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Read The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1281 – Alarmed! 5

The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife is a web novel made by 北川云上锦, Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin.
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Chapter 1281 Alarmed! 5

Gu Lingsha stood under the cold wind as she and Qi Feng looked at each other for a while.

“Missus, let’s get into the car. Master is waiting for you, and there might be reporters hiding around,” Morrison reminded her, so she took a deep breath and walked towards Qi Feng.

A bodyguard quickly opened the door for her when she got close to the car. “Welcome back, Missus!”

As Gu Lingsha went into the car, Qi Feng’s familiar scent was all over her.

“Let’s go home right now,” Qi Feng said to the chauffeur although he was looking at Gu Lingsha.

The chauffeur started the car after a brief reply.

With the two of them not speaking a word, the atmosphere in the car was a little awkward. Even the chauffeur could feel the weight of it…

“It’s great to have you back. It seems like you’ve lost weight.” Qi Feng finally broke the silence after a while. He glanced at Gu Lingsha and noticed her darkened expression. She was probably still mad about what happened before.

Gu Lingsha kept quiet. She turned her head away and ignored him as she looked out of the window in silence.

Qi Feng’s grip on the magazine tightened. “Shasha, please stop being mad about what happened before. There’s nothing between Xi Xiaye and me. You know that I only care about you and no other woman. You should at least have some kind of definitive proof before judging me to be guilty.”

Qi Feng’s tone was gentle. He did not want to get into a fight with Gu Lingsha again. After all, he understood that fighting right now gave him no advantage.

However, Gu Lingsha grinned coldly. “So, are you saying that I’m being unreasonable? Is it all my fault? Are you suffering because you think I’m doubting you?” she spoke in a sharp tone as she stared at Qi Feng.

“I don’t mean that, Shasha. Please don’t talk to me like that. I just hope we can trust each other and talk it out if we’re doubtful about anything. I apologize if you’re really unhappy about what has happened.” Qi Feng frowned, appearing to get impatient.

Gu Lingsha’s att.i.tude made him feel helpless. A woman being suspicious of you could be really infuriating to deal with!

“How am I talking to you? Tell me! Just how many times have you visited me during this period of time? Do you actually care about me? Qi Feng, what did you promise me back then? You said you’d be good to me forever and would never let me suffer, but where were you when Xi Xiaye bullied me, when my parents criticized me, and when I was in need of help? Have you ever thought about me? I’m a woman too, but why can’t you treat me like how Mu Yuchen treats Xi Xiaye? Can you? You can’t!”

Gu Lingsha’s anger was rising, and she finally found an avenue for her to release it all.

She was not a fool. It was obvious that Mu Yuchen staged this whole incident in order to take revenge for Xi Xiaye. The information from Lawyer w.a.n.g helped her to come to that conclusion. At the same time, she was jealous of Xi Xiaye too! She began to feel how unfair it was to her!

Qi Feng had never been on par with Mu Yuchen, and Gu Lingsha had never thought that Xi Xiaye would be such a lucky woman. In comparison…

Qi Feng’s expression darkened instantly!

Mu Yuchen!

Mu Yuchen again! He hated people comparing him to Mu Yuchen!

Who was he?

He was Qi Feng’s rival! Even his wife was comparing him against Mu Yuchen now?

He held his anger down as he stared straight at Gu Lingsha’s face. He tried to keep a calm tone though it still sounded cold. “What did you say just now? So, I’m nothing compared to Mu Yuchen?”

Gu Lingsha shuddered when she heard his distant voice. She turned around and saw Qi Feng’s terrifying gaze, but she was not backing off at all. “I’m just telling the truth. You can deny it, but you know very well that it’s the truth.”

Her words definitely acted like fuel on fire, and Qi Feng’s anger erupted all of a sudden.


He slammed the magazine to the side as he glared at Gu Lingsha coldly. “Gu Lingsha, you know what I hate the most, and here you are trying to provoke me. You’d better stop and watch your mouth!”

Gu Lingsha grinned. “Just look at you. This is the difference between Mu Yuchen and you. You’re las.h.i.+ng out on me right now, aren’t you? You know that’s the truth! You just can’t compare to Mu Yuchen. Don’t even get me started on it! Is your patience running out now? Do you want a divorce?”

“Unreasonable! Gu Lingsha, just take a look in the mirror. Are you really the same person as before? You’re no different from a mad woman!”

“Then, what are you? A wicked, cunning b*stard?”

“Shut up! Stop the car!” Qi Feng could not stand her anymore as he ordered the chauffeur.

“Master…” The chauffeur was worried.

“I told you to stop the car. Are you deaf? Now!”

Qi Feng was afraid that he could not suppress his anger any longer. He was worried that he might actually choke Gu Lingsha.

The chauffeur was terrified of Qi Feng yelling at him, so he quickly stopped the car aside.

“Get over here, Morrison! I’m going to the office. Send her home!”


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