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Read The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 238 – The Valley Orchid Is Fu Zhi’s

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Chapter 238: The Valley Orchid Is Fu Zhi’s – 2

Lu Chuwan replied, “It’s my duty as a granddaughter.”

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Madam Lu picked up a cup of tea from the table, pulled Lu Chuwan to Dong Cun’s side, and said, “If you need a Valley Orchid in the future, let Wanwan know. We’re a family, and as a family, we should watch each other’s back.”

Fu Zhi, who was sitting on the sidelines, was left speechless by Madam Lu’s ignorance.

Even though Madam Lu did not know anything about the Valley Orchid, the same was not true for Dong Cun. He waved his hand and said, “The Valley Orchid is rare, and it’s not that easy to get. Wanwan could only get her hands on one plant. Otherwise, our experiments wouldn’t have reached a bottleneck.”

Madam Lu nodded but did not seem to understand. “Then Wanwan, can you get a flower from someone else? Perhaps through some other channel?”

Shaking her head, Lu Chuwan replied, “The person I bought the flower from only had one plant, so there’s nothing I could do either.”

Dong Cun frowned. Just as he was about to say something, Madam Liu, who was sitting beside Madam Lu, finally saw her chance and interrupted. “Doesn’t Fu Zhi know where to buy the flower? You guys can ask her!”

Dong Cun and his group were caught off guard by Madam Liu’s remark.

‘Fu Zhi knows where to buy the flower? I thought she didn’t even know what a Valley Orchid is.’

With that thought in mind, Dong Cun chuckled sarcastically and replied, his voice thick with derision, “Really?”

Madam Liu was not happy with Dong Cun’s inappropriate response. Even though her family was not as prestigious as the Dong Family, that did not mean that her knowledge and insight were inferior to Dong Cun’s.

She then told Dong Cun everything that had happened in the greenhouse of the Lu Family the other day. She patted her eldest son, who was sitting next to her. The man swiftly rose to his feet, looked at Dong Cun, and said, “I am a member of the Capital Chinese Medicine a.s.sociation, and I know more or less everything about the Valley Orchid. The most important characteristic that can distinguish this angiosperm from other flowering plants is a white grub on its leaves known as the White Devil.”

After saying that, he took out a clear gla.s.s box that contained the dead body of a white grub before adding, “This is the specimen that I took to the laboratory of the a.s.sociation. It has been confirmed that it’s the White Devil. This grub can also be used in medicine, and its medicinal value is reflected on…”

“Yes, it is a Valley Orchid.” Fu Zhi interjected as she shot a glance at the man.

Madam Zhao’s son knew too much.

She tapped her fingers a few times on the table before she added, “You don’t have to explain this in such detail to irrelevant people.”

The eldest son of Madam Zhao was stumped. He felt a rush of chillness creeping up his spine, and he had no idea why but he found the girl sitting in front of him a little scary. While sweating bullets, he nodded and sat back down.

Madam Zhao chimed in by exclaiming, “So you know that your plant is a Valley Orchid?”

Fu Zhi did not know how to reply.

‘Of course I know it is a Valley Orchid. After all, I’m the one who gave the plant to her.’

“The people in the laboratory said that there is no White Devil on the Valley Orchid given by Lu Chuwan. That’s why they need to spend a lot of time studying and testing the plant,” Lu Ning added, causing Dong Cun to shoot daggers at Lu Chuwan.

Lu Chuwan sensed his gaze and took a step back out of fear.

The eldest son of Madam Zhao then chimed in again. “If the Valley Orchid is destroyed, the White Devil will find a new host to feed itself.”

Everything clicked into place.

Dong Cun felt as if he was about to explode, and his hands began to quiver slightly from anger. Lu Ning pretended that she could not see this and said, “That means the Valley Orchid Chuwan gave us belonged to Zhizhi? What a nice regift you gave us, Chuwan.”

Dong Cun clenched his fists tightly as he took a few deep breaths. The Valley Orchid was the only reason he had done so many things for Lu Chuwan. Even though she had given him the formula of the anti-cancer drug, there was nothing he could do if he did not have the raw materials to produce it. Therefore, the Valley Orchid meant a lot to him.


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