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Read The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 1309 – She Added a New Contact

The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex is a web novel produced by 落月儿, Luo Yue’er.
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Chapter 1309: She Added a New Contact

She returned to her hostel exhausted after a long day outside. She made a cup of coffee for herself. This was the cheapest coffee in the market and it was so bitter that it was hard to swallow but she gulped it down like medicine because she needed the energy to complete her tasks for the day.

She was working on a job for the company she worked part-time and had to finish designing a marketing brochure in two days.

She hardly had any experience in designing marketing brochures and this was only the third brochure she has worked on, so she worked closely because she had to reference many outstanding examples online. She still had to work on the designs for six more pages in the brochure.

She had always treated her job seriously even though this was just a part-time job.

She busied herself until past 12 at night and she felt as though her back was about to break after spending more than four hours in front of a computer.

She rose to her feet and was about to boil two eggs to eat for supper when her phone suddenly beeped with a notification.

She picked it up and saw that it was a WeChat notification notifying her that she had received a friend request.

She clicked on the WeChat account of the stranger who had sent her a friend request.

His ID was: Fish of the Heavens and his profile picture was a picture of a cartoon that looked a little childish and resembled a small child.

Who could it be?

She felt a little confused but nonetheless, she accepted his friend request.

The parents of the art school she taught at would often send her friend requests well.

She would accept all friend requests because she couldn’t afford to turn a parent’s request down.

It was already so late! She didn’t intend to speak to her new friend, so she continued working on her unfinished brochure after she accepted his friend request.

Her phone beeped again just as she had just placed her hand on the mouse.

She glanced at her phone and saw that it was a message notification from the contact who had just added her.

Fish of the Heavens asked, “Are you He Xiyan?”

She paused and suddenly frowned.

Most parents would start by asking if she was Miss He and it was rare for parents to call their children by their full name.

“Yes, I am. May I know who you are?”

She wasn’t sure if this alias belonged to her student or their parents.

Fish of the Heavens continued, “Haha… I’m a schoolmate of yours.”

She felt a little speechless and pursed her lips in confusion. She clicked on his profile picture and scrolled through the pictures he had uploaded to. She wanted to know if he was someone she knew or a cla.s.smate.

The contact had made more than a dozen posts but these posts were mainly reposts or written posts without pictures. She deduced that he seemed to like basketball because most of this contact’s posts were related to basketball.

Someone who liked basketball? Would it be a man? Or someone on campus?

Or could it be…

Her eyes suddenly widened and she felt her heart clench in antic.i.p.ation. She still remembered watching that man play basketball in the field last year. Could it be…

The confusion on her face gave way to shock and she immediately blushed furiously.

Then again, wasn’t his WeChat account that string of alphabets? Then…?

She tapped on the contact’s profile and hesitated for some time before she finally asked, “May I know who you are?”

He Xiyan’s heart raced after she sent that message.

She stared intently at her phone screen for 30 seconds without even daring to blink. She was very nervous but at the same time, she looked forward to hearing from him.

She hoped that this account belonged to him. Yes! It had to be him!

Her phone finally beeped two minutes later and her heart skipped a beat as well.

However, her spirits fell when she saw the contact’s response. “My last name is Yang!”


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