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Chapter 1208: Chapter 1210: Don’t know your prince charming


A pretty young lady stopped her. “Miss, I’m sorry. You’re not allowed to wear slippers here. ”

Ling Jue looked up at the sign at the door. “It doesn’t seem to say that you’re not allowed to wear slippers, right? ”

Moreover, she didn’t seem to be wearing slippers.

Oh, Feng Yulin bought this for her. She felt that it was quite cool and comfortable to wear, just like sandals. Moreover, these shoes were worth six figures… …

The woman looked at her disdainfully. “Miss, this is Jue s.h.i.+. We have rules here. I’m sorry. ”

She was wearing a white short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt and a pair of 70-cent trousers. She looked very casual. No matter what, Jue s.h.i.+ was one of the top aristocratic ktvs in Yunhai province.

“…”Ling Jue thought that it was just an ordinary gathering and that they were going to her territory, so he dressed more casually. However, he was unexpectedly stopped by someone.

“Miss Bai! ” Suddenly, the woman walked out quickly. Bai Yuan walked in from the door with a few girls.

The girls were wearing high heels, small dresses, and exquisite makeup.

Ling jue raised his eyebrows slightly and shook his head. She really thought that it was an ordinary gathering. Why was everyone so solemn.

She looked up at Bai Yuan. Ever since she knew that she was a girl, she had not spoken to her. Every time she saw her, she would have a cold expression.

“MM. ” Bai Yuan glanced at her indifferently and followed the girls upstairs.

The girl nodded and bowed as she sent Bai Yuan and the others upstairs. Then, she turned to look at her.

Ling Jue looked at the number plate on her chest. Feng Yiyi?

Feng Yiyi looked at Ling Jue with some disdain. “Miss, if you want to go in, you can go home and change your clothes before you come back. ”

Ling Jue saw her like this and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. “Is this how you treat your guests? Moreover, I remember that there is no rule in Jue’s world that people who wear slippers are not allowed to enter. ”

Her voice was very faint, as if this was her reaction when she said something. No matter how much she looked down on her, she would not be angry.

“Of course you don’t understand the rules of our JUE’s world. ” Feng Yiyi laughed softly. “You are a student of Molk? Then do you know the lady who just entered? ”

“Yes. ”

She walked closer to her step by step, her eyes filled with disdain. “You have a grudge against Miss Bai? ”

“None of Your Business. ” Ling Jue looked at her face and felt a little disgusted.

“Miss Bai’s father is a very powerful person. You CAN’T AFFORD TO OFFEND HIM! ”


“SINCE YOU’RE A student of Molk, have you met my prince charming, Ling Jue? I came here to work for her. I heard that Jue s.h.i.+ is her territory. ”

The corner of Ling Jue’s mouth twitched. Is this person crazy?

She couldn’t be bothered with her and planned to go upstairs.

“You’RE NOT ALLOWED TO GO IN! Security! ! Someone is forcing their way in! ” Seeing that Ling Jue was about to go upstairs, she shouted …

The people around her looked at her. What was this little girl doing Forcing her way into Jue s.h.i.+ She was probably crazy.

“Jue s.h.i.+ has stipulated that you’re not allowed to wear slippers in! ” She shouted. “A poor person like you who wears slippers should get lost quickly! ”


Ling jue was a little speechless. Was this person crazy?

“Sister Yiyi, when did it become a rule that you’re not allowed to wear slippers? ” The security guard came in and was a little speechless. Moreover, he could see that this young lady was clearly wearing sandals, which were not slippers.

“Yes, do you think that people like her will spend money when they enter? Don’t lower our jue s.h.i.+’s status. ”

“…”is there something wrong with this girl?

The security guard really couldn’t understand, but this little girl had just come to work today, so it didn’t matter if one or two of them were thrown out.


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