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Chapter 818: Chapter 820: Do you want to consider me


Shui Yi rolled her eyes. “If you don’t even have a boyfriend, why are you getting married? ”

What exactly was Gu Ziming trying to ask.

“Master, do you want to consider me? ” Gu Ziming chuckled. He had liked his master for a long time. It would be great if he could be her boyfriend.

Of course, if his master rejected him, he didn’t think much of it. After all, his master was such a perfect woman. He would probably meet a better man.

If he was given a chance, he would use his life to protect her

Shui Yi was stunned. She lowered her head and said with a smile, “stop joking. ”

“I’m not joking. ” Gu Ziming suddenly became serious. A bitter smile appeared on his face. “I… Actually like you very much. ”

I’ve liked you for a long time, master… … Shui Yi …

“I’m sorry… ” Shui Yi looked up at him. “I don’t want to fall in love now. ”

There was an impossible person living in her heart. When she forgot about him, perhaps she could accept someone else.

Gu Ziming suddenly laughed. “No need to be sorry. You’re still my master. ”

“Be good. Rub your head. ”

“Why are you so pale? ” Gu Ziming frowned and quickly went forward to help her up.

“It’s a special period. It’s a little painful. ”

“I’ll go and talk to Lord Jue. You can take a leave first. I’ll send you home first! ”

“There’s no need”

Before Shui Yi could finish, Gu Ziming ran over to ask for a leave of absence.

A moment later, he ran back. “I’ll send you home. Lord Jue has already agreed to let you take a leave of absence for two days. ”

“Two days? I haven’t finished my work yet. ” Shui Yi felt a little helpless.

“It’s fine. Lord Jue has been at the company recently. You don’t have to worry. ”


Gu Ziming helped her down the stairs and drove her home.

Shui Yi was very helpless. Perhaps it was because she had eaten ice cream during her menstrual period last time, but she had suffered this time.

She had never felt such pain before. It was as if a big man had kicked her stomach.

The car sped along the road and soon arrived at Shui Yi’s residential area. “Master, are you alright? ”

He parked the car and went to help her.

Shui Yi hung on his body and went home. “Xiao Ming, thank you. ”

“Master, you don’t have to be so polite. If I can’t be your boyfriend, I can still be your beloved disciple. ”

Hearing this, the corners of Shui Yi’s mouth curled up. “You… Sigh… ”

After so many years, her personality had never changed.

“Eh, Bai Qingyi… ” when Gu Ziming helped her up the road, he saw a familiar person.

However, he was familiar with him. Bai Qingyi did not know Gu Ziming.

He saw that Shui Yi was being hugged by Gu Ziming and felt a little uncomfortable. So she had a boyfriend.

He gave her a cold glance and left the house with his briefcase.

Shui Yi moved her lips but did not say anything. Gu Ziming helped her into the house.

She smiled bitterly and lay down on the SOFA.

“Master, do you have any black sugar or brown sugar at home? ”

“No. ”

“I’m going to the supermarket to buy some now. Please wait a moment. ”

“okay… ” She curled up on the Sofa and did not want to move. She hugged the pillow and lay down.

Earlier, Bai Qingyi had seen her and Gu Ziming… … Did he think too much of it …

Recently, her relations.h.i.+p with Bai Qingyi had been quite good. Occasionally, they would have a meal together at the restaurant in front of the residential area… …

A bitter smile appeared on Shui Yi’s face. So what? In a few days, he would become her brother-in-law in name.

When she thought about how she would be completely separated from the man she had a crush on for so many years, her heart ached a little.

Bai Qingyi’s name had already been carved into her bones.

She had to this name off… …


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