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Read The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 376 – Pure Feather’s Weibo – 1

The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise is a web novel made by Unfinished Circle.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 376: Pure Feather’s Weibo – 1

“Chenxi, although our books have Pure Feather’s autograph, according to my friends, the ones in Cla.s.s 21’s hands are different. Master Pure Feather has left a message for each of them.”

Even though the girl had tried her best to lower her voice, she was quite unable to hide her jealousy. She unwittingly raised her voice toward the end of her sentence, giving other students a chance to overhear their conversation.

Pure Feather had left messages in the books for Fu Zhi’s cla.s.s?

The students outside of Cla.s.s 1 were shocked. None of them come around to their senses. They stood there until someone said they were going to check this out, and the crowd then began to disperse.

Mu Chenxi’s face darkened.

One of her friends then chimed in, “Chenxi, why did you give those books to Cla.s.s 21? I thought you said you were not going to let them have any books…”

Mu Chenxi did not know why Cla.s.s 21 had these books either. She remembered telling the staff that she would rather throw the books away than give them to Cla.s.s 21.

‘Can the staff of the Fu Corporation not understand the human language?’

She thought for a while before she figured that she had to do something. Otherwise, Fu Zhi would take advantage of her again and steal her thunder.

With that thought in mind, she shot up from her seat and rushed to Cla.s.s 21.

When she arrived at Cla.s.s 21, Song Fang had just finished distributing the books. A number of students had started to read the books and had also written their names on the pages of the book.

“Master Pure Feather asked me to eat less and exercise more,” a student said as he touched his chubby cheeks. “Why do I feel like she has seen me before…”

Well, he was not alone.

Another student chimed in, “Master Pure Feather asked me to eat fewer snacks and more vegetables.”

“He asked me to eat less spicy food and drink more water.”

“This is weird. She seems to know us very well! Could Sister Zhi have told Master Pure Feather about us?”

As they were wondering how Pure Feather knew them so well, Mu Chenxi walked up with her cla.s.smates and sneered coldly, “Carry these books back to Cla.s.s 1!”

n.o.body had expected her to come, and a few girls who were reading the books were startled.

Song Fang put his book away and stared at Mu Chenxi. “What do you mean? These books were given to us by Pure Feather, so who do you think you are to take them away?”

“What do I mean? I should be asking that!” Mu Chenxi said, a mocking grin tugging at the corner of her lips. “All the copies of ‘Red Sun’ in this school, including the ones you guys are holding right now, were bought by the Mu Corporation. I already said that I wouldn’t give you guys these books. You are the ones who shamelessly took the books and wrote your names on them without my permission! Of course I have the right to take them away!”

None of the students went forward to calm them down. After all, this was not the first time Song Fang and Mu Chenxi had a fallout.

Mu Chenxi simply picked a book up. She flipped it open and said in a grim voice, “Look at this label! It means these books were taken straight from the Fu Corporation and haven’t been sold on the market yet. My father bent over backward to buy the books from the Fu Corporation to make me happy, so what gives you guys the right to open them?”

Song Fang knew very well that these books could not have been donated by Mu Chenxi. This was because Fu Zhi had given Zhou Zihuai, Su Xing, and him a copy of ‘Red Sun’ autographed by Pure Feather right after they’d left the Angel Foundation the other day. At the time, Mu Chenxi had not had any copies in her hands yet.

He snorted coldly, “Really? If these books are really yours as you claim, try calling them to see if they will answer or not.”

The students in Cla.s.s 21 broke into laughter. The sports leader then said, “Please stop forcing it, Mu Chenxi. You’re only making yourself look like a fool. These copies of ‘Red Sun’ have nothing to do with you or Cla.s.s 1. They are courtesy of Sister Zhi!”

The faces of the students from Cla.s.s 1 sank when they heard what the sports leader had said.

How did those books have nothing to do with them? They wanted the books very much as well. Even though they already owned one each, the ones that Cla.s.s 21 had were different.

Thus, all of them said, “How can you guys be so unreasonable? Who does not know that the Mu Family is cooperating with Pure Feather? These 1,000 copies of ‘Red Sun’ were bought by the Mu Family at their expense to be donated to our school. If the books in your hands were given to you by Fu Zhi as you claim, then is she cooperating with Pure Feather too? Did she give Pure Feather money? Even if you guys want to lie, you should at least fabricate a decent lie!”

“That’s right! You guys are so shameless!”

“A few days ago, you guys said you didn’t want the books that Chenxi donated, but look at what you’ve done today. Don’t you think it’s embarra.s.sing?”

Mu Chenxi grew even more confident after hearing what the students from Cla.s.s 1 had said.

She looked at them to calm them down and then said, “Well, I’m a generous person. I don’t mind that you guys have opened the books. Just give them back to me and I will pretend that nothing’s happened. However, if you guys refuse to listen, I will have the Fu Corporation come and take all the books back!”

As if to make the students anxious, she added, “But since you guys have written your own names in the books, if the staff from the Fu Corporation come and see it, they might think the students in our school don’t respect Master Pure Feather and decide to take everyone’s books back!”

The rest of the students panicked. “Song Fang, these books are the Mu Family’s property. Hurry up and return them to Chenxi!”

“That’s right. It’s fine that you don’t like Chenxi, but you guys can’t get all of us in trouble!”

Song Fang’s face sank. “I told you. These books were given to us by Fu Zhi.”

“Hah!” One of Mu Chenxi’s friends sneered, “Can you stop it already? The books were given to you by Fu Zhi? Where is the proof? Do you have any proof? Would the books answer if she called them?”

The two locked horns with each other, and the atmosphere was as noisy as a market.

Fu Zhi frowned, and the jacket covering her head trembled gently as she changed her sleeping position.

Song Fang noticed it and told Mu Chenxi, “Can you keep your voice now? This is a school, not a market!”

“Shut up, cleft lip! There is no room for a disabled person to talk here!”

Mu Chenxi’s friend shouted again, causing Fu Zhi to wake up.

She jerked her head up and looked coldly at Mu Chenxi.

Since she had a lot of supporters this time, Mu Chenxi faced Fu Zhi with confidence. She took two steps forward and said in a mocking voice, “Fu Zhi, don’t you think you owe me an explanation?”

Fu Zhi then said expressionlessly, “What kind of explanation do you want? I gave them permission to take the books. Does it have anything to do with you?”


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