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Chapter 1051: Wedding

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Although she was pregnant, her stomach was still flat after only two months.

Su Cha’s figure was still perfect, so she looked unreal in the wedding dress.

The wedding gown was embroidered by Yun Zu.

It was in the Western wedding dress style, but there were many beautiful embroideries unique to the East added into the fabric. With the East and the West combined in it, it was a very elegant wedding dress.

It suited Su Cha.

There were two wedding gowns in total. One was embroidered by Yun Zu, and the other was a traditional Western-style wedding gown specially designed by the head designer of Hiberia when they found out that she was getting married.

At this moment, Su Cha realized that the chief designer was actually best friends with Bo Muyi’s grandfather.

No wonder the chief designer praised Su Cha!

She knew that she did not have the ability to conquer this chief designer with just a photo…

“It’s too beautiful.”

Seeing Su Cha in her wedding dress, Le Anqi and Jin Mou could not help but praise her.

Zuo Zhici was also a bridesmaid, but as Su Cha’s sister, she had to help entertain some guests.

Zuo Shaoxin could not forbid her to come. After all, Bo Muyi had asked it himself.

Su Cha did not have many female friends. It did not matter how many bridesmaids she had.

“Our Su Cha is really the most beautiful bride.”

Le Anqi’s mouth seemed to be smeared with honey. Su Cha smiled lightly. “I will also praise you when you get married in the future.”

“We are speaking the truth.”

Jin Mou smiled. “You are the prettiest.”

“Baby, did you hear that? Your mother is the prettiest!”

Le Anqi even moved closer to Su Cha’s stomach and spoke to the child in it. Su Cha did not know whether to laugh or cry. “It hasn’t even been three months. I don’t know if it has formed yet. It can’t hear anything even if you say that.”

“No can do, the prenatal education starts now!”

At this moment, Zuo Zhici ran out with her dress. “Sister, Sister, Sister, are you ready? You have to go out to meet the guests. Almost everyone is here! It’s almost time.”

It had taken a long time for them to decide on the wedding venue. In the end, the old lady made the decision to stay in the Lookout Pavilion. After all, it was a place with a different meaning.

Hence, this was the first time that the Lookout Pavilion was opened to outsiders after so many years. Bo Muyi usually did not allow others to come.

If not for the sake of the marriage, many people would not have seen the real appearance of the Lookout Pavilion.

Su Cha nodded. “Yes.”

She had been busy for a long time before the wedding. She woke up early in the morning and took a long time to do her makeup and styling. She also had to prepare for work.

Overall, marriage was a very troublesome thing, but it was only once in a lifetime.

Of course, Su Cha was also sure that she and Bo Muyi only had this one marriage.

She had not seen Bo Muyi since she woke up in the morning.

The bride and groom could not meet today. Bo Muyi was probably still greeting guests outside.

She thought of Bo Muyi and could not help but smile. Although they had registered their marriage the day before yesterday, they were really getting married today. Thinking of this, she still felt strange.

Her heart was beating faster than usual. She walked out quickly. Behind her, Jin Mou asked her to slow down. The main reason was that the hem of Su Cha’s wedding dress was too long. The bridesmaids had to hold her in case Su Cha accidentally tripped.. It was too scary.


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