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The Mightiest Leveling System is a web novel made by 大海好多水, Da Hai Hao Duo Shui.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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The air vibrated, and a violent power wreaked havoc.

Regarding Little Profound King’s begging, Long Fei didn’t care in the slightest.

With a single punch, he directly severed the head of Little Xuan King.

Shattering the void? Four thunder tribulations?

The same was true for killing!

“Ding! Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for killing Little Xuan King. You have obtained 240000000 experience, 240000 Holy Source points, and 1 Striking Value point.”

‘Ding … congratulations player for obtaining peac.o.c.k immortal blood. ‘…

‘Ding … congratulations player for obtaining five elements sword baleful qi. ‘…

‘Ding … congratulations player for obtaining cultivation technique, Acalanātha Seal. ‘…

Long Fei listened quietly.

The excitement in his heart could no longer be expressed in words.

He was certain that Little Xuan King wasn’t a BOSS.

However, even so, it was much more abundant than the items given by the divine s.p.a.ce’s boss.

“Hahaha, great. “Cultivate, cultivate, cultivate everything.”

“The Sun G.o.d’s s.p.a.ce is a place where I can fly.”

“Come on, let’s just let berserk come at us more violently.”

The craziness in Long Fei’s eyes exploded, and in the blink of an eye, he looked at the person who revealed his killing intent to him before.

Since it had already begun, how could it possibly end right now?

Besides, staying up late had been rescued.

He was even more fearless.

“Now, it’s your turn.” Long Fei said coldly.

In an instant, everyone on Peac.o.c.k Mountain panicked.

Long Fei’s words directly affected their minds.

“Master Long Fei, we didn’t do anything.”

“We are all innocent. That’s right, the Peac.o.c.k King’s clan is very powerful. In order to survive, we had no choice but to come.”

“Yes, that’s it. Now that the human race has a hero like Master Long Fei, there is hope for the rise of our human race.

“Master Long Fei, as long as you give the order, we will immediately attack and destroy this peac.o.c.k race together with you.”

Many experts voiced out their opinions.

At this moment, whether it was the human experts or the hermit clans, they all stood by Long Fei’s side without hesitation.

His eyes were full of fear.

It was an absolute prostrate.

One had to know that among them, only a few of them could match up to Little Xuan King in cultivation. The vast majority of them were merely Worldly Immortals, and they were even one grade lower than Little Xuan King.

Right now, even Little Xuan King had been killed with a single punch in front of Long Fei.

Which of them dared to disobey?

Unfortunately, they had underestimated Long Fei.

He had overestimated his own value.

“It’s useless? If I want to destroy Peac.o.c.k Mountain, I alone will suffice. “

“Don’t you like to kneel and lick?”

“Didn’t they just say that they wanted to use your father’s head as a congratulatory gift for the peac.o.c.k race?”

“What is it? You don’t need it now? “

Long Fei mocked him sarcastically, as if he did not care at all.

This kind of kneeling and licking att.i.tude made Long Fei feel very bad.

Since he was unhappy, he had to vent.

In any case, for people like them who were kneeling or living, perhaps it was just a waste of the cultivation resources of the human race.

Immediately, the entire Peac.o.c.k Mountain went silent.

Everyone went silent, not one of them daring to speak.

However, it was at this point that a terrifying aura spread out across all Heaven and Earth.

It erupted from the center of Peac.o.c.k Mountain.


It was extremely vigorous, as if the power of the entire Peac.o.c.k Mountain was contained within. Darkness shrouded the entire area from the center, shooting up into the horizon.

Suddenly, a ray of light appeared.

The seven colored profound light shone brightly in the sky.

It shot down from the void.

“What an arrogant brat.”

“Where did you get this opportunity to mess around with my Peac.o.c.k Mountain?”

“Since you killed my Royal family’s inheritance, today, I’ll use your life to pay for it.”

In the middle of the air, a silhouette appeared.

“It’s the previous Peac.o.c.k King.”

