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The President Is Being Shameless Again is a web novel created by Dawnesque.
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Chapter 324: Now I Know You Like Me Even More Than I Thought You Did

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As she expected, she heard Lin Chu’s teasing jest as soon as she picked up. “Spill it, what’s up with you and Wei Zilin? Beicheng told me that Wei Zilin made that announcement specifically for you. I thought there was something odd about you two at the confinement center last time.”

Xu Moyan gave Lin Chu a rough account of the entire story so far. She could not get into the details, however, especially not over the phone. It would be too complicated.

“Oh, so he’s your idol.” Lin Chu understood now.

Lin Chu knew about Xu Moyan’s obsession with Yu Linling even better than Zheng Yuntong did.

When the two of them were at college together, Lin Chu witnessed how Xu Moyan had fallen into the voice actor fandom first-hand.


All these years, she had only ever liked that unseen and untouchable voice actor. He had only performed in one movie, and she did not know his name, how he looked like, or anything else about him. That voice alone was enough to keep Xu Moyan obsessed for so many years.

Somehow, even Lin Chu did not know that Wei Zilin had done voice acting work before, much less the fact that he was Yu Linling himself.

She was a little upset with herself. “If I’d just pried a little more, the two of you might have met each other earlier.”

“Who will you go prying at? You wouldn’t even have a hint of a clue. No one would’ve thought that Wei Zilin was Yu Linling. Yuntong works at his company, and even she had no idea.” Xu Moyan was not particularly bothered. “The important thing is that we’re together now. It still feels like a dream to me.”

Lin Chu asked her about how they had gotten together, and Xu Moyan told her.

It was only when Xu Moyan heard a child’s crying on the other hand that Lin Chu finally hung up.

After some thought, Xu Moyan took her phone to Wei Zilin’s room.


She had been the one to close the door, so it was not locked. Now, she turned the doork.n.o.b gently, so that it only made the slightest of inevitable noises. It was so faint that it was barely audible.

Upon entering the room, she saw Wei Zilin was still fast asleep. He had said he would not be able to sleep, but looking at him now, he was clearly lost to the world.

Xu Moyan thought it over and then decided to leave her slippers outside the door, lest her footsteps against the floorboards woke him up.

She walked on the floorboards barefoot. The house had a heater built into the floor, so the ground was suitably warm, and she did not feel cold even though she was barefoot.

Treading silently to his bedside, she lowered her head to look at Wei Zilin’s sleeping features.

Although he insisted that he was not sleepy, his breathing was now long and even as he slept, and there were faint dark circles under his eyes. They clearly proved that he was exhausted.

Xu Moyan could not bear to disturb him. Even though he told her to wake him up when the cake was done, seeing how fast asleep he was, she knew she would not be able to bring herself to wake him.


She decided to just sit cross-legged on the floor, placing her arms on the bed and supporting her chin with a hand as she stared at his sleeping face.

Wei Zilin was lying on his side, and the curtains were drawn so the afternoon sun shone in freely, spilling onto the side of his face. His eyelashes and the bridge of his nose cast deep shadows on his face.

Everything from his forehead to the center of his brows, to his eyes, closed in natural relaxation, to his chin, and his Adam’s apple… Everything about him was delicate, graceful, and gorgeous.

He had taken off his tie, and some of his b.u.t.tons were also undone. With that, his neck could relax, freed from its restrictions. A small part of his collar brushed against his Adam’s apple, casting a faint shadow on it.

As her gaze trailed past his throat, Xu Moyan found the curve of his neck especially beautiful. She could just see his collarbones beyond his s.h.i.+rt collar.

She stared until her eyes hurt slightly. Her fingers, plastered against her face and the surface of the bed, were itching to move. She was especially tempted to secretly undo a few more of his b.u.t.tons so she could feast her eyes on the candy.

Xu Moyan felt her nose heating up slightly. It was really hard to resist the temptation in the face of such beauty.


This Sleeping Beauty here was so peacefully and wonderfully asleep that he was practically seducing her to commit a crime.

Finally, her gaze fell back to his lips. Her arms pressed against the bed, she bit her lips a few times, her face burning like an iron.

She told herself in a whisper that she would… just steal one kiss.

Once she did that, the cake should be about done.

So she leaned her body forth and lowered her head carefully, approaching him until she could even clearly see the pores on his face. Lowering her gaze, she scrutinized his features. Even up close, he still looked wonderful.

Finally, her gaze landed on his lips and she curved the corners of hers sneakily, as though she had struck the jackpot. Closing her eyes, she boldly kissed him on the lips.

