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G.o.d’s tribe always wanted to deal with Xiao Yao city.

Xiao Yao city was also known as the rebel army.

G.o.d’s tribe’s number one target to be extinguished.

Once Grand Court nodded his head and interfered with the matters of the G.o.d’s design attic, it would also mean that the G.o.d’s design attic would have to take on the notoriety of being a rebel and be crushed by his full strength.

There was no need to think about the consequences.

Just like the other sects that were going against the G.o.d’s tribe, their entire clan of nine was annihilated!

presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe stared coldly at the dying Grand Court.

The surrounding presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe, as well as the powerhouse s of the various hegemon-level sects, were all looking at Grand Court, waiting for a single word from him.

They were prepared to come here.

Refining was not something that could be compared to, and when G.o.d’s tribe gave the order, they would immediately charge into the fray and kill all the people in G.o.d’s design attic.

Facing the G.o.d’s tribe, facing those Overlord sect powerhouse s, and looking back at the present G.o.d’s design attic, the Grand Court’s heart was very complicated. He didn’t know how to choose.

His life was already hanging by a thread, on the verge of death.

In the entire G.o.d’s design attic, there was already no one who could fight against G.o.d’s tribe. Even if they forced presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe to fight, there were still those two motionless ancient strong.

The G.o.d’s design attic would definitely lose the refining compet.i.tion.

Losing meant that he had to listen to the orders of the G.o.d’s tribe.

Whether he died or lived, everything would be decided by the G.o.d’s tribe.

If I stand together with Xiao Yao city, I might be able to survive, but … What about tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow? the same as hiding in a tortoise nest in a Secret World?

This was not what G.o.d’s design attic wanted.


It was hard to say whether or not he would be able to live till tomorrow if he were to fall out with the G.o.d’s tribe. Out of the eighteen Realm Exterminating Spears, as long as he could release his power, the Secret World would definitely be destroyed.

Until now, the Universal Realm still did not have the power to destroy the Realm of Destruction.

The duel continued, and they lost!

However, it was possible for him to save the G.o.d’s design attic. This possibility was not high, but it was still a possibility.

To fall out with the G.o.d’s tribe?

Surviving was extremely difficult.

The chances of that happening were even slimmer.

The G.o.d’s design attic was only a place for refining artifacts!

Grand Court’s gaze relaxed slightly.

Seeing him loosen his eyes, Murong Xiong already knew what choice he had.

Grand Court found it difficult to speak, and he said slowly: “City Lord Mu, thank you for your good intentions. This is G.o.d’s design attic’s private matter, let us G.o.d’s design attic settle it ourselves.”

Murong Xiong smiled faintly and took a step back. He said unwillingly, “Grand Court, it’s just an Annihilation Spear. I’m confident that I can send all of them into a foreign s.p.a.ce before they release the power of the Annihilation Spear.”

“I can protect your G.o.d’s design attic!”

it was not a sound transmission, but a voice transmission in front of the presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe.

presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe was secretly shocked. If they did not have the Extermination Spear, they would not be Murong Xiong’s match at all, unless the powerhouse s from ancient world could take action. However, they had been standing there motionlessly like two buddha statues, as if they had come here to play.

Inside, he was also beating his drum.

The presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe spoke in a deep voice: “Grand Court, you must think this through. Even if you do not have the Realm of Destruction Spear, as long as your G.o.d’s design attic can become enemies with my G.o.d’s tribe and avoid today, will you be able to escape tomorrow?”

Murong Xiong looked up with a fierce glint in his eyes, and said: “You think I’m afraid of G.o.d’s tribe?”

His voice was filled with a domineering aura.

The presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe’s forehead was quickly covered in sweat, and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

The Grand Court said: “Many thanks for City Lord Mu’s good intentions, this is a matter of the G.o.d’s design attic, let my G.o.d’s design attic settle it!”

He had no choice.

He was the Grand Court of the G.o.d’s design attic.

Whatever he decided to do would have to be considered for the G.o.d’s design attic, for the hundred refiners and disciples of the G.o.d’s design attic. If the G.o.d’s design attic was gone, then the Universal Realm’s level of refining would fall by a hundred years.

Giving yourself to the G.o.d’s tribe, perhaps it would allow the G.o.d’s design attic to continue living!

presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe said with a heavy voice. “Murong Xiong, did you hear it?”

Murong Xiong laughed bitterly as he turned around to look at the Grand Court and said, “No one from your G.o.d’s design attic can compete with me anymore, you won’t be able to win.”

“If we lose, the G.o.d’s tribe will still kill all of your people.”


Murong Xiong’s silhouette moved, entering the s.p.a.ce. A voice came out, “G.o.d’s tribe, if you guys dare to play any more tricks, see how laozi forces you into the crack amongst the air stewardesses.”


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As his voice faded, the s.p.a.ce around him trembled.

Just now, that Elder’s body had loosened up and he was so scared that he almost fell to his knees. His face was incomparably pale and he didn’t even dare to breathe. The feeling of having half of his body in another s.p.a.ce was just too unbearable.

presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe’s gaze turned sinister, he secretly clenched his fists, “Murong Xiong!”

A cold light flashed in his eyes.

He felt extremely displeased.

However …

This time, they were not here to deal with Murong Xiong, but the G.o.d’s design attic.

Seeing that Murong Xiong had disappeared, the presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe said in a low voice, “Grand Court, let the compet.i.tion continue!”

“You won just now. Let’s continue.”

While they were talking …

Another presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe walked up.

A new Refining Platform appeared and said to the crumbling Grand Court: “Grand Court, please!”

Grand Court’s entire body was cracking. Right now, not to mention Artifact Forging, it was extremely difficult for him to even move a single finger. But even so, he did not give up.

He was still thinking about picking up the hammer.



The hammer fell to the ground.

Grand Court bent down to pick it up, “Puff …”

A huge mouthful of blood seemed to pour out from his mouth.

“Grand Court!”

“Senior Brother!”

The people of G.o.d’s design attic stepped forward.

The G.o.d’s tribe refiner’s face carried a cold smile, and he said: “You can’t even afford to use a hammer, what kind of weapon is this? “What a piece of trash.”

The disciples of the G.o.d’s design attic all stared at him fiercely.

The artificer from the G.o.d’s tribe laughed: “What? Am I wrong? Isn’t your Grand Court a trash? “Trash who can’t even bring out a hammer.”

A G.o.d’s design attic disciple could not bear listening to him anymore, and said: “Grand Court is severely injured, if he was not severely injured, he could have defeated you with a single hand.”

The artificer from the G.o.d’s tribe laughed: “Who told him to be so heavily injured? “Don’t tell me that if you were to duel with me now, you would be considered trash even if you can’t win!”

“Grand Court, whose side is it that I am on?”

“Hahaha …”


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The artifact forging flames on his body began to burn.

“The trash of the G.o.d’s design attic, look at this old man. This old man will let you know what Artifact Forging is.” presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe moved both his hands, lightning crackling in all directions.

Hammer after hammer was hammered down.

“Bang, bang, bang …”

“Bang, bang, bang …”

It was abnormally fierce.

In five minutes, a holy artifact was created.

The aura of the G.o.d’s tribe’s artificer receded. Looking at the Grand Court on the other side, his face was filled with ridicule as he said, “Grand Court, aren’t you too weak?”

“I’m done refining, what about you?”

“Still not moving?”

“Hahaha… “Truly a piece of trash.” Grand Court’s gaze tensed up, blood gus.h.i.+ng out from the corner of his mouth, the number of blood points on his head became ‘0’!


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