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Book 9 Chapter 29 An Island

The several hundred thousand disciples on Qing Hu Island were frightened because of Teng Qingshan’s words, “Make the members in the entire Qing Hu Island die with me! This feels great!”

Make the members in the entire Qing Hu Island die with him?

Who would say such arrogant words?

Whoos.h.!.+ The Blind Swordmaster pierced through the air, transforming into a streak of flowing black light. He speedily flew towards Teng Qingshan and simultaneously sent a message to him with the use of the Sound Transmitting Technique. “Jing Yi, those are just young ones. You are an Emptiness Realm Expert as well. Why are you killing those young juniors? As for that Zhao Fu, I will send someone to bring him here.”

At this point, no matter how furious the Blind Swordmaster felt, he could only force the anger down into the pit of his stomach.

Whew! Teng Qingshan’s figure flashed. He then descended on top of a palace.

He stood above the palace. A strong gust of wind fluttered his white cloak. Teng Qingshan looked at the Blind Swordmaster hovering in the air before him. With the use of the Sound Transmission Technique, he replied, “Tie Wu, you asked me to stop? If you gave me Zhao Fu in the beginning, I would have stopped out of respect for you and left with Zhao Fu. But—it is too late now!”

The Blind Swordmaster’s facial expression changed slightly.

Teng Qingshan continued sneering coldly as he spoke to the Blind Swordmaster with the use of the Sound Transmitting Technique. “You even threatened me? Declaring that you would risk everything and pursue me to the ends of the Land of the Nine Prefectures just to take my life? I, Jing Yi, cannot tolerate the people that threaten me! The thing I hate the most is when someone threatens me! I can’t wait to see what your Qing Hu Island, one of the eight Supreme Sects, can do to me.”

Rage burned in the pit of the Blind Swordmaster’s stomach. He was furious!

However, he had to endure!!!

“I can’t argue with this Jing Yi. He is crazy! He has lived for a few hundred years and lost all bonds with the people in this world. He’s a mad man that has no fear for death.” The Blind Swordmaster continually persuaded himself. He still needed to care for the entire Qing Hu Island, thus, he couldn’t be like Jing Yi, a man who cares about nothing.

The current situation explained the saying, a man who has nothing cares about nothing, very well.

“Jing Yi.” The Blind Swordmaster’s voice toned down. “I was wrong earlier. Just drop this matter. I will immediately order someone to seize Zhao Fu and hand him to you.”

“Am I going to drop this just because you said you were wrong?” Teng Qingshan humphed coldly as he said.

One Emptiness Realm Expert stood above the palace while the other hovered in the mid-air.

This scene was witnessed by numerous disciples and all the disciples were agitated and excited. They were so excited they were going crazy.

“Look, that one can fly! That black-cloaked man is in the sky!”

“He can actually fly!”

“That white-cloaked man seemed to have suddenly appeared on top of the palace.”

Numerous disciples all around peered at the two transcendent Emptiness Realm Experts and engaged in fervent discussion. They were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves! Although many people in the Land of the Nine Prefectures knew that there were experts that were far more powerful than Innate Experts, they did not know the meaning of Emptiness Realm. Thus, they were extremely excited.

Moreover, they had never seen an existence greater than the Innate Experts!

None of them ever had the chance to see the invincible figures in legends like Emperor Yu and the Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains, or the existence that stood at the pinnacle of the Land of the Nine Prefectures—Emptiness Realm Experts.

However, they saw it today!

“Jing Yi, I am at fault this time. Just tell me what I should do to get you to drop this matter.” The Blind Swordmaster’s aged voice rang out. There was not a hint of anger. However, Teng Qingshan knew that the Blind Swordmaster had forced the anger down into the pit of his stomach.

“I have never had a place to settle down.”

Teng Qingshan sighed and said, “Qing Hu Island possesses great property. How’s this&h.e.l.lip; In the region of Yangzhou, west of Tai Ah Mountain Range, there’s a lake called Nine Wolf Lake. At the center of this Nine Wolf Lake, an island named Lake Heart Island exists. That island is a very suitable place for a dwelling. Since Qing Hu Island controls almost the entirety of Qingzhou, I am guessing you guys won’t care about this small island.”

The Blind Swordmaster froze.

The Nine Wolf Lake?

Even the Blind Swordmaster knew well about the Nine Wolf Lake.

