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Read The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 984 – : He Is Nameless Qin!

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Chapter 984: He Is Nameless Qin!

Boom! Boom!

Lightning flashed from the low dark clouds up ahead.

Occasionally, a lightning bolt would strike the island.

“That has to be it. It’s Stormcloud Island, the ruins of the ancient Stormcloud Sect!”

Many people shouted excitedly when they saw the lightning.

“Faster! Faster!”

They accelerated and rushed toward the island.

There were fleets of large ships that were coming from all other directions. Many different flags could be seen on those ships.

Some people had already made landfall. They continued to dash toward the interior of the island.

In the center of the island was a mountain peak. That must be where the ruins of the Stormcloud Sect were.

However, some of those people suddenly screamed in agony as they flew over. They would suddenly explode into bits, or a lightning bolt would strike them and turn them into charcoal.

“There are barriers!”

The survivors cried out and retreated frantically back to the sh.o.r.e.

The people who came later were shocked. They landed at the sh.o.r.e and dared not rush in blindly.

A streak of silver light dashed straight in. It took several hits from the lightning before finally crashing into the central region of the island.

“d.a.m.n! What’s that?”

The crowd exclaimed. They were all extremely confused.

Tang Hao, in the middle of the crowd, also landed on the island.

As people continued to arrive, the sh.o.r.e became packed.

“Get lost, all of you! Primeval Mountain has arrived!”

A large ship broke through the waves. At the bow of the ship, many figures flew out and landed on the sh.o.r.e.

The leader was an elder in the middle period of the State of the Nascent Soul. Behind him were two elders at the early period of the State of the Nascent Soul. Behind them were several middle-aged men and a group of young people.

One of the young people wore a green robe, which made him stand out.

“It’s Dao Jiu!”

In an instant, many people turned their heads and looked at the green-robed figure.

“So he’s Dao Jiu! Poor him, he fell from the top spot and was replaced by Nameless Qin!”

Everyone was whispering to each other. They looked at Dao Jiu with curiosity and pity.

“Shut up!”

Before Dao Jiu could say anything, the leader of the group flicked his sleeve and sent several people flying away while vomiting blood.

“How dare you make fun of the people from Primeval Mountain in front of me!” He reprimanded coldly.

The surrounding crowd instantly shut up.

They had almost forgotten that Primeval Mountain was one of the most powerful forces in the Ninth Continent.

Dao Jiu simmered in sinister silence.

The old man looked around and sternly shouted, “I don’t know if you’re here, you little villain. If you are, you’d better get lost without causing a scene. Otherwise, I’ll kill you if I see you!”

He grunted angrily to show that he was serious.

That villain was too detestable. He had almost crippled the top prodigy of Primeval Mountain and stole their supreme treasure and cultivation technique.

“Let’s go!”

He waved his sleeve angrily and led his people straight toward the interior.

The large ships that belonged to the major sects arrived one after another.

After landing on the sh.o.r.e, they looked around and shouted.

“You’d better not show up, Qin!”

“I’ll be waiting for you, you villain!”

Then, they set off.

The rakshas also arrived at the island. They were a big group led by Nascent Soul experts.

“The skeletons of our ancestors are found on this island. Anyone who dares touch them will be the enemy of all raksha-kind!”

The rakshas swaggered through the crowd.

“A raksha corpse?”

“It’s probably the primordial lighting roc! It’s said that the ancient Stormcloud Sect once killed a lightning roc and crafted weapons from its bones.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

“Sigh! The Stormcloud Sect is indeed very powerful! It’s said that they were invincible in the Ninth Continent back then. They were destroyed because they provoked a major sect from the First Continent.”

“The First Continent? They’re really unlucky!”

Everyone discussed in hushed voices.

After almost all the major forces had arrived, the other people followed behind. With people clearing the way and removing the barriers in front, the people behind were more at ease.

Tang Hao walked among the crowd.

The island was very large and was covered in dense forests. In the middle was a mountain peak that towered into the clouds and was repeatedly struck by lightning bolts.

Something on the mountain seemed to be attracting the lightning.

Most of the major factions headed toward the mountain to fight for the best treasure, while the other people scattered to explore the island.

“What’s that?”

Suddenly, someone cried out in surprise.

Everyone looked up and saw a flash of purple light in the forest not far away.

“That’s a… lightning crystal!”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. They were visibly excited.

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect to find good treasure here! It’s mine!”

An old man in gray robes laughed loudly and rushed toward the purple light.

In that direction, there was a high platform that looked like an altar. In the middle of it was a huge crystal emanating purple light.

From time to time, lightning would strike down from the sky and hit that crystal.

“Hmph! You have a death wish!”

Several other figures shouted coldly and rushed toward the platform.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As they ran, they took out their weapons and began to fight.


The old man from before cried miserably as a sword pierced his chest.

The wielder of the sword twisted it, and the old man exploded into a cloud of blood and flesh.

A middle-period Golden Core cultivator died just like that.

“Hahaha! The treasure is mine!”

A burly man withdrew his sword, rushed up the platform, and grabbed the lightning crystal with one hand.

Suddenly, he heard a cold grunt next to his ear.

He turned around in shock and saw a sinister face that cast a cold gaze on him.

His eyes widened, and he was about to cry out in shock. However, something seemed to be blocking his throat, and he could not make a single sound. He could only watch helplessly as a palm struck his forehead.


With a m.u.f.fled sound, his head exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.

The other figures that were rushing toward the platform stopped in their tracks. They were shocked by the scene they had just witnessed.

A middle-period Golden Core cultivator was killed just like that!

Where did the attacker come from, and how could he be so fast?

A chill coursed down their spines as they stood there looking at the figure on the platform.

That figure gave them an indescribable sense of oppression.

“He’s too terrifying!”

They were shaking with fear, but at the same time, they could not understand why that figure’s qi aura was different. He was clearly in the early period of the State of the Golden Core, but his qi aura was slightly different.

His demeanor looked as though he could command the heavens and the earth.

“It’s him! It can’t be wrong. It’s him!”

Suddenly, a person seemed to have thought of something and cried out in shock, “He’s Nameless Qin! That’s a nine-chakra golden core!”


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