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Read The Queen of Everything Chapter 203 – Pity

The Queen of Everything is a web novel completed by Gu Mu Shuang.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 203: Pity

While the comment section in the live stream broke into a frenzy the live audience at the compet.i.tion venue sighed audibly.

Even though the live audiences were mostly pa.s.sers-by, they were able to differentiate an excellent performance from a bad one using their intuition. The audience believed that Su Cha had sung very well.

Even the two professional musicians, Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian, thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Their positive comments about her performance showed that Su Cha had put on an excellent performance.

From the audience’s perspective, Yu Siqing’s comments were a little strange.

Although the compet.i.tion was being broadcasted live, everyone could clearly see Quan Jia’s expression darken.

Quan Jia’s face was extremely gloomy. Quan Jia not only disagreed with Yu Siqing’s comment, but she was also ready to flip out on Yu Siqing.

Of course, many contestants were silently pleased to see Su Cha being targeted by a judge.

“To sum up, I will be giving you a red Pa.s.s. I’m sorry, but you will be placed temporarily in the holding area.”

Yu Siqing raised the card in her hand as she tried to control her smile.

As she stared at the Su Cha, who was maintaining her calm composure, Yu Siqing’s heart was beating loudly. However, she ultimately did not repent and mend her ways.

In the beginning, Yu Siqing could not bear the sight of Su Cha but did not specifically target her. However, since the day Yu Siqing made a fool of herself in front of Su Cha and the judges, Yu Siqing hated Su Cha.

She did not need a reason to hate someone.

Just like how she is targeting Su Cha right now. Yu Siqing was a judge, she had the power to determine the contestant’s compet.i.tion outcome.

Even if she was just speaking nonsense.

Yu Siqing’s red Pa.s.s would send Su Cha to the holding area, and Su Cha would have to re-compete among other contestants for the last three spots in the Top 10. Due to the number of contestants in the holding area, the chance of making it into Top 10 was slim.

As a judge, Yu Siqing had a full setlist. Among all the songs submitted by Su Cha, “Stars” was one of the most challenging songs. The other songs were not as compet.i.tive. It would severely undermine Su Cha’s chance of winning in the holding area.

Quan Jia was raging at Yu Siqing’s comments. However, it was a live broadcast setting, and Quan Jia could not make a scene by overturning the table. After suppressing her anger, Quan Jia said firmly, “Su Cha, you did extremely well, and I will give you a blue Pa.s.s.”

Xu Cunjian did not say a word. He shrugged before showing a blue Pa.s.s card.

The two judges were determined to keep Su Cha in the compet.i.tion.

With both their votes, Su Cha would have acc.u.mulated ten points.

A judge represents five points.

In the final judging, the judge’s votes and the audience’s votes would be tabulated to determine the compet.i.tion region’s top 10 contestants.

It was obvious that the two judges did not see eye to eye with Yu Siqing.

The live audience could tell their dissatisfaction the judges had against Yu Siqing.

The comment section was filled with mixed reactions, it was a sensitive situation. Some supported Yu Siqing’s decision, while others were displeased with her decision.

On stage, Su Cha quietly bowed, “Thank you for your comments, I will continue to work hard.”

Although it was the same line of words, Su Cha’s facial expression remained calm. It was as if she was really not angry at the outcome.

The contestants offstage were impressed. If they had suffered from such unfair treatment, they would have broken down.

Based on Su Cha’s performance, it was clear that she had done well enough to directly enter the Top 10.

Su Cha was no worse than Jin Mou or Mona. Even the blind could tell that Yu Siqing was picking on Su Cha.

Before Su Cha left the stage to let another contestant perform, she shot Yu Siqing one last look. Yu Siqing saw Su Cha’ eyes were not sharp like before, this time, Su Cha had looked at her with pity.

Su Cha’s pitiful gaze made Yu Siqing’s heart race.


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