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Chapter 986: Chapter 988


Hearing their master’s call, they hurriedly crawled over.

The little spider raised her head to look at the bright moon, while the little tiger was lying on Ling Jue’s shoe. The little ladle was lying on her pants, not daring to move.

“…”insects also peep at humans?

F * CK!

In the future, she and Feng Yulin… … Cough, cough, cough, cough …

They had to lock up these insects.

“BE GENTLE! d.a.m.n you, Mo chenyu! ”


At this moment, the shy voice of a woman came from inside.

Ling Jue’s body trembled and he quickly left the Palace of the imperial family. It was really too scary.

The next day, Ling Jue received a few boring small cases. She planned to collect Zhong Liyin’s money and then kill di Lin so that she could leave this continent.

Ah! This is so wonderful!

She went home

When Ling Jue finished the small cases, it was already afternoon. She only came back after eating at the restaurant in the neighborhood.

When she returned home and turned on her computer, she saw Ling Yi’s private message to her.

[ really? ! ]


What’s real or fake Ling Jue looked at their chat records and only then remembered what she had said to him.

[ yes, you should pay more attention to him. ]

[ I came online today because he wanted to know about you. He asked me to contact you to treat a woman. He said that it was his cousin-in-law or something. She miscarried and suffered a serious hemorrhage… … Now I know that whatever cousin-in-law is definitely his woman ! Lai Yong actually dared to LIE TO MY SISTER

[ this man, Heh. ]

[ I’m a good man, so I’m going to investigate Lai Yong now. If this matter is true, I’ll castrate him! ]

[ he still has people above him. Be careful. It seems like someone let him get close to you for this pearl of yours. Therefore, he sent me over this time probably to kill me. ]

[ mm, I’ll settle it for you. ]

Ling Jue watched him go offline before shaking her head.

Men were just like Lai Yong. He said that he loved Ling Xi, but he was with an unknown woman. Now that he was like this, he even made her abort the child.

From the looks of it, she should be eight or nine months old. It should only be a few days before the child was born.

This miscarriage..


Ling Jue’s eyes dimmed. It was already three months ago that she met Lai Yong.

Then… …

He should have let that woman give birth to the child. Today, he asked Ling Yi to find her because he wanted to kill her. What miscarriage didn’t exist.

Tsk Tsk, men.

He suddenly thought of the man under Zhong Liyin. Wasn’t he still suppressed and unwilling by her?

In the end, what did he mean by moving on his own?

Ah, a man.

Ling Jue shook her head. She had to go early tonight. It was best if she missed their s.e.x, so that it wouldn’t be awkward. However, she might even be able to earn another billion. Speaking of which, this royal princess was really rich.

She gave a billion just like that, but she had already turned down that mission.

The person who posted it was also anonymous, so she was too lazy to investigate. After all, it had nothing to do with her. She was just a shopkeeper, earning a little money.

She was about to leave this continent, and other matters had nothing to do with her.

The Sky gradually turned dark, and Ling Jue brought her equipment and walked towards the Palace of the Royal Family.

She was still very interested in the royal family, after all, she had money.

She was invisible as she shuttled through the hall, and the female servants that came and went were like ancient palaces.

They were divided into several palaces, and they were surprisingly big.

Ling Jue discovered that the kitchen in this place seemed to be quite good, because the servants came out with delicious food.

She had the thought of giving it a try and helping the head of the royal family taste the food, in case it was poisonous.


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