“The rumors are fake. Who said that the Peac.o.c.k King had long disappeared into thin air upon reaching the Sun G.o.d Realm? Who said that he died under the effects of the calamity?” Now it would seem that it was just a rumor. “

“Who could possibly block a sun G.o.d?”

“Hmph, Long Fei, it’s time for your death. No matter if you are the real Long Fei or the fake Long Fei, you will definitely die under the Sun G.o.d. “

The surrounding people said.

“So noisy.”

“A bunch of trash who like to kneel and lick, my a.s.s.”

“Now that you’ve seen an old fart come out, you want to throw yourself over again?”

Long Fei sneered.

He then punched out without the slightest pause.

Boom! Boom! Boom!




A series of miserable shrieks sounded out, and instantly, the head of the Bloodthirsty Peac.o.c.k Mountain was covered in blood.

“Ding! Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for killing a clan expert, Flame Ancestor. You have received 12000000 experience points. Holy Source Points: 120000. Striking Value: 1 point.”


The system’s voice also appeared.

Instantly killing no one, gave Long Fei over six hundred million experience.

Following that, Long Fei’s gaze fell on the void.

His eyes twinkled.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he swallowed hard.


The first boss of the Sun G.o.d World.

He finally appeared.

Golden light flashed as it filled the void.

“How dare you! You dare to kill in front of me?”

“You are too arrogant.”

In the middle of the air, the Peac.o.c.k King spoke with a cold voice, exuding a killing intent.

“I am a savage, born with such a temper? What can you do? “I can’t accept it.”

Looking up?


Not to mention that it was useless to admit defeat in front of a boss.

“You still dare to provoke me? Divine Rainbow Light, purge the heaven and earth, refine!”

The Peac.o.c.k King was infuriated, immediately erupting with power.

Seven colored profound light immediately fell from the sky and rushed towards Long Fei in unison.

In that moment, Long Fei directly stepped forward.

“Five Elements Sword Demon, attack!”

“Seal of the Acalanātha!”

“Buddha Palm!”

At this time, without holding anything back, Long Fei instantly threw out all of his methods.

Rumble …


The sky darkened, and the seven-colored profound light and Long Fei’s attack power instantly clashed together. The violent energy caused the sky to change color.

The raging sword qi was incomparably sharp, as it erupted in the entire Primal Chaos Mountain.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Rumble …

It was as if the sky had collapsed and the earth caved in. The entire Peac.o.c.k Mountain started to crumble from the violent power.

The people on the peac.o.c.k hurriedly ran away, their faces completely pale.

Only Ao Ya remained motionless.

On the contrary, he reversed the course and came to Long Fei’s side.

“Hubby, this seven-colored light beam is useful to me. I feel that if I refine it, my strength might increase by another step.” His eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Hearing that, Long Fei’s suspicions were confirmed, and his gaze turned, his killing intent grew even stronger.

“Alright, then husband will go and blow him up.” As he spoke, Long Fei shot straight into the sky.

With a single leap, he leapt a thousand feet into the air and directly rushed into the clouds.

At the same time, the complete image of the Peac.o.c.k King appeared in Long Fei’s eyes.

It was an incomparably enormous peac.o.c.k. As it opened its tail feathers, the sky became dazzling and it covered the entire sky.

The Boss’ attributes were also revealed.

Health: 80 billion

Skills: Seven Colored Mystic Light

Description: Seven colored profound light has washed the world. This is a technique of the ancient world.

Seeing this, Long Fei’s heart thumped wildly.

He had never expected that the Peac.o.c.k King of the Sun G.o.d World would be able to control the power of the Great Desolate World.

“Explode, it’s definitely going to explode.”

“Motherf * cker, the seven-colored profound light is trying to make Ao Ya become a G.o.d!”

Long Fei’s eyes congealed, his thoughts became firm. After which, he gathered all his strength into a single fist and punched towards the Peac.o.c.k King.


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