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Read The Queen of Everything Chapter 312 – Anqi Eliminated

The Queen of Everything is a web novel produced by Gu Mu Shuang.
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Chapter 312: Anqi Eliminated

“At that time, the show had just started. A contestant had placed a towel in her bag, but someone had put a needle in it. When she was was.h.i.+ng her face, she did not notice the needle in the towel and it almost blinded her…”

Le Anqi’s description could make one feel cold.

Le Anqi s.h.i.+vered as she continued, “It seems that the contestant almost got into trouble and was kept out of the spotlight by the production crew. Su Cha, do you think there is really such a scary person in this world who could hurt others for their own gain?”

Su Cha was silent for a while and nodded. “It happens.”

Nothing was truly off-limits.

Anything could happen. They were only limited by one’s imagination.

Su Cha had also seen the news reports. Due to jealousy, a singer was sent water by fans of a compet.i.tor and ended up being poisoned, thus losing their voice.

Hence, most celebrities would not accept gifts from their fans, especially when it could be anti-fans that were leaving them.

Le Anqi shuddered. “It’s too scary. I’ll be fine, but Su Cha, you’ll have to be careful. No matter what, you have to protect your voice.”

Su Cha nodded. Not wanting the atmosphere to be so heavy, she smiled slowly and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a compet.i.tion. Even if there are bad people around, it’s impossible for there to be so many. At most, it’s just sophistry.”

Putting aside the fact that it was difficult for ordinary people to get close to her now, even if something was wrong, with her sharp senses, she would quickly notice.

Of course, she could not think too badly of others. It was enough to be cautious.

Fu Bin’s matter was like a small interlude that brought the compet.i.tion to a close for the week.

Le Anqi did not pa.s.s.

When she saw her get eliminated, Su Cha felt sorry for Le Anqi.

If she could have gone further, Le Anqi would have suited being in a team.

Unfortunately, there were too many strong compet.i.tors.

This outcome was expected. And when Le Anqi saw on the big screen that she had been eliminated, she grinned. But even though she tried her best to look happy, it was still a little difficult.

However, her emotions only lasted for a few minutes before she calmed down.

Compared to the other contestants who had been eliminated, Le Anqi had performed well enough.

On the stage, she turned her head and saw Su Cha below the stage. When she saw Su Cha’s serious and worried expression, she smiled. At that moment, the girl looked very beautiful, but because the camera for the big screen was aimed at Le Anqi, Su Cha saw that Le Anqi’s eyes were still glittering.

This outcome was not as easy to accept as she’d said.

Su Cha sighed. When Le Anqi saw the camera pointing at her, she turned her head in a panic and wiped her eyes.

The audience screamed. It was Le Anqi’s fans. They comforted Le Anqi and shouted her name loudly.

There were quite a number of fans sitting in the same area. Seeing that she did not pa.s.s, they felt sad.

Le Anqi felt better when she saw that group of fans. She waved at them, indicating that she was fine.

After that, all the contestants, including those who did not pa.s.s, had to stand together and take a photo.

Everyone had earned a national Top 50 t.i.tle.

Under the host’s chant, everyone smiled happily while giving the V-sign. With a click, the moment was captured. It was a group of beautiful young girls who were smiling sweetly.


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