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Read The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1925 – Qin Dynasty’s Qin, Awakened Su (2)

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Chapter 1925: Qin Dynasty’s Qin, Awakened Su (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Zhou Zimo rushed over from Imperial Sky Entertainment City, it was already late at night.

He had left early. Qi Lei and Su Chen still had even cursed him to no end, but his future father-in-law called, so he did not dare to be negligent. He immediately put down his wine gla.s.s, washed his face, and rushed over with a clear head.

When he arrived at the designated location, Qin Yi happened to help Qin Su out of the restaurant. At the bottom of the stairs, he saw Zhou Zimo rus.h.i.+ng over.

“Uncle Qin!”

Zhou Zimo looked at Qin Yi in surprise, and his gaze quickly fell on Qin Su, who he was supporting.

Qin Su was drunk, instead it was Qin Yi who did not drink much. The father and daughter chatted, and more than half of the wine was drunk by Qin Su. When Qin Yi noticed later on, Qin Su was already a little dazed and drunk.

Zhou Zimo had just approached when he smelled a strong smell of alcohol. Qin Su was also stumbling on her own footsteps. Zhou Zimo quickly went forward to support her. “Why did you drink so much?”

“She drank a little too much. I wanted her to have a meal with me, but I didn’t expect it to be me drinking with her later on. There’s something on her mind, she’s probably not feeling too good. Hold her, hold her!”

Qin Yi was also a little annoyed.

Zhou Zimo quickly helped Qin Su steady herself and looked at Qin Su worriedly. “Her stomach isn’t very good. Uncle, don’t let her drink too much in the future. It’s very bad for a girl’s health to drink like this.”

“I forgot about it as we were drinking. It’s good that you’re here. I’ll leave my daughter to you, no problem, right?”

Qin Yi looked at Zhou Zimo firmly. In his heart, he had long decided that Zhou Zimo was his son-in-law, so he did not care about this now. Anyway, his daughter also said that Zhou Zimo was not bad, she just could not let go of the knot in her heart, now, as long as Zhou Zimo could open the knot in her heart, Qin Yi was willing to believe that Zhou Zimo would definitely make his daughter happy.

Was Zhou Zhenjun not a good man?

Like father, like son. He believed that Zhou Zimo would definitely not be too bad!

“It’s fine. Uncle Qin, don’t worry. I’ll bring her back. Let Lian Ziyao come and send Uncle Home,” said Zhou Zimo.

Qin Yi shook his head. “It’s fine. I’ve already asked Xiao Meng to drive. Are you sure it’s okay? Go back and cook some hangover soup for her to drink. Also, don’t steal from your own house, Understand?”

Qin Yi said the last sentence very seriously. His gaze was also very deep as he looked at Zhou Zimo.

Zhou Zimo’s reaction was stunned for a moment. Only later did he realize what Qin Yi meant. He hurriedly nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, Uncle Qin. You personally handed her over to me. Even if you gave me a hundred guts, I wouldn’t dare!”

After he said that, Qin Yi finally nodded his head in satisfaction, “Alright, I have to test you properly. You have to work harder. I have high hopes for you. Qin Su, this child, has been spoiled by us since she was young. You have to tolerate her more. She is a very simple girl. She has never been in a relations.h.i.+p or gotten close to any man.”

“Her mother and I were very strict with her. When she was still in school, we were determined to prevent her from falling in love because we thought that, especially as a soldier, there were too many variables. Without a stable environment, it would be difficult to maintain a relations.h.i.+p. Furthermore, she was born and raised in City Z. Her mother and I were both here, so naturally, we wouldn’t allow her to marry far away.”

This was the first time Qin Yi had spoken to someone like this. He really thought highly of Zhou Zimo.

The two families were of equal status. He and Zhou Zhenjun were old comrades-in-arms. Mei Xiaoyue and Liang Jing also knew each other. Moreover, they had been able to get along quite well before. They could be considered a family that knew each other well. If Qin Su married over, he believed that his daughter would not suffer any losses.

“That’s why, you, Zhou Zimo, I think highly of you. Don’t let me down. I know my own daughter. give her some time, and she’ll see you in a new light. She’s the kind of person who’s hard to change once she’s determined, just like me and her mother. Don’t think that we’ve been so noisy all these years, but we’ve never mentioned those two words lightly. I don’t think that I can leave your Aunt Mei, and your Aunt Mei might not be able to leave me either. Life is like this, otherwise, it would be a lot less fun and very boring,” said Qin Yi.

Hearing this, Zhou Zimo was silent for a while before replying, “I will definitely not disappoint Uncle’s expectations. I will treat her well for sure.”

Qin Yi nodded in relief and waved his hand. “With your words, I can be at ease! Alright, it’s already very late. You guys should hurry back and give me a call or a text when you get home. Hurry up and go back!”

Zhou Zimo nodded respectfully and then carried Qin Su by the waist. “Thank you for your trust, Uncle. You should go back as soon as possible.”

“Okay, go back!”

To be honest, Zhou Zimo was a little touched at this moment.

As a father, Qin Yi could have brought Qin Su home directly, he did not expect him to call him over in the end. No matter how stupid he was, he could see what Qin Yi meant. He was creating an opportunity for him, Zhou Zimo..

A daughter needed careful care. With Qin Su’s personality, it was actually very difficult to move her. However, it seemed very easy to…

Miss Qin Su, who was completely drunk, probably did not know that at this moment, she had been sold to Zhou Zimo by her biological father!

Zhou Zimo carried Qin Su and walked towards the parking lot.

After pa.s.sing through the dim silhouette of the street lamps, the figure in front of them was also pulled very long. The surroundings were quiet and only the sound of the wind could be heard.

Zhou Zimo carried Qin Su on his back and only then did he heave a sigh of relief. At this moment, Qin Su, who was being carried on his back, was already in a daze as she muttered softly..

“Qin dynasty’s Qin… Awakened’s Su[1]… my name is Qin Su…”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Zimo paused for a moment. After a long while, he replied in a low voice, “I know that your name is Qin Su, Qin dynasty’s Qin, awakened’s Su. The first time you introduced yourself to us, it was like this too. I remember.”

Feeling the faint warmth coming from behind him, Zhou Zimo suddenly hugged her tightly. The scene from when they first met suddenly surfaced in his mind. She was cold, indifferent, and did not smile…

“Qin Su, what do you think of me? Do you like me a little? Qin Su?”

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Zimo decided to ask her properly. He stopped and asked.

“Qin dynasty’s Qin… awakened’s Su…”

Qin Su was still muttering softly.

“Qin Su… do you like Zhou Zimo? Even if just a little?”

Zhou Zimo was a little anxious at this time, he could not help but ask.


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