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Chapter 1358: Chapter 1360: “I call you husband, and you call me husband 2. “


Ling Jue thought of that little girl. She was really cute. “Susu, that child is too obedient. ”

“She is very obedient. ”

Ling Jue looked at the corner of his mouth that curled up. “Hahaha, I can tell that you like your sister very much. ”

“Yes. ”

Ling Jue leaned on his shoulder. Just like her brothers, both of them treated her very well.

After a long while, Feng Yulin suddenly said, “I don’t know how to face them. ”

Ling Jue raised an eyebrow. “Why? ”

“Just like when you went to see mom. ”

“But our situation is different. ”

“It is different. ” Feng Yulin shook his head. “But now that we meet again, it’s completely different from before. ”

When she heard what he said, she reached out and put her arm around his shoulder. “Hubby, look at US having a family… ”

“What did you call me? ” Feng Yulin’s eyes lit up as he looked at her.

“Hubby… ” Ling Jue smacked his face. “We’ve been married for a long time. You’ll be my husband from now on. ”

Feng Yulin hugged her waist tightly. “Wife… ”

“WAIT! ” Ling Jue pouted. “You can’t call me wife. ”

“Hmm? You Call Me Hubby, why can’t I call you wife? ”

“I just can’t. ” Ling Jue couldn’t find any words to refute. “I just can’t! ”

“Can I call you hubby? ” Feng Yulin looked at her awkward expression. Did Lord Jue not realize that he was a woman.

Ling Jue nodded and smacked his lips in satisfaction. “Yes, that’s it. I’ll call you Hubby, and you can call me Hubby. ”

“Isn’t that weird? ”

“It’s not weird. Hahaha, that’s it. ” Ling Jue laughed proudly.

She suddenly smelled something and quickly stood up. “My fish. ”


… … …

Unlike the laughter at the bottom of the cliff, the corner of Zhong Lixi’s mouth was swollen from the slapping.

However, he kept slapping himself.

“If you have time to treat yourself like this, why don’t you go find your sister? ” Zhong Limo looked at him like this and felt a hundred different emotions.

This younger brother… …

He didn’t know what to say anymore.

“I’m useless. ” Zhong Lixi slapped himself twice. “I’ll go find my sister now. ”

As he spoke, he rushed out, completely disregarding Su Ningyan’s attempts to stop him.

“You’re still injured! ” Su Ningyan hurriedly chased after him.

Although the few of them managed to escape in time from the explosion just now, they were also injured.

Zhong Lixi’s injuries were especially severe. He wanted to pull Ling Jue, but he was repelled by the airflow.

At that instant, Su Ningyan pulled him back so that he wasn’t blown into minced meat.

Su Ningyan’s teleportation array immediately reached the city wall so that the four of them would not die.

The explosion at that time was too serious. Even the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p in the sky had been blown down by the huge airflow. Now, it was nowhere to be found.

Feng Cheng and his wife were injured. The explosion just now had also injured them and they were still unconscious.

The forest was burning and it was difficult to move an inch, so Zhong Lixi was waiting for his big brother.

He blamed himself for thinking that his sister would be injured and kept slapping himself.

He was useless and promised his big brother to protect his sister.

Now that he had escaped, his sister was nowhere to be found.

He was really a useless thing!

Why would he still be a big brother!

Zhong Limo watched him leave and could not be bothered with him. He did not tell his sister that the Talisman was not broken but that his was.

If the Talisman was not broken, it proved that his sister was not injured at all.


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