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Read The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 480 – Too Easy

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Chapter 480: Too Easy

Tang Hao and the robber exited the washroom. They walked along a corridor and arrived at the main lobby of the bank.

Three people in the same black clothes and pig masks were standing in the lobby.

They each had a gun in their hands.

Many people were huddled in a corner of the lobby. Their faces were pale because of fear.

One of the three men noticed Tang Hao and the robber behind him. “What’s going on? Did we miss one?” He yelled.

“Sigh, we did! This guy was hiding in the toilet. He gave me such a scare!” The robber said.

He then turned to yell at Tang Hao. “Go and crouch over there!”

Tang Hao walked to the group of people and crouched down.

The four robbers walked in circles in the lobby, occasionally peeking outside. They seemed worried.

“Dammit, we miscalculated! We could have gotten away earlier!’ One of the robbers said.

“So what do we do now, brothers? There are so many cops outside!” The earlier robber said.

“What else can we do? If they dare storm in, then we’ll have to pop a few heads. Let’s see who’s chicken!’ Another robber said viciously.

“Oh!” The robber replied and looked toward the interior. “Are they ready yet?”

“I’ll go and check on them. Keep an eye on those people!” One of the robbers walked inside.

Tang Hao listened carefully and discerned that there were four more people inside. However, one of them had shallow breathing, while the other three were cursing and shouting.

“This d.a.m.n fatty! We haven’t even fired a bullet and he pa.s.sed out!”

“So what do we do now, Big Bro? If he’s out cold, how are we going to open the vault?”

“Dammit, this operation is a mess! We can’t wake him up even if we slap him!”

Tang Hao tried to stifle a laugh as he listened to the conversation.

It seemed that the bank manager had pa.s.sed out because of fright, and the robbers had no other way of opening the vault.

“Ha! These robbers are so unlucky!” Tang Hao mumbled to himself.

One of the robbers came out to the lobby and yelled at the crowd, “Is anyone here a doctor or knows first aid?”

The hostages looked at each other, and no one dared to say anything.

The robber was frustrated. He was about to yell at the hostages again.

Tang Hao calmly lifted his hand. “I know!”

“Dammit, why can’t you speak sooner, kid? Follow me!” The robber beckoned at Tang Hao, “There’s someone who pa.s.sed out inside. Go and wake him up.”

“Oh, OK!” Tang Hao replied.

“Are you sure you can do it?” The robber said.

“Don’t worry, that is too easy for me!” Tang Hao replied.

“Alright, go in, quickly!”

Tang Hao stood up and walked toward the vault.

A fat man lay in front of the vault. Three masked men were kicking him.

“Big Bro! This kid says that he can wake the man up,” the robber behind Tang Hao said.

One of the three robbers lifted his head and looked at Tang Hao.

“He’s just a kid. What can he do?” The leader of the robbers said suspiciously.

“That’s right. Can we trust him?” The other two people also said.

Tang Hao grinned. “That’s actually very easy!”

“Really?” The leader asked.

“Yes!” Tang Hao nodded.

“Faster, dammit!” The leader yelled.

“That’s very easy, but…” Tang Hao said.

“But what? Just spit it out, kid!” The leader was getting anxious.

“But… isn’t it easier to just open the vault door?” Tang Hao said.

The four robbers were confused. They wondered if they misheard anything.

“Haha, what nonsense are you talking about, kid? You must have something wrong with your brain! Don’t you know what this vault door is made of, or how thick it is?” The leader laughed.

“Dammit, so he’s an idiot! Get lost!” Another robber said angrily.

“It’s really very easy! Here, let me show you,” Tang Hao said with a grin.

He took a step forward and gripped the handle of the vault door.

He channeled the qi in his body to his hand. The vault door started shaking, and he gave it a mighty pull.


Under the fearful gaze of the robbers, the vault door was pulled from its hinges.

Tang Hao grinned at the robbers while holding the vault door in one hand. It must have weighed at least a ton. “See, I told you that it’s easier this way!” He said casually.

The four robbers turned into stone.

Their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, and their mouths were in big O shapes.

They were scared out of their wits, and they nearly pa.s.sed out from fright.

‘Oh my G.o.d!

‘We’re not in a movie set, right? How can that happen?

‘By the way, what kind of freak is this kid?’

They were already unlucky enough to be caught in a standoff with the police, and now they had met with a freak of a kid.

‘Give us a break!’ The robbers were almost crying.


Tang Hao casually tossed the thick and heavy vault door away and dusted his hands. “Alright, now it’s time to deal with you!”

He grinned happily.

The robbers trembled violently, and their faces turned as pale as a sheet.

The grinning kid in front of them was as scary as a devil.

“Dammit, run!”

“Get the police!”

They turned around and ran for their lives.

Tang Hao dashed forward and blocked their way out. He beat up each one of them and tossed them on the floor.

“What… what’s wrong, Big Bro?”

The robber whom Tang Hao met in the washroom earlier peeked into the vault room.

At the same time, Tang Hao dragged the leader by the collar with one hand. With the other hand, he pointed a handgun at the leader’s head.

The three robbers outside were shocked. They lifted their guns and pointed at Tang Hao.

“Put your guns down. Otherwise, I’ll pop off your Big Brother’s head!” Tang Hao said sternly.

He placed his finger on the trigger.

“Don’t, don’t!” The three robbers were intimidated. They threw away their guns.

Tang Hao rushed up to them and sent them sprawling with punches and kicks. The hostages were stunned when they saw that.

Tang Hao dragged the other robbers from the vault room and tied them in a bundle.

“Boo hoo!”

The robbers wailed while struggling in the ropes.

Especially the leader, who was almost crying.

‘All I wanted was to pull off a big heist! Why did I have to encounter this freak?’

The stammering robber still looked like an idiot after his mask was taken off. He seemed confused, as though he did not understand how things had turned out that way.

“Sigh! I say, don’t rob banks if you don’t have the skill!”

Tang Hao mumbled. He stood up and dusted his hands.

“That was too easy!” He said to himself.

He turned around and grinned at the robbers. “Bye!”

He lifted his gun, pointed at the ceiling, and fired a shot.

He tossed the gun aside and quickly left the bank through the washroom.

“Go go go!”

The police captain gave the command when he heard the gunshot. The police officers rushed inside with their guns c.o.c.ked.

They were stunned when they saw the situation inside.

No gunfire, no fighting…

The robbers were tied up in a bundle and staring at them.

They looked somewhat pathetic!

“What’s… going on?” Everyone was confused.

“A young man did that. Oh my, he was too strong! He knocked all of them out with just his fists and legs!”

“What does he look like? How would I know! That’s weird. I can’t seem to remember his face… but I remember that he’s very handsome!”

The hostages chattered.

The police officers became even more confused.


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