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Chapter 101: Opinions

Chang Wugui did not accept the arrangement. “She is just a student. How can she lodge a complaint or hire a lawyer to sue me so easily?”

“What if she can?”

Cao Yanhua was afraid of the odds. “Didn’t you see that she is more certain than you are. You believe that she has cheated on the exam, but how can you be so sure? You have no evidence!”

Cao Yanhua knocked on the table and made a loud noise. The office was filled with him criticizing Chang Wugui, “Even if her grades have improved incredibly, you still have no evidence that can prove your words! Don’t you see it?”

Chang Wugui flushed immediately as he was ashamed of being scolded.

It was strange that Cao Yanhua believed Chang Wugui’s words at the beginning but now he was angry at him because of Su Cha’s words and att.i.tude.

He had been pressed by her and could not say anything to refute.

How can I, the Director of Education, be taught by a student?

What does it look like?

Cao Yanhua realized it and unleashed his anger on Chang Wugui.

Other teachers gave Chang Wugui a glance. Fortunately, they knew his reason against Su Cha and did not help him much. Otherwise, they would suffer no less than Chang Wugui.

He Qun also sighed and left.


Su Cha returned to the cla.s.sroom. The first cla.s.s had begun.

The teacher was a little surprised at her return and sent her back to her seat before she could explain.

Le Anqi asked anxiously after Su Cha sat down, “What’s wrong? Why did Teacher He call you out?”

She was a little worried since her cla.s.smates said Su Cha might be a fraud.

Although she also felt shocked at her grades at the beginning, she did not believe that Su Cha had cheated. Besides, she had sat next to Su Cha during the exams. Su Cha had written all the answers on her own, nor had she looked in her phone. How could she cheat?

Her grades were true.

Although it seemed unrealistic, Le Anqi found it plausible that after she had been hexed, she might have changed everything…based on Su Cha’s recent behavior.

Su Cha shook her head with a smile, “Nothing.”

But she looked cold as she spoke.

Chang Wugui was aggrieved and would not give up so easily.

Su Cha was not clear about his reason against her though.

As she predicted, the thing did not come to an end.

She did not take exams under the eyes of all teachers, so some teachers distrusted her, especially Chang Wugui. He gossiped about Su Cha and called her a fraud in his cla.s.s.

The message pa.s.sed quickly among students. Soon Le Anqi heard the words and told Su Cha that not only students in Cla.s.s Seven who were taught by Chang Wugui but also a few hard-working students in Cla.s.s Two gossiped about Su Cha’s cheating privately. They did not know how Su Cha had avoided the investigation of teachers, but they didn’t think that she was capable of suddenly surpa.s.sing them.

That was mainly because Su Cha had got outrageously high grades this time.

Cla.s.s Two also focused on liberal arts. After Su Cha came in 5th from the whole grade, she had surpa.s.sed most students of Cla.s.s Two. Average students did not bother with it, but one or two students from the top five had opinions against it.


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