His lips still smelled of the aftershave around his mouth. They looked hard and solid, but they were actually soft. She sucked them slightly, a little unsatisfied.

Her eyes were closed, but her lashes trembled from her nervousness. She had earned a real big haul, and her lips were permanently curved into a smile.


Secretly kissing him like this made her feel like a molester. At the same time, though, she really liked this feeling.

‘Wei Zilin, what should I do? I really like you.

‘I like you so much that I want to be by your side all the time. I don’t want to be apart from you for even a second.’

Her throat bobbed slightly as she swallowed her sigh of satisfaction.

Even now, she was still grateful that such a wonderful man was her boyfriend.

How lucky must she have been, to into her idol out of nowhere and even end up dating him?

She was so fortunate that Xu Moyan was even feeling somewhat insecure? Could she really withstand so much good luck?

What did she do to earn this? She did not have any outstanding traits, she was just a regular girl in a sea of millions, so how did she earn his attention and his love?

Xu Moyan really did not understand why, but she treasured it nonetheless. She was grateful that he loved her, normal una.s.suming her.

There was heavy snowfall last night, so the temperature in B City dropped again today. It was almost spring, but the temperatures were unnaturally cold.

Thankfully, there was not a gale in sight. The outside was perfectly peaceful, and she could not hear the howl of the winter winds. The branches of the trees also stood perfectly still, instead of swaying back and forth in the winds.

The afternoon sun was unnaturally warm, and it managed to dispel most of the cold too.

The warm sunlight shone down on the two of them, one lying down and the other now kneeling instead of sitting. The golden sunlight carefully wrapped around both of them, forming a pretty picture of serenity. It was as though time had stopped at this moment, leaving nothing but a sweet portrait of happiness in its stead.

Xu Moyan was already feeling extremely lucky that she managed to steal a kiss, so she was just about to leave.

As soon as her lips parted from his, though, a large palm held the back of her waist.

She opened her eyes in surprise and saw that Wei Zilin had woken up while she was unaware. Now, his eyes were narrowed, his gaze a sweet warmth that flowed from the long slits of his eyes. His other hand pressed against the back of her head, and he brought her lips back to his.

Xu Moyan’s face turned red with a whoosh.

Of the most embarra.s.sing moments in her life, one was that time in elementary school PE cla.s.s when she tried the long jump and fell flat on her face in the sand, her skirt flying up to reveal her underwear underneath.

Next would be the time she stupidly went and flirted with Wei Zilin at the YY event.

Now, this moment when she sneaked a kiss like a perv, only to be caught red-handed, would be added to that list.

While she was still berating herself over it, he suddenly pulled her entire body into the bed. Her body turned, and suddenly she was in his embrace, their positions switched with him on top of her now.

He had yet to let go of her lips, still kissing her forcefully. The insides of her mouth were growing numb from his touch, and she instinctively closed her eyes, her face emitting a flagrant warmth. Wei Zilin held her tighter and tighter in his arms, his palm moving from her shoulder to her waist. Pulling the hem of her clothes away, he slid his hand in.

Xu Moyan’s whole body tensed, and she wanted nothing more than to disappear into his arms. Wei Zilin, however, merely chuckled, raining gentle kisses from her lips to the corners of her mouth, from her earlobes to her collarbone

Xu Moyan was trembling and burning up as she pulled her neck in. At this rate, she was not worried about Wei Zilin anymore. She was more worried that she would lose control and then give her G.o.d a scare.

“When did you wake up?” Xu Moyan asked quietly, pressing against his chest.

She thought that he must have woken up a long time ago, but he was only pretending to be asleep, and so she was tempted to molest him, ruining his impression of her. That was so mean of him! Her frustration showed on her face, and she glared at him somewhat accusingly.

Perhaps it was because he had acted so intimately with her so often now, so she was no longer so distant with him. She reacted much more naturally now.

Wei Zilin was glad to see that, and he pinched her soft fair earlobe gently, making her tremble uncontrollably. The bottom of her neck was growing numb.

“I’ve been awake since you lay by my bedside to look at me. I know your scent too well, so I can sense you whenever you’re around.” As he said that, Wei Zilin could not help but peck at her lips, ears or collarbone.

His lips wandered here and there, but he just could not stop.

It was a warm afternoon, so it was only right that he did something even warmer.

“You sure held back.” Xu Moyan could not help but poke him.

“If I didn’t, how else would I have experienced something so divine? Now I know you like me even more than I thought you did,” Wei Zilin said happily, kissing her eyes this time.


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