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The auction became a sensation.

Basically, all the G.o.d emperor city s walked to the person called ‘Long Fei’.

The name ‘Long Fei’ in Thunder Mountains was known to even more people, it was just that this time, it was used in ridicule as a ‘despicable, sinister, trash’.

However …

Everyone knew that Long Fei had entered the Immortal Realm and had not yet broken through the Spiritual Level.

It was impossible to break through in such a short period of time.

Moreover, breaking through the Spiritual Level would require a Second-level Fairy Rout, and it would be impossible to do so without a Second-level Fairy Rout.

“What do you mean mockery? You yourself are in the Immortal stage, is there a need for us to ridicule you?”


“Don’t come here and try to be with trash in the Immortal Stage. Any one of them is stronger than you.”

“You think you’re qualified to compete with Young Master Pan?”

“That day, I was at Thunder Mountains and even said that he was the one who saved us, so I’m not ashamed. If it wasn’t for Pan Shao who killed Lei Mo, you would have died a long time ago.”

… ….

Following Long Fei’s words, even more sounds of ridicule sounded from the surroundings.

The statistician Elder also said lightly: “Brat, if you don’t have the Spiritual Level, don’t waste my time. Hurry up and get lost.”


“Scram back to the South Horizon Region. immortal domain is not a place that a person like you can enter.”

“Hahaha …”

They were all laughing and laughing loudly.

It was as if stepping on Long Fei showed their sense of superiority.

At this moment.

Long Fei did not speak, and directly walked to the test Black Stone. With a move of his palm, power of celestial rushed in, and five rays of light from the Spiritual Level flashed out.

Fifth level Spiritual Immortal Stage.

The five rays of light were incomparably dazzling.

Long Fei turned and spoke coldly: “Laugh, keep laughing for me!”

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

The five rays of light were like five palms as they fiercely slapped their faces. It was fiery hot and extremely uncomfortable.

Chen Tianfei also became fearless, his gaze sweeping across, and shouted: “G.o.d dammit, all of you are laughing, why aren’t you laughing anymore?”

“All of you trash, are you even worthy of mocking my boss?”

A fifth stage Spirit Immortal was stronger than most people, and the people who mocked Long Fei earlier could no longer make a sound.

As for Long Fei…

He memorized their appearances in his mind.

It’s on the death list!

In the past, he didn’t kill them because they prevented him from leveling up, but now … He did not have to worry about that anymore. He needed to level up and break through!


Long Fei was jealous of evil!

Mocking him once?

Break a leg!

Mocking twice?

I’m sorry, I’ll send you to see the King of h.e.l.l!

The elder shouted, “What are you arguing about? Do you still wish to partic.i.p.ate in the examination? “Huh?”

The elder looked at Long Fei with contempt and said: “This is your ident.i.ty plate, take it! “Don’t think that you can be so arrogant just because you’re at the fifth level of the Spirit Immortal Stage. If you dare to cause trouble again, then you’ll be disqualified.”

Long Fei secretly clenched his fists.

Half an hour later, the statistics ended.

At the right time.

An elder whispered into his ear.

In the distance.

An old man from the Sky Separating Clan stood there and looked at Long Fei with a cold smile.

And then …

The exam master coughed and said: “Calm down, everyone. This year’s exam is different from the previous years, because there are too many people and it is divided into ten main exam grounds.”

“Every single examination hall has once ranked in the top 1,000. Furthermore…”

“This ten thousand examinees will partic.i.p.ate in the ranking compet.i.tion.”

“The ranking will also determine the cultivation resources you receive in the future, as well as some of the academy’s special rewards.”

“Next, let’s split into groups!”

Soon after, the gigantic Black Stone screen appeared on the list.

Long Fei, Xiao Ying, Chen Tianfei, Man Tuoluo had all separated.


The people who had signed up were the four of them in four different testing grounds. As for the other people who had signed up, some of the family disciples were in the same group.

Chen Tianfei immediately hooted in annoyance, and said, “Why are the four of us separated while the disciples of the other families are together?”

The elder sneered, “You can give up. I didn’t force you to take the exam, so you can just scram.”

Smoke rose from Chen Tianfei’s head as he stared at the elder.

The elder smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Very unhappy? “If you’re unhappy then just reveal it. Come on, come on. If you dare to even touch me, your qualifications will be revoked.”


It was very obvious that this was directed at Long Fei.

Separate the four of them and leave them alone.


Most importantly, many of the four of them knew each other. In order to flatter the Sky Separating Clan, they would all go after the four of them.

Other than the exams, Long Fei and the others had to deal with thousands of people in the exam grounds.


This was caused by the Sky Separating Clan again.

Long Fei pulled Chen Tianfei back, and said: “The more furious you are, the more it falls into his gloves, don’t you think it’s just splitting into groups? “Then we’ll divide it up. This is even better, we won’t cause any conflict.”

This wasn’t the time to panic.

Fatty had a violent personality. If he was truly angered, he would charge forward recklessly.

Fatty Chen said in a deep voice, “Boss, I’m really not feeling good, what is this test called? This is asking one hundred thousand examinees to encircle and annihilate us. It’s so unfair. “

Long Fei said: “There is no fairness in this world. If you want fairness, then use your fist to break this injustice, and establish your own fairness.”

“The more they are looked down by others, the calmer they must be. Aren’t they trying to stop us from pa.s.sing the exam?”

“Then we’ll use the position of first place to crush them!”

Long Fei explained it to the fatty, but also told it to himself.

Because …

In his heart, he was even more annoyed and angry than Fatty.

It was just that he didn’t reveal it.

If a small exam was targeted at him in such a way, it would definitely obstruct him and cause so many unfair accusations. Right now, Long Fei wanted to do one thing.

A punch exploded!

Fatty Chen, Xiao Ying, Man Tuoluo nodded their heads heavily, “En!”

The group was already out.

And then …

It was the secret plane.

10 arenas, 10 secret regions.

In the past, as long as G.o.d emperor academy opened a secret realm for their a.s.sessment, they would be able to enter into the ten great secret realms. These secret realms were all very special existences.

Or poverty.

Or the demon beast running amok.

It was possible even for mountains of blades and seas of flames.

As long as one pa.s.sed the examination, that was fine. Whoever had less time, would get a higher ranking and then proceed to the next round of the examination.

“Boss, which secret realm are you in?” Fatty Chen asked, “I’m in the seventh secret realm, I don’t know what’s going on inside.”

Xiao Ying said: “I’m at the sixth.”

Man Tuoluo said: “I’m at number 5.”

Long Fei looked at the big screen, and saw himself in the last row of names, and said: “I am in the tenth realm.”


“The four of us were admitted into the G.o.d emperor academy together, and we fiercely slapped the faces of those people who ridiculed us, to the point where they couldn’t even recognize our mother.”

… ….

In another place.

“Elder Pan, we have made the arrangements according to your instructions.”

“Ten great secret realms, the nine great secret realms are the first level secret realms, and the tenth realm is the five level secret territory. Even if that kid is at the fifth level of the Psionic Immortal Realm, he won’t be able to last long.”

“Hahaha …”

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