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The national prince charming took first place again is a web novel completed by Filthy.
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Chapter 229: Chapter 229: Xiao Yezi, why don’t you pay attention to me


“…” Xiao Yezi was a little disgusted with him. She didn’t want to pay attention to such a barbarian. 2

Suddenly, he approached her mysteriously and asked softly, “Hey, little moldy, how did you come in? Did you come in through the dog hole?” 2

“No, our village doesn’t have such a high iron net, so I directly climbed in. Oh right, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to pay attention to you.” 2

“That’s not right. I looked through several villages, but I couldn’t find a place to come in.” 2

“That’s because you’re stupid. I told you not to talk to me. Aren’t you annoyed?” 2

“Then do you know why Master Jue went in? Why did he suddenly go there alone?” 2

“Master Jue?” Xiao Yezi looked at him in confusion. “Is Master Jue that boy?” Tang Yuan’s master was called Master Jue? 2

“Yes, my boss is called Ling Jue. He used to be my little brother. After he came back from a trip to Shaolin Temple, he became very powerful. He flipped over the two-meter-high iron net easily.” 2

“Ling Jue…” She scratched her head. Why did this name sound so familiar? 2

Forget it. She should continue looking for the bugs.

She had to make them follow Tang Yuan’s master. She wondered if the heavenly Gu king over there would bully him.

“By the way, Xiao Yezi, when will school start?” 2

“I told you not to talk to me! You’re so annoying!” Xiao Yezi squatted on the other side and continued looking. 2

Niu Tingxiong moved closer. “Xiao Yezi, do you think Master Jue will be in any danger?” 2

Xiao Yezi: “…” Cold Jpg. 2

“By the way, what has your brother been doing recently? I haven’t seen him for a few days.” 2

Xiao Yezi: “…” She continued to be cold. 2

Looking for bugs, looking for bugs… 2

“Xiao Yezi, should we follow him and take a look? What if something happens to Master Jue? As his little brother, I have to protect him no matter what.” 2

“Xiao Yezi, can you pay attention to me for a moment?” 2

“Hey, little girl! Don’t be too aggressive!” 2

“Please, can you say something?” 2


Ling Jue followed Tang Yuan’s scent into the depths of the forest. The air here was fresh, exuding the fragrance of leaves. The rustling of the gra.s.s could be heard from time to time. Ling Jue was very familiar with the sound. It was the sound of a worm crawling through.

After a while, she arrived at a mountain stream. She looked up and saw a small waterfall hidden in the mountain, and there was a damp cave entrance beside it.

“Lord Jue!” 2

Sensing her arrival, Tang Yuan flew out of the cave with a smug look on its face. 2

“Lord Jue, I found a group of underlings,” Tang Yuan shouted into the cave with a proud look on its face. “Underlings, come out and greet Lord Tang Yuan’s master.” 2

Ling Jue took a few steps back and looked at the worms that crawled out of the cave.

They were not the disgusting worms that people imagined.

The worms were black, white, and brown. They had the same characteristics, and they were all very cute. 2

They had two small antennae on their heads, big eyes, six legs, and a round body. Some of them even had a pair of small wings. Some of them were transparent, and some of them looked like b.u.t.terflies.

At that moment, they were staring at Ling Jue with their big eyes, looking a little timid. 2

“Don’t be afraid, my Lord Jue is a good person. She won’t capture you and sell you for money.” 2

“Sob, sob, sob…” 2

Ling Jue’s mouth twitched. The sound of the insects was actually a sob, and it sounded like Xiao Bai who was about to cry. 2

“Lord Jue, Tang Yuan will explain it to you. The legends of the monsters in this place are all made by them,” Tang Yuan explained everything slowly. “A few years ago, someone went up the mountain to capture the heavenly Gu worms. They even captured them until they became extinct. Hence, the clan leader and the poisonous scorpion disguised themselves as monsters to scare those people away. They even created some miasma from time to time to prevent humans from entering. Xiao Tian was the one who told me all this.” Xiao Tian, is it? “It is the Prince of the heavenly Gu worms.” 2


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