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The Path Of The Lustful Demon is a web novel completed by blue_cloud.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Feng Hao left the cave after dual cultivating with the girls for one week, He flew with max speed toward the village.

He absorbed enough Qi and used the Heaven Burning Manual to advance to the 2nd Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm.

Feng Hao reached the village and stayed beside it waiting for the thieves. Feng Hao looked at the village and sighed.

The ground was covered with dried blood and the people were in a sorry state. Their clothes were covered with dirt and fear was evident in their faces.

“The strong devour the weak!” said Feng Hao.

Feng Hao closed his eyes and started meditating. He waited for the thieves to come so he can finish the mission.

After a few days, Feng Hao opened his eyes as he felt a group of auras.

He stood up and opened all of his acupoints and disappeared.

Feng Hao appeared on one of the trees and looked at the group that has come.

They were at least 30 men with a big smile on their faces.

Feng Hao smiled as the strongest one is at the 3rd stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Big brother, tonight we will kidnap a few girls and enjoy the night!” said one of the bandits.

The bandit’s leader laughed and said ” I want to break some girls tonight! It’s the best feeling to see the despair on their faces as I f.u.c.k them”.

The bandits laughed and chatted happily with the leader.

Feng Hao jumped down and walked toward the bandits. The weird thing that they didn’t notice Feng Hao walking among them.

Feng Hao walked until he reached the Bandit leader and grabbed his head. The Leader was startled and could only feel his vision turn black as his head slammed into the ground.


The bandits were startled seeing Feng Hao suddenly appearing and slamming the leader’s head into the ground.

“You bast…”

The bandit couldn’t complete his sentence as Feng Hao has started his killing spree.

Screams and begging sounded from the bandits but sadly it didn’t make Feng Hao stop killing them one by one.

In a few minutes, Feng Hao killed all the bandits.

Blood covered the ground as Feng Hao method of killing would send a chill into the back of all who watched him.

After killing the bandits, Feng Hao killed the leader and took his head back to the sect.

Feng Hao closed his Dragon Acupoints when he neared the sect. He reached the sect and headed to the hall.

Feng Hao put the Leader head in front of the elder and said ” I completed the mission”.

The elder nodded and gave Feng Hao the Contribution Points.

“Chu Feng, You can use the Contribution Points to buy pills and cultivation resources”.

Feng Hao was interested and saw the pills that could be bought by contribution points.

His eyes shone with light as he read about a specific pill.

The Body Cleansing Pill

This pill will expel all the impurities in the body and increase body strength by 30%.


Feng Hao started breathing heavily.

” I must get this Pill!” Feng Hao made this decision and looked at the pill price, He sucked a deep breath as he saw the number of zeros in the price.

Feng Hao made a quick calculation and he found that at least he must do 30 missions with a higher difficulty.

The Elder looked at Feng Hao and saw that he was interested in the Body Cleansing Pill.

“Chu Feng, The sect master has ordered that you can get all the cultivation resources for your cultivation! You can trade one month with cultivation resources to acquire the Pill!” said The Elder.

Feng Hao smiled and said ” Please, make the trade!”.

The Elder nodded and took out a token, he inscribed a few words on the token causing it to shine for a few seconds.

“I will bring the pill for you” said the elder as he went to the alchemist pavilion to get the pill.

Feng Hao stayed in the hall and waited for the elder.

The elder came back and had a black box on his hand.

“This box contains the Body Cleansing Pill” said the Elder.

Fwng Hao took the box and thanked the Elder before leaving.

He went to his house right away as he wants to take the pill right away.

Feng Hao reached the house and entered it, he sat down and popped the pill in his mouth. Closing his eyes, Feng Hao enjoyed the comfortable feeling that came from the pill as it cleansed his body from impurities.

Mo Yishi was meditating in his room when Su Yan came to him.

“What do you want?” asked Mo Yishi with his eyes closed.

“Chu Feng has returned to the sect and he is now cultivating in his room” said Su Yan.

Mo Yishi’s eyes snapped open and said ” Where is Elder Kong?”.

“He didn’t come back!” said Su Yan.

Mo Yishi’s eyes shone with bizarre light when he heard Su Yu.

“He didn’t come back!” mumbled Mo Yishi.

“Su Yan, Ask your sister to seduce Chu Feng and get all what he knows! We need a lead on him so I can kill him in the sect!” said Mo Yishi.

Su Yan’s eyes become wide open and said ” What?! You want me to ask my sister to seduce Chu Feng?! Mo Yishi, Are you out of your mind?!”.

Mo Yishi smiled and said ” I will become the sect master in the future and you know what will you achieve if you follow my orders! A small sacrifice is necessary for making your goal come true!” said Mo Yishi.

Su Yan face started to change and Mo Yishi words were like a heavy hammer that struck his heart.

“Leave” said Mo Yishi.

Su Yan turned around and walked out from Mo Yishi’s cultivation chamber.

His steps were heavy and didn’t know what to do.

Su Yan stopped after a few steps and his eyes shone with sharp light.

Mo Yishi who was inside the chamber smiled seeing Su Yan changes.

“Chu Feng, show me all of your secrets!” said Mo Yishi.


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