One should know that the Tai Ah Mountain Range was the greatest mountain range in the entire Yangzhou. Several hundred thousand bandits had dwelled within the Tai Ah Mountain Range. It was rumored that the number of bandits had almost reached a million. The living environment and the geographical advantage within the mountains could not be compared to Lake Heart Island, situated in the center of the Nine Wolf Lake.

Firstly, the Lake Heart Island was surrounded by lake waters, making it a stronghold.

Secondly, the living environment on the island was much better.

Therefore, on Lake Heart Island, there was a large gang named ‘Nine Wolf Gang.’ With members numbering over one hundred thousand, it was the largest gang amongst the many located in Tai Ah Mountain Range!

“Why? Are you not willing to give out even the Nine Wolf Lake?” Teng Qingshan’s face darkened.

The Blind Swordmaster felt anxious and indignant. However, there was nothing he could do.

One was an Emptiness Realm Expert.

While the other was merely gangs of bandits. It was obvious that the Emptiness Realm Expert was much stronger. Although the Nine Wolf Gang was said to be a gang with over one hundred thousand members, it was still incapable of receiving even a single blow from Qing Hu Island.

“Alright. I will solve all the issues in this Nine Wolf Lake within half a month and you can take over after that.” Although the Blind Swordmaster felt furious and bitter, he just wanted to settle this dispute with Jing Yi now.

“Jing Yi, you and I should go down.” Although the Blind Swordmaster was blind, he could still hear and sense his surroundings. He knew well that numerous disciples of Qing Hu Island were looking up at them.


Teng Qingshan replied in an indifferent tone, “You better catch that Zhao Fu and bring him here as quick as possible.”

Teng Qingshan and the Blind Swordmaster were in the palace beside the Dragon Bolt Attic. The Lord of the Qing Hu Island, Tie Fan, and Zhao Danchen followed beside them.

“Tie Fan, go personally and command our men to bring Zhao Fu here.” The Blind Swordmaster said in a deep tone.

“Yes, Martial Ancestor.”

The Island Lord Tie Fan looked at Teng Qingshan and said, “Senior Jing Yi, can I know which Zhao Fu it is? There are too many disciples in Qing Hu Island.”

“The nephew of the County Official of Wuan County.” Teng Qingshan answered. He then flicked a glance at Zhao Danchen and said, “Zhao Danchen definitely knows.”

Zhao Danchen’s eyelid twitched. He didn’t even dare to make any sound.

“I already know.” Tie Fan spoke no more. He immediately left in search of Zhao Fu.

“Jing Yi.” The Blind Swordmaster’s voice sounded mild. “Even now, I still don’t know how this Zhao Fu provoked your disciple. Tell me about it.”

“My disciple’s name is Xue Xin!” Teng Qingshan looked towards Zhao Danchen. At this moment, Zhao Danchen’s facial expression changed. It was evident that he already knew the reason. “You can ask Zhao Danchen about this grudge between Xue Xin and Zhao Fu.”

“Danchen?” The Blind Swordmaster questioned.

Zhao Danchen didn’t dare to conceal anything as he began enunciating respectfully, “Martial Ancestor, three years ago&h.e.l.lip;”

After the Island Lord Tie Fan left the palace, he walked to the courtyard and saw the blood that splattered all over the ground. There were even broken limbs.

“Island Lord.”

“Island Lord.” Many disciples and Protectors in the courtyard bowed.

“How is it?” Tie Fan inquired, “What’s the casualties?”

The silver-haired Elder walked over. His facial expression appeared slightly ghastly as he reported, “Island Lord, when the light flashed&h.e.l.lip;a total of 53 people died and 13 people were heavily injured. Of the 53 people that died, there were two Elders, Senior Martial Brother Wan and Martial Nephew Li Tong.”

“What?!” Tie Fan was astounded.

In Qing Hu Island, only Innate Experts could a.s.sume the position of Elders. Qing Hu Island had
already lost many Innate Experts because of the incident in the Great Yan Mountain. And now, they had just lost another two.

“About a thousand people gathered outside the courtyard just now. Including me, only three Elders, arrived here! I just don’t understand how&h.e.l.lip;the light actually managed to kill Senior Martial Brother Wan and Martial Nephew Li Tong. The silver-haired elder said furiously. As Tie Fan heard this, he immediately understood—Jing Yi must have done it intentionally!

Emptiness Realm Experts could detect the level of one’s strength through one’s aura. Since the Spirits of Innate Experts were powerful, it was evident that their auras would be much more powerful as well.

The beam of swordlight which Teng Qingshan threw aimed to kill the Innate Experts within the maximum range.

