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Chapter 1389: Chapter 1391: What a woman is willing to do for a man


Zhong Lixi nodded and reached out to shake the loom. He was very serious in doing this. The embroidery lady beside him was surprised. How could there be a young master who could learn things so quickly.

She also taught him everything she knew.

After a short while, Zhong Lixi finished weaving the cloth. Many people were complaining.

“My hands are so sore. ”

“This weaving is simply not the work of a human. It has been an entire afternoon, and he only managed to weave a place as wide as a finger. How can he SEW MANDARIN DUCKS? ”

“Yeah, seriously! ”


“those who don’t want to weave can leave now. ” Si Jian sat on the high platform and looked at these people coldly.

Those people quickly shut their mouths and continued to silently weave.

Ji Liang’s hands were also sore, but when he saw Li Xi’s serious look, he almost doubted life.

What on Earth was this person here for?

To weave so seriously, if he wasn’t going to the palace to be a male lover, he would suspect that he was here to secretly learn skills.

Everyone was weaving, but he had already started to embroider.

He had a serious look on his face as he listened to the embroidery lady beside him.

Ji Liang was really convinced. He accepted his fate and continued to weave.

It was almost noon, and everyone started to wail. They had been tired all morning, so it was time to eat.

They didn’t have breakfast. It was already noon, and they still didn’t have any food.

However, Si Jian said, “those who haven’t finished are not allowed to eat. ”


Were they really here to train?

Zhong Lixi was the first to finish sewing. Looking at the crooked mandarin ducks on the cloth, he really wanted to start over.

They looked like two fat ducks

“Young Master, this is your first time. It’s already pretty good. ” The embroidery lady beside him was very impressed “When I first made it, it wasn’t half as good as yours. This thing can only be practiced after a long time. Don’t worry, it will be better in the future. ”

“thank you. ” Zhong Lixi nodded, looking at the two mandarin ducks, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Actually, the more he looked at it, the funnier it became.

“Young Master, you’ve already finished. Now go eat. There’s another training in the afternoon. ”

“Okay. ” Zhong Lixi stood up and placed the mandarin duck in his arms.

When he walked out, the long table was already filled with delicious food.

He did not have much appet.i.te. After taking a few bites, he sat on the rockery and looked at the Lotus pond.

Everyone came out one after another. It should be time. Many people had been sent out, leaving only about twenty people.

The people below had also finished eating. Very quickly, everything was cleaned up.

Zhong Lixi came down from the rockery and lined up to wait for arrangements.

“h.e.l.lo, young masters. There are still 22 people in total. This makes me very surprised, but it makes sense. After all, not all men are willing to sew clothes for a woman, even if that woman is the empress. “Alright, let’s not talk anymore. Next, let’s move on to the next item, calligraphy. ”

“everyone, follow me. ” Si Jian walked in front and led them into the garden “there is an ink pond here. This is where the empress practiced calligraphy when she was young. Every time she washed her brush, she dyed the pond black. Even the lotus flower has become an ink lotus. Today, everyone will use the water in this ink pond to write. In a while, the empress will come to check, so everyone has to work hard. ”

Everyone was extremely excited. “The empress will come? ! ”

“Will the empress really come? ”

“Yes. ” Si Jian smiled and said, “so everyone, let’s begin. Your knees are already prepared here. ”

Everyone looked over. There were rows of tables here.

Beside them, there were large words on the White Wall. They were sonorous and powerful, but they carried the tenderness of a woman.

Si Jian smiled and said, “this was written when the empress was ten years old. ”


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