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The Mightiest Leveling System is a web novel completed by 大海好多水, Da Hai Hao Duo Shui.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Madness required capital!

Tian Lu Hu had gone berserk and obtained incomparable strength.

This kind of power looked down on all beneath the heavens.

But to Long Fei, this kind of madness, was not enough.

This was because he too had his own methods.

It was enough to make the whole world go crazy.

“Come on, we might as well go crazy for once. Long Batian, the Heavenly Empire, and behind the System, no matter who you are, you have already made a decision. “

Long Fei clenched his teeth and said.

Along the way, Long Fei had long known about many secrets.

Long Batian was scheming against himself, and the system was even more mysterious, he couldn’t find any clues.

He was too tired!

Especially now, this kind of situation where everyone was an enemy every time he raised his gaze, made Long Fei feel even more exhausted.

He was on the verge of going crazy.

“Long Batian, didn’t you always want me to use my third use of the’s power?”

“Then come!”

“Let’s see who’s crazier than insanity.”

Red lines of blood slowly spread out from Long Fei’s eyes.

Below, Li Yuanba saw Long Fei’s slowly changing expression.

“Boss, what are you doing?” Li Yuanba asked anxiously.

Based on his understanding of Long Fei, he knew that Long Fei definitely wanted to go all out.

Furthermore, given the distance between Long Fei and them, they were even more certain that Long Fei did not want to implicate them.

“What are you doing? Kill them all, of course!”

Long Fei replied with endless savagery and killing intent.

It was like the madness in his bones had been ignited.

That would be doing it!

Regardless of the result, regardless of the damage, just one word was enough!

“Kill us all? Long Fei, you still dare to say such arrogant words, I really don’t know who gave you the courage to do so. “

“Do you think just saying a few harsh words can change the outcome?”

“Too naive. In front of my Berserk Transformation power, other than the s of the Honorable Rank, everything else is trash. “

“As for you, you are an ant among dregs. You can be destroyed with a flick of a finger.”

Tian Luhu was still gradually moving forward, crossing hundreds of kilometers in one step. As long as he took two more steps, he would arrive in front of Long Fei.

Long Fei ignored him and looked at Li Yuanba.

“Yuan Ba, take good care of them.”

Long Fei said, then decisively cut off all his senses.

and the others could only roar crazily in the west while remaining indifferent.

At this time, Li Yuanba already looked like a mad demon, his tiger eyes opened wide in anger, and wanted to attack again and again.

However, he was held back by Li Wuxin.

“Don’t be crazy. I believe boss will definitely survive.” Li Wuxin’s eyes were also filled with a deep sense of helplessness as she clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her flesh.

But at the moment he remained calm.

He knew that Long Fei was definitely preparing an extremely powerful technique.

At this time, all they could do was to remain calm and not distract Long Fei.

“Calm down, how can I calm down?”

“The boss is trying his best, can’t you see?”

“It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t stimulated this guy to go berserk, we should have been able to escape by now.”

“It’s all my fault, we should have escaped. “It might be safe already.”

Li Yuanba continuously shook his head, sinking into a deep state of self-blame.

A punch!

Li Yuanba smashed onto the ground heavily.


The chaotic world flew in the air, and countless pieces of broken stones were scattered to the surroundings.

It could be seen how angry he was in his heart.

“Yuan Ba, you have to believe in Long Fei.”

“I believe that he, my man, will definitely not disappoint us.”

“I’ve never done it before, and this time, it’s the same.”

You Rou’s eyes were filled with confusion as well as helplessness and regret.

It was as if he felt very uncomfortable being unable to help Long Fei right now.

But he knew that right now, all they could do was to keep Li Wuxin’s words quiet and not distract Long Fei.

If they had acted rashly, other than some sort of accident, they would have wasted Long Fei’s effort.

At this time, in the void.

Long Fei was already summoning Long Batian.

“Brat, have you decided? This is your last chance. If you use the’s power this time and finish the contract, I’ll harvest you from your body. It’s the most important thing to you. “

“When the time comes, you will disappear. have completely disappeared from this world and there are no longer any traces of its existence. “

Long Batian’s voice came out from the dragon’s scale.

“Where did all this nonsense come from? Weren’t you waiting for all this time?” “What, now that your father’s as you wish, are you scared again?” Long Fei sneered.

“Afraid? Your father will be afraid. Since you want to die, then what else do I have to say? “Kid, enjoy your last bit of madness. I will let you kill your way to an unknown place and tremble.”

Long Batian’s voice sounded again.

The corner of Long Fei’s mouth moved, it was incomparably cold.

Did he kill to the point where the heaven and earth trembled?


In any case, it was just as Long Batian said, this might be the last step.

“Come on, I don’t care if you are tyrannical or not, since today is the day, if I don’t destroy you guys, I will not be Long Fei.”

In an instant.

The aura on Long Fei’s body changed.

The’s power was activated.

The dragon’s scale began to tremble as the Dragon Squamous Boundary’s power erupted.

The power of one ancient power after another began to converge.

Long Fei could already feel that the power of the Dragon Squamous Boundary had appeared.

The interplanar power of all the ancient powers was beginning to flow together.

His body was like a huge container.

A container that carries these forces.

“Come at me. Even if I die, this time, I will turn the Primal Chaos upside down.”

“I wonder what the result will be!”

“F * ck it, let’s talk after it feels good.”

Long Fei was hysterical, his eyes blazing with fire of madness.

At this time, Tian Luhu had also arrived in front of Long Fei.

“Heh. However, it is still the power of a almighty being. Even if he is a bit stronger, so what? Hopefully with just this bit of strength, he will be able to save you.”




Tian Luhu punched out with a violent force that seemed to crush the air.

But very quickly, Tian Luhu discovered that the situation wasn’t right, because Long Fei seemed to have gone stupid, and didn’t dodge or evade.

“Boss, quickly dodge it!”

“Long Fei.”


In the west, Yurou and the others were all moved.

“Master, quickly stop, the’s power cannot be used any longer.”

In the s.p.a.ce, Long Kuang also opened his mouth in panic.

“Master!” “No!”

“Master, stop.”

The Tong Tian Vine and the Flower Fairy also opened their mouths, their voices were filled with sobs, as though they were about to cry.

Long Fei ignored him and cut the contact.

But in his heart, he was saying “I’m sorry”.

Now that he used the’s power, Long Fei really did not know what would happen. If it was really as Long Batian had said, it would disappear.

Where would they go in that s.p.a.ce?

Long Fei didn’t know, but he couldn’t think too much into it. Because at this moment, the first plane of power had already been linked, and Long Fei’s eyes had also instantly turned dark gold.


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