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Even the Undead Lord and the Sky Sovereign Hu Wu walked out from the G.o.ds pavilion.

The two of them had faces of hesitation as they looked at emperor Xuan in the sky.

They were the people from the Xuan nationality.

But that was before.

Right now, they were Long Fei’s loyal servants.

The moment when Long Fei was in trouble and had no strength to defend at all.

The entire G.o.ds pavilion was controlled by a mysterious power, and thoughts kept flowing into their minds.

Fight to the death!

So now they all stood out.

Long Fei, on the other hand, continuously shook his head, feeling extremely shocked in his heart.

Yes, he needed power.

An extremely powerful force was used to trigger the killing attribute of the Heaven Shrouding Palm.

However, they had never thought of sacrificing these people.

However, now that the System was out of his control, he was not afraid.

The people from the G.o.ds pavilion were still okay, even though they belonged to him, he didn’t interact much with them.

But, Dragon Kuang, Little Flower and Little Green are different.

This was the person who accompanied him in life and death.

But now, they had actually sacrificed themselves and turned into a strand of power.

Long Fei could not accept such an outcome.

“Stop, all of you stop. Your powers can’t be activated at all. ” Long Fei shouted, wanting to stop him.

But now, the system was out of his control.

Of course, Long Fei didn’t know either.

Within a control room in the Paragon plane.

A young man was typing on the keyboard with his head lowered, and strings of commands were being typed out in his hands.

“Long Fei, I can only help you this once.”

“I hope I can help you.”

“I also hope that you won’t hate me in the future.” As the youth spoke, he wiped the sweat off his face as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

The scene changed, on Long Fei’s side.

Right at this moment, Long Fei finally regained control of the system.

‘Ding … strength is automatically decomposed. ‘…

‘Ding … strength fusion ‘

‘Ding … new strength has been given birth, the power of Creation. ‘…

‘Ding … strength fused with Heaven Shrouding Palm. ‘…

It was also at this moment that the powers of the Planar Lord combined into one, fusing with those of Little Flower Dragon and the others.

It formed an indescribable and indescribable force.

If there really was a need to describe it, it could only be described with one word: powerful!

He was incomparably powerful.

It contained hundreds of different types of powers. Apart from the Mai Nun, the Lord of the Soaring Sky, and the Lord of the Demon Origin, the rest of the nine hundred and ninety-seven Realm Lords’ powers were all contained within it.

An incomparable amount of energy surged forth.

However, this power was within his hands.

Long Fei however felt an incomparably heavy feeling.

These were the condensed powers of his people through the use of their lives.

At this time, the emperor Xuan in the sky had a change in expression as well.

The destructive slash landed, but it didn’t. It directly stopped in the air.

Of course, did not hold back, but rather, he used his power to attack the cliff.

Immediately, emperor Xuan’s face changed.

He had never imagined that his destructive move would be destroyed.

“Hmm? You still have the ability to counterattack? ” The emperor Xuan said stiffly.

His expression slightly changed.

Even the Lord of Primal Chaos looked at Long Fei with a face full of shock.

“This power… He’s going to unleash that power. It’s even more violent than last time. “

The Lord of All Fiends felt his heart tremble.

His gaze turned from emperor Xuan to Long Fei.

Then, with a firm look in his eyes, he made up his mind and turned to leave.

In the air, emperor Xuan’s expression changed slightly.

He glanced in the direction in which the lord of chaos had fled, then retracted his gaze.

He didn’t seem to care at all.

In merely an instant, he once again directed his gaze towards Long Fei.

“So what if you can break through my attack? This Emperor’s blade is endless. What about your strength?”

“How many times can I use it?” The emperor Xuan said coldly.


Instantly, the saber struck out once again.


Rumble …

The lightning was like a blade that sealed off the sky.

The incomparably savage power of thunder revolved around the saber light.

It was like a blade of annihilation.

A single saber strike that could destroy the world, a single saber strike that could slaughter all living things …

Below, Long Fei was still immersed in endless pain.

She hated him.

“Don’t worry, today I will definitely use your power to kill emperor Xuan.”

“I will let you pay a price and see hope.”

“I will make your madness, make this world tremble for you.”

“Five Elements Heaven Shrouding Palm, explode!”

Long Fei shouted loudly, his eyes filled with determination.

In the blink of an eye, his palm reached the sky.

Shrouding the sky and blotting out the sun.


Tribulation clouds?

A World Exterminating Blade?

Completely ignoring him.

It stretched across the entire s.p.a.ce.

In that moment, even the emperor Xuan became incomparably arrogant and small under this hand print.

Shua shua shua!

At this moment, the power of the five elements crazily spread into his palm.

Every finger contained an absolute power of the five elements, incomparably berserk.

Moreover, this was not the main point.

At this moment, the powers of the five elements began to converge.

It began to madly converge towards the center of his palm.

In an instant, the five elements interweaved, and on Long Fei’s palm, an indescribable pattern gathered. It was as if it was a Eight Trigrams, but it was perfectly round, and repeated over and over again.

Long Fei’s eyes were burning with determination.

It had already come to this point.

Long Fei would never retreat.

Even if it was for those who have offered their lives up to this point, Long Fei would still fight until the end.

Moreover, this was also a huge gamble.

Others would use their own lives as the price to place all their hopes on Long Fei.

Then, similarly, Long Fei would be able to use all of his strength.

Go crazy once.

It was also at this time that the emperor Xuan’s gaze changed greatly.

The instant this palm appeared, it actually caused a pressure to appear in his heart.

“The power of the five elements?” The heavens and the earth have converged. The five elements have become one? “

“What a powerful technique.”

“Long Fei, I have to say, this emperor has still underestimated you.” emperor Xuan’s face was gloomy, his killing intent became even stronger.

Initially, he had only killed Long Fei casually.

From the beginning till the end, he had never treated Long Fei as his opponent.

At most, he would just view it as an unstable factor.

Even if Long Fei were to kill his clone, the most she would feel was a little afraid, not the slightest bit afraid.

However, when this palm appeared, even the emperor Xuan felt a sense of dread in his heart.

“Humph, there are a lot of things you can’t think of.”

“You never thought that I would be able to survive, but again and again, I still appeared in front of you safe and sound.”

“Do you think that I was casually killed by your Xuan nationality’s people? But your Xuan nationality’s people have already been turned into mice by me.”

“Even today, nothing unexpected will happen to you.”

“Everything that I have done for today, for this battle!”

Long Fei said in a serious tone.

The killing intent in his eyes was on the verge of burning.

The strength on the back of his hand also began to burst forth.

This kind of power was the power of Dragon Kuang and the others in s.p.a.ce.

The same madness, the same killing intent, the same savagery.

“Five Elements Shrouding the Heavens, Subdue!” Long Fei’s gaze was like iron, finally pressing down on this palm.

At the same time.

emperor Xuan’s figure also started to change.

“Heavenly Tribulation.”

“Earthly Tribulation.”

“Destroyer Style, explode.” If you want to kill this Emperor, you are not qualified. “


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