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Chapter 668: Chapter 670: become the leader of the Special Abilities Group 3


Ling Jue threw her coat aside and tugged at her collar. “You still have ten seconds to regret it.”

2Si Chen raised an eyebrow. This kid was really arrogant. As expected of Feng Yulin’s friend.

Mu Xun frowned. If such a good-looking boy was beaten black and blue, she wondered if Feng Yulin would take revenge on them.

2“I heard that someone came to challenge our Si Chen? It can’t be this 1.5-meter-tall kid, right?”

2Ling Jue looked at the man sitting on the railing on the roof. He had silver hair and looked rather handsome, but he seemed to be very cynical.

“Lord Jue, his superpower is mutation. He can transform his entire body or a certain part of his body into an animal’s body, achieving the same ability as this animal. However, he’s pretty useless now. Moreover, if he activates it in the future, it will only take him a minute at most. However, he’s quite good at fighting now. His body is the healthiest in the superpower group.”

2This ability was really amazing. The world was so big that it was full of wonders.

Ling Jue looked at the young man in front of her and chuckled. “I’m 1.5 meters tall? You look smaller and shorter than me.”

2Lan Xiao jumped down from the guardrail when he heard that and walked to Ling Jue step by step. “What did you say?”

2Ling Jue looked up at him. He was indeed tall, but…

2“I said you’re pretty weak!” She suddenly grabbed the clothes on his chest and threw him in front of Si Chen with a shoulder throw.

2Then, she clapped her hands calmly. “Come on, continue, you little weakling.”

2“You!” Lan Xiao patted his b.u.t.t and stood up. “You brat, you actually launched a sneak attack!”

2He could not believe this. His ability was ranked third here. He was actually knocked down in an instant. This was not giving him any face at all!

2There were still a few brothers watching in the dark!

He was actually knocked down by a kid who looked so weak. He was really p.i.s.sed off!

2Lan Xiao rushed over, his fist carrying a strong wind. His aim was Ling Jue’s face.

Ling Jue did not move. She still had a faint smile on her face.

Lan Xiao was shocked. When his fist was one millimeter away from Ling Jue, she grabbed his fist and squeezed it with all her might. Lan Xiao sneered. “Kid, do you think that’s all I have?”

2He turned in the direction where Ling Jue twisted his hand, and the two of them started fighting on the rooftop.

Ling Jue was very fast. Just as she let go of his hand, a slap landed on his face.

“F*ck!” Lan Xiao could not believe it. He did not even have time to react before he was slapped. No one felt good about it.

2The mocking laughter of his brothers came from behind him, which made him even angrier. This little boy had tortured him to this extent.

His whole body was full of vigor as he swept his leg towards Ling Jue’s face.

Ling Jue easily dodged it and slapped his face again.

“You little rascal, you’re playing dirty!”

2“Alright, then I’ll show you the truth.” Ling Jue chuckled. She quickly raised her fist and punched his stomach. “Now, isn’t it obvious?”

2“Ugh!” Lan Xiao grunted. This kid was so strong. His punch was even more painful than a burly man’s.

2Ling Jue raised her palm and was about to slap Lan Xiao’s face. Lan Xiao immediately cried out, “Stop, stop. I admit defeat!”

2“If you had done that earlier, you wouldn’t have to take a beating.” Ling Jue withdrew her hand and touched Lan Xiao’s head instead. “The color of your hair is fine.”

2Lan Xiao was speechless. He lay down beside Ling Jue with a pained expression. It really hurt.


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