“Zhao Fu!” The Island Lord ‘Tie Fan’ was filled with rage. “This Zhao Fu relied on his ident.i.ty as the descendants of the Zhao Clan and actually managed to provoke such a powerful enemy for Qing Hu Island. Today, two Innate Experts died! Even Elder Zhao’s Dantian was destroyed! Now, we have to attack and conquer the Nine Wolf Lake&h.e.l.lip; This Zhao Fu really caused a huge calamity.”

“All of you! Go and find that useless Zhao Fu and bring him here! He’s the nephew of the County Official of Wuan County ‘Zhao Guangzuo.”

Tie Fan ordered.

The silver-haired elder and the few Supreme Protectors immediately accepted the order and began searching for Zhao Fu.

Qing Hu island was able to become the lair of one of the eight Supreme Sects. Thus, one could imagine how huge this island was!

Zhao Fu lived in the center of Qing Hu Island.

“What happened earlier? Lived for over three hundred years? And said to make all the members on this Qing Hu Island die with him?”

“I don’t know. The voice seemed to have come from the east.”

Besides the disciples that had been near the Dragon Bolt Attic, over 90% of the disciples in the entire Qing Hu Island were not aware of the things that had happened.

“Don’t worry. What can happen? Maybe some mad man came to stir a commotion in our Qing Hu Island.” A young man, dressed in black cloak with silver linings, was walking beside a charming girl with a smiling expression. “Junior Martial Sister, I don’t understand some parts of the 《Stormy Wind Nine Strikes》, which teacher taught both of us. Let’s a.n.a.lyze this sword art and learn from each other. Do you mind?”

The charming girl restrained herself from showing any disgusts. She forced a smile and replied, “Senior Martial Brother Zhao, I still have an errand to run. Maybe next time.” This charming girl did not dare to offend the young man ‘Zhao Fu,’ since Zhao Fu was the son of the patriarch of Zhao Clan and Zhao Clan was extremely powerful in Qing Hu Island.

“Alright. Next time then. Hm, how about tomorrow morning.” The black-cloaked young man named Zhao Fu responded with a grin.

The charming girl nodded unwillingly and immediately left.

As soon as she was out of sight, Zhao Fu’s expression turned cold. He then sneered coldly and remarked, “Interesting. I will play with you nicely for a few more days. If you still decide to act foolishly, then don’t blame me for what’s going to happen.”


“Where is Zhao Fu?”

“Zhao Fu.”

A few furious roars sounded.

Zhao Fu frowned. He turned his head and was just about to began scolding. However, when he saw the people that had approached him, he was astounded. His teacher, two Elders, and Protectors were amidst the few dozen people that came for him.

“Teacher. Elder.” Zhao Fu hastily saluted as he greeted.

“Hmph, you imprudent disciple.”

“Now isn’t the time to scold him. Take him to the Island Lord now.”

Zhao Fu was scared s.h.i.+tless. He didn’t even dare to make any sounds. He followed the two Elders and the dozen Protectors obediently. No matter how arrogant he was, he could only act arrogantly towards the disciples ranked below him.

“What happened? I did not cause any trouble.” Zhao Fu did not understand what was going on.

After a while—

Zhao Fu was taken outside the courtyard of the Dragon Bolt Attic. When Zhao Fu saw the collapsed walls of the Dragon Bolt Attic and the bloodstains on the ground, his heart couldn’t help but shudder.

“Zhao Fu, come here.” Someone chided.

Zhao Fu looked up and saw that the one who shouted at him was the Island Lord ‘Tie Fan,’ who had golden-colored hair and appeared like a furious lion. Tie Fan glared at Zhao Fu with murderous intention seen in his eyes. A mere core disciple couldn’t be compared with the value of three Innate Experts.

“Island Lord.” Zhao Fu was so scared that cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“Follow me.” Tie Fan shouted. Zhao Fu hastily followed behind in an obedient manner and they entered the palace.

Inside the palace, Zhao Fu was extremely nervous.

“Oh? This is Zhao Fu?” An indifferent-sounding voice sounded.

Zhao Fu lifted his head and saw that the person that had been talking was a white-cloaked young man with a sword on his back. Zhao Fu couldn’t help but pondered, “Who is this person?”

He then saw the Lord of Qing Hu Island, Tie Fan, bowed and said respectfully, “Senior Jing Yi, he is Zhao Fu. Now, I shall hand him to Senior. You can now punish him in any way you wish.”

“Punish? I am about to be punished?” Zhao Fu froze.


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