in East Imperial City are going out of the city to search for it. If your archenemy Yans gets a piece of the fragment, will he still have a place to stand?”

“The entire Lian Family is also out.”

“This is our East Imperial City’s chance to reshuffle. If you want our Lan Clan to grow stronger, you must seize this opportunity.”

“I heard that your meridians are blocked and you can’t cultivate. Maybe the energy inside the violet gold armor fragment can help you break through.” su su’s small mouth continuously chattered without stopping, and said excitedly: “Big Brother Long Fei said before, if you don’t accept it, go ahead and take it!”

was completely stunned by what he had said.

Xiao Budian rolled his eyes and said in a low voice: “Don’t worry, I won’t fight with you for big brother Long Fei. You grow big, I’ll grow small, no problem.”

The voice was a little quiet.

However …

Everyone heard it.

Lan Mei’s face flushed.

su su laughed heartily and said: “I’m blus.h.i.+ng, hehe … “Then I’ll take it that you’ve agreed.”

And then …

He walked to Long Fei’s side and said with an evil smile: “Big Brother Long Fei, I’ve helped you settle one. Should I help you settle that big sister?”

Long Fei rolled his eyes at her, speechless.

However …

His heart trembled slightly. The information in su su’s words was extremely huge.

The power of the G.o.d’s tribe was much stronger than that of the holy vein, so would it really be able to break through the blockages in Lan Mei’s veins?

The entire Lian Family was out.

Then, did Lian Wuchao also go?

Was this a chance?

Fighting in the open was impossible!


Lan Mei herself did not know, but Long Fei was very clear that she did not have much time left. She had to break her meridians within half a year, or else she would die.

tan dapao was also excited: “Brother Fei, let’s do it!”

“Everyone’s doing it. If we don’t, won’t we be unable to keep up?”

He also yearned for power, for power.

Especially after being sent flying with just one move from Lian Wuchao; his heart thirsted for it even more.

Long Fei looked at them, his fists clenched tightly, “Then do it!”


“The Iron Head squadron is ready to leave the city!” su su became excited.

Long Fei said: “Iron Head Battle Team is not suitable, we should call them Iron Head Battle Team!”


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