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Chapter 119: Chapter 119: Ling Jue 3


“Xiao Jue, you…” Ling Zhensheng was in disbelief. Was this really what his own son said?


“The more outstanding I am the more they won’t tolerate me, because I am your son, not Mu Xueling’s son. You also understand that in the future, don’t fight for me anymore. It’s good for you and me to cut off all contact. Also, don’t disturb my grandmother. Don’t let those people disturb her. This is my bottom line.”


“Xiao Jue…” Ling Zhensheng smiled bitterly. He held the steering wheel tightly. “I thought you would pretend that you didn’t know anything. I didn’t expect you to see it so clearly. This is good too. You just need to lead a good life in the future. You have to know that your father really dotes on you… He was so cruel to you in the past because he was afraid that you wouldn’t try to improve yourself. Now I understand. My son is really amazing.”



Ling Jue hated this kind of emotion. Ling Zhensheng… How should she describe this man?!


He was not a good father, nor was he a good man. However, she could not hate him.


However, from today onwards…


He did not owe Ling Jue anything, and Ling Jue did not owe him anything either.

“Let’s go.” Ling Jue looked out of the window calmly. What was the point of saying too much?


Ling Zhensheng still chose his wife and other children, choosing his position.


That was right. Ling Jue had nothing now.

Ling Jue did not have a mother… Ling Jue did not have a powerful force behind him. He had nothing. It was only right for Ling Zhensheng to give up on himself…


It was similar to the question he had once read: [There is a hundred dollar bill and a dollar bill on the ground. Which one do you choose to pick?]


At first, he thought that it was a really stupid question.

A normal person would definitely pick a hundred dollars. The smart ones would pick both, and the dumb ones would pick one.

There were many normal people, but very few smart ones. However, the fools did not exist.


The car started moving and gradually left the neighborhood.

Tang Yuan went back to sleep in her earring. The whole journey was silent.

Ling Jue looked at the sky outside. Freedom was pretty good.

If there was no such luxury as kins.h.i.+p, there was no need to force it.

She did not know what kins.h.i.+p was until she died in her previous life. In this life, there was only the person in Ling Jue’s memory — her grandmother.

Perhaps that was the only white moonlight.

The house that Ling Zhensheng bought for her this time was in the East District. It was obviously a very expensive house. It was a particularly safe and high-end neighborhood. She lived on the eighth floor.


It was a place with more than 150 square meters. This was the new home that he had arranged for Ling Jue.

Everything was complete inside. The computer and television seemed to be a newly renovated place.

“This is the wedding house of a dad’s friend’s son. His son’s marriage ended, so he sold this place. I just happened to need it, so I brought it over. I went to handle the paperwork yesterday. Don’t worry, no one has lived here before. The military compound is next to the residential area, so it’s very safe. Moreover, it’s only a block away from Molk Academy, so it’s convenient for you to go to school. It’ll be even better if you can live there,” Ling Zhensheng showed him the house. “This is for you, but you have to stay at school this semester. I’ve already told Teacher Song.”


Ling Jue was quite satisfied with the house, so she nodded. She would stay at the school if she wanted to.

She had checked it out. She could stay for a week if she was not satisfied.

She really did not plan to stay at the school. It was not easy to leave the school, and it was especially troublesome. She still had a lot of things to do.

Ling Zhensheng looked at his watch. It was already ten o’clock. He could still pick up the Mu Xueling and the others when he drove back, so he breathed a sigh of relief.


He raised his head and looked at Ling Jue worriedly. “Xiao Jue, be good from now on. Don’t worry. You can look for me if you need anything…”



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