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While all of this was happening, Bai Long spent his whole time indulging in s.e.x with Linxin, Qingling, and the other women who had been sent by Yang Xia.

And at the same time, he even sent back the orders for Cao Ning to reveal details about him being the mastermind behind everything and that he would be taking control as the next Emperor.

Luckily, with how the Futanari Army that had turned the entire continent upside down by using Bai Long’s name no one doubted the truth behind this piece of news and began talking about Bai Long and the women who had d.i.c.ks down there.

As for the Zhu Kingdom which Bai Long allowed to exist as a subsidiary of the Bai Kingdom, Bai Long who chose to turn his Kingdom into an Empire sent out special orders to Cao Ning and Ren Wenling.

Cao Ning was asked to find four women to rule the four out of the five parts he’d divide the Xiao Dao Continent into, while Wenling was told to get ready to rule the fifth and last one.

Zheng Yailing, on the other hand, would become the Emperor who ruled the Bai Kingdom after Bai Long left the Xiao Dao Continent.

Like this, Bai Long who thought everything through set off to the huge stadium which was created in the middle of the previous five kingdoms for his ‘coronation’.

Being able to fly made it quite easy for Bai Long to travel the entire distance and arrive on the stage while almost a third of humans on the entire continent had gathered in front of it.

As Bai Long landed on the stage, he was immediately met with shocked looks at how the one who was setting up the first-ever Empire on the Xiao Dao Continent was so young.

At the same time, they soon began cheering and shouting to show that they were happy at his arrival, and in this way were showing him support in establis.h.i.+ng the Bai Empire.

When all was said and done, the difference between a Kingdom and an Empire was the perspective one used to look at it due to which there weren’t any rituals that needed to be done.

Landing on the stage, Bai Long didn’t say a single word from the beginning and only took in all the emotions of respect and envy the huge crowd had towards him.

With just standing there, Bai Long could feel the various emotions being captured by his special Const.i.tution.

Due to his cultivation being in the Qi Monarch Realm, even though the number of humans that were showing their emotions towards him was quite a lot, the increase in his cultivation wasn’t as huge as Bai Long had expected.

Still, by the time his special Const.i.tution started showing signs of his cultivation speed slowing down even more, Bai Long’s cultivation had already reached 75% of the Qi Monarch Realm which was more than what he expected to achieve.

With his cultivation reaching such a level, Bai Long now no longer had anything which could make him stay in front of the crowd which was anxiously waiting for him to say something. 

“I’m the new Emperor, Bai Long.”

Saying just those words, Bai Long once again took to the skies and left the completely dumbfounded crowd to meet up with Cao Ning and Zhenya who were not too far away from where he was at.

Finding them quite quickly due to using the Ring of Transmission, Bai Long found the three women standing under a tree and waiting for him.

Just like they had informed him through the Rings of Transmission, Cao Ning and Zhenya had both reached the 4th Level of the Qi n.o.ble Stage.

The third woman who was with them, on the other hand, was Yan Bingyan, Cao Ning’s mother.

After everything that had happened, Cao Ning and her mother formed a very close relations.h.i.+p which was more about s.e.x than love.

Therefore, other than keeping her mother close by at all times Cao Ning would also have s.e.x with her whenever possible to make up for the lack of Bai Long’s presence and d.i.c.k.

That’s why, even though she was leaving the Xiao Dao Continent with Bai Long, Cao Ning was bringing her mother along so that there would be something for her to do when Bai Long was away.

“You three look even more beautiful than you did in the past.”


Shouting in unison, Cao Ning and Zhenya hugged Bai Long from both the sides and Bingyan alone awkwardly stood to the side due to how she didn’t really have much of a relations.h.i.+p with Bai Long other than the times she had s.e.x with him.

“Follow me. We’ll go to the ice mountain today, and leave the continent tomorrow.”

Saying so, Bai Long started flying at a speed which wasn’t his fastest while Cao Ning who was holding her mother by the waist, and Zhenya followed behind him.

Reaching the ice mountain before the sun set, Bai Long found that most of the Futanaris that had left the mountain to enjoy life on the Xiao Dao Continent for the last time had come back, and there was only a small minority that hadn’t come back yet

Seems like all of them were too excited to leave the Xiao Dao Continent and go to the Mainland where it was possible for their cultivation to reach higher stages, and find more beautiful women to have s.e.x with.

Still, Bai Long decided to wait until next day before leaving the Xiao Dao Continent with his entire Futanari Army.

And until then, he would just spend the time by having s.e.x with the two women whom he hadn’t been with in many months.

That night, Bai Long didn’t sleep even a single second as he had nonstop s.e.x with Cao Ning and Zhenya, while the other women like Bingyan, Linxin, and Qingling joined them turning the orgy into a bigger one.


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