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Chapter 836: Chapter 838: Tang Yuan regains her blue eyes


After Shui Yi left, Ling Jue turned on her computer and looked at the news. Recently, Haiyun province was quite peaceful.

She let out a sigh of relief and turned off her computer to return to her room.

She would move back to her house the next day. She had to go to school as well.

The next day, Ling Jue left all of Mi’s matters to Shui Yi and returned home on her own.

She cleaned up at home during the weekend, and a day pa.s.sed.

Tang Yuan Lay on her little cus.h.i.+on, a rare look of happiness on her face.

At night, Ling Jue decided to go out for dinner. She had been staying at home for so long that she was about to turn into a giant mansion.

“Let’s go eat seafood. ” Ling Jue found a seafood restaurant and sat in a corner of the hall, ordering something.

Tang Yuan did not have any objections. It watched the news broadcast live on the TV in the restaurant… …

It frowned slightly and turned to look at Lord Jue. She was looking at the drizzle outside the window, her face absent-minded.

Tang Yuan looked at the headline on the TV. [ Feng Yulin was attacked. The attacker has self-destructed and died. ]

Feng Yulin had been attacked?

That person even self-destructed… … It looked like it was done by the dark island …

Tang Yuan closed his eyes and searched for Feng Yulin’s aura in the city. He could not find any trace of him.

Should he tell Lord Jue… …

“What’s wrong? ” Ling Jue was confused when she felt Tang Yuan’s gloomy expression.

“Lord Jue… It’s nothing. ”

“Okay. ”

Ling Jue looked at the news. The weather report was playing. She felt a little frustrated. “I wonder how long this rain will last. ”

The next moment was quite pleasant, but it would get annoying after a long time.

The Sky was overcast, and the ground was full of small puddles. Her shoes would get wet when she walked.

She always brought an umbrella with her when she went out. She could not see the blue sky, so she was not in a good mood.

Ling Jue looked out of the window. Pa.s.sersby ran past with umbrellas, not daring to stay in the rain.

The dishes were served in a moment. There were many hairy crabs and crayfish.

Ling Jue wanted to persuade Tang yuan to eat some, but it began to eat obediently.

She felt that something was not right… …

Tang Yuan suddenly became obedient. Did it change back to how it used to be?

But it did not make sense. The little guy seemed to be pretending.

She suddenly remembered its dark expression. As it ate, she sized it up.

Tang Yuan lowered its head and kept chewing on the crab.

Ling Jue lost interest after two bites. She suddenly felt suffocated. She did not know if it was because of the rainy day or something else.

She put down her chopsticks and watched Tang Yuan eat.

Tang Yuan did not say anything. It lowered its head silently. It was wondering if it should tell Lord Jue about Feng Yulin’s situation.

However, if it did, Sir Jue would definitely be anxious and want to save him.

Sir Jue’s body had not fully recovered yet because he had saved that old man. If he wanted to save Feng Yulin, he would definitely be overloaded. At that time, Sir Jue might lose all his abilities.

It understood Sir Jue too well. She had really put Feng Yulin in her heart.

However, Tang Yuan was different. It only had sir jue in its heart… … Only Sir Jue …

It did not care about the safety of others. It only wanted sir jue to be safe.

However, if he did not say anything, Lord Jue would find out soon enough.

If he went to save people then, Feng Yulin might not be able to survive… …

Tang Yuan clenched the crab claw in his hand tightly. Should he say anything or not.


The situation they were facing now was that if they said that something might happen to Lord Jue, if they did not say anything, Feng Yulin would definitely die.

The words of the great elder suddenly appeared in its mind…


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