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Read The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1067 – She Didn’t Want to Harm Him

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Chapter 1067: She Didn’t Want to Harm Him

He Xiyan nodded. She didn’t deny that that had been her a.s.sumption because she didn’t have the courage to get married again.

She didn’t have the courage to bring her two children who were from two different marriages into another marriage.

She didn’t even dare imagine how that marriage would play out.

“Lin Ziya, I will speak to Jiahang again. Things are impossible between us no matter what he says and I wouldn’t give up my children to be together with him, so you’re a much better woman for him than I am.”

He Xiyan meant what she said but Lin Ziya broke into a despairing and cold smile at her words.

He Xiyan didn’t understand why Lin Ziya would react this way.

“I meant what I said,” she said.

“I know,” Lin Ziya said as she nodded her head. However, she looked even more despaired than before, as though she had lost all hope because she knew that Shaoqian would not give up on this woman as long as she remained single.

“Don’t worry,” He Xiyan said when she saw that Lin Ziya didn’t seem to have any faith in her. “I won’t get back together with Jiahang. I don’t want to bring disaster upon him either.”

She couldn’t help but think of her condition. She was still not out of the woods yet because it wasn’t confirmed whether or not she had been infected by the virus.

Lin Ziya rose to her feet and her slender figure seemed very long as the sunlight shone upon her.

“Please remember to look for him,” she re-emphasized before she walked away. She walked very slowly, as though each step she took was very painful.

He Xiyan felt upset as she watched her leave.

There were some people who couldn’t be with each other not because there was no longer any love between them, but because things were simply impossible between them.

This was the situation between her and Jiahang.

She wished that she was still single and unmarried. Then, she could throw all caution to the wind and date, and romanticize about getting married to the man she liked. However, she was now so worn and weary that she didn’t have the confidence to get married again. She was not a good match for Jiahang.

He Xiyan was no longer worried nor as fearful that she had contracted a terrible disease after she got back in the car. Instead, she became very conflicted and didn’t know how she’d be able to face Jiahang and how she could convince him to give up on her.


At the same time, in the Ye mansion.

Ye Chenyu’s belongings, clothes, and toys were already packed into several bags.

He was too young to know what was going on, so he bit his lips as he looked at his grandmother, then at his father.

He was afraid of his father, so he didn’t dare to approach him. Instead, he ran over to his grandmother and said, “Grandma, I’ll be back after spending some time with my maternal grandma.”

He didn’t know that he would not be allowed to set foot into this home after today. This was no longer his home.

Xia Jingshu nodded but she did not respond to his words.

She had once doted on this child but unfortunately, he wasn’t her grandson. She had even drifted apart from her granddaughter because of how much she doted on him.

Everything seemed so ridiculous.

She guessed that even the G.o.ds were laughing at her.

“Grandma, when will I be able to see my mom again?” Ye Chenyu asked as he tugged on his grandmother’s clothes when he saw that his grandmother was not responding to his words.

He hadn’t seen his mother in a long while. His mother used to spend time at home every day and even promised to bring him to the aquarium.

Xia Jingshu heaved a long sigh. She ignored this question too.

Han Xue was a crime suspect so she was locked up in jail. No one knew how many years in jail she would be sentenced for.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t bring herself to say such things to a child.


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