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Read The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 841 – They Were Each Other’s First Loves

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Chapter 841: They Were Each Other’s First Loves

“I’m sorry, Yan Yan…” Mo Yixuan said as he walked toward the bed and his fair fingers gently brushed past He Xiyan’s forehead and tucked a loose lock of black hair back behind her ear.

He looked a little flushed because he was emotional, depressed, and resentful.

He had done something despicable and from a legal standpoint, he had premeditated this abduction of his ex-wife but he did not regret his actions. He would do whatever it took to get her to return to him.

When he saw that his ex-wife’s familiar face was just in front of him, his lips curved into a small smile and he reached to graze her flushed cheeks.

Thank G.o.d she was still alive, and he thanked the heavens that he managed to find her. He guessed that the heavens must have wanted him to have another chance with her.

She no longer loved him and had forgotten about their shared past, and had even fallen in love with a mute but that didn’t matter to him. He would use his actions to show that he still loved her and make her fall in love with him all over again. They still had Yuan Yuan, so as long as they spend enough time together, he was sure that she would return to him.

Mo Yixuan fetched a basin of water and gently washed her face. Then, he helped her up and helped her take off her thick woollen jacket and sweater, until she was only wearing her thermal underwear.

As his hands moved over her body, he instinctively felt his body grow warm and his nervous gulps revealed his true reaction to her.

He hastily rose to his feet and took a gulp of water in an attempt to douse the heat that washed over him and also to calm himself down.

He longed to touch her but he knew he had to restrain himself since he didn’t want to turn her completely away from him.

He was suddenly reminded of when they had been dating.

They had lived together in this small mansion and she would immediately cook for him after she was done with school. When she first started cooking for him, she only knew how to cook dishes from her hometown. Although she cooked rather well, those weren’t his favorite food. Later, she ended up buying many cookbook books and learned how to whip up different dishes for his sake. She would make whatever he felt like eating and she would definitely make it to his taste.

He hadn’t treasured her love for him back then, and only agreed that she could be his girlfriend because she was well-behaved and treated him well. Obviously, she also managed to satisfy his s.e.xual needs. Since she had pursued him first and wasn’t averse to the idea of living together before marriage, they had ended up getting married and stayed in this house for an entire year.

“Yan Yan…” Mo Yixuan muttered as he stared at the woman he loved who was lying in the bed. This was his ex-girlfriend, his ex-wife, and the mother of his child. They were each other’s first loves and had given their virginity to each other. Most people said that first loves wouldn’t end up together but they managed to make it all the way to the altar and even had a child together. The destiny that they shared was definitely something that they must have acc.u.mulated from their past lifetime.

He was at fault for failing to cherish her and failing to treat her right. He had personally ruined his own marriage.

He knew that all she wanted was to have a family to call her own and a blissful family. He shared the same dream but he realized it later than her and by the time he knew what he wanted, she was already lost to him.

He had finally found her and it was fate that had given him this second chance, so he was sure that they’d be happy this time round.


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