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Chapter 1515: Chapter 1515: Prince Charming, please dote on him 10


The surroundings quieted down, and only then did she have time to think about the things in her head. Then, she remembered a very terrifying thing —

“where’s Bei Yetang? ! ”

She quickly stood up and rushed out, and then plunged her head into a person’s embrace.

When she raised her head, she saw the ashen-faced Bei Yetang.

She didn’t dare to move, and could only chuckle. “that… Student Bei Yetang, I’m sorry, I forgot about you. ”

He was unfamiliar with this place. How could she have forgotten about him.

What a miscalculation

He looked at her for a moment and picked her up.

“Wait, let go of me! Let go! ”

“Let’s go back. I don’t like this place. ” Many women stared at her and also at him.

So he was very unhappy

Feng Yan struggled and realized that his strength was really great!

“Yan Yan, he’s stronger than you. You can save some strength, ” fat fatty kindly reminded.

“Shut up! ”

Feng Yan was carried over the wall by him, and then they reached the parking lot. Bei Yetang drove his car to another place.

“What are you doing! ! I haven’t even talked to my cousin yet, and you’re leaving already! ”

“You two live close to each other, so you can talk at any time. ”

“Don’t go too far! ! ”

Feng Yan almost wanted to pounce on him and strangle him to death, but he was driving, and he was driving very fast, so she could only endure it.

Although she was angry, she was still rational.

“Feng Yan. ”

“What! ”

“marry me. ”

” … ” Feng Yan heard his words and looked at the current situation of the two of them. She found it a little funny. “cla.s.smate, are you not joking? ”

“No. ”


Feng Yan took a deep breath. He was not angry.

“sorry, I refuse. ”

“Okay. ”


That’s it Feng Yan looked at him and pouted. He really did not have any sincerity at all.

“I will pursue you from today until the day you are willing to marry me. ”

“Bei Yetang, are you not joking? ”

“Student Feng Yan said that you like someone who is very handsome and has strong martial arts, but I have them now. ”

“I said that? ” Feng Yan frowned.

“Yan Yan, you did say that when you were in kindergarten. ”

“Bei Yetang, I have forgotten about kindergarten! ”

“It’s fine as long as I remember. ”

“…”this was simply going crazy.

“there are many people who are good-looking and have strong martial arts. Why Must I like you? ”

“Student Feng Yan can only like me. ”

“Tsk, you’re crazy. ”

However, Bei Yetang’s actions in the following days left her dumbfounded

He came to her room early in the morning. That’s right, the bedroom!

She looked at the person sitting next to her with bleary eyes. “Can you get out? ”

She lived on the eighth floor while he lived next door.

How did he get in? !

“It’s time to get up. I made breakfast. ”

“Get out! I WANT TO SLEEP! ” Feng Yan covered herself with the blanket and continued to sleep.

“Then I’ll stay here and watch you, Yan Yan. If you fall asleep in half an hour, I’ll sleep next to you. You know you can’t beat me. ”

Feng Yan got up from the blanket. “Bei Yetang, don’t go too far. At least I owe you a favor! ”

“So I want to repay you with my body? ”

“Your repay me with your body is to repay kindness with enmity! ”

“then repay kindness with enmity. ”

“…”This man was stubborn!

Feng Yan got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to wash up. She was really crazy.

She was moving today!

She had a house in several parts of Yunhai state anyway.


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