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Read The Queen of Everything Chapter 313 – Stay with Jin Mou

The Queen of Everything is a Webnovel completed by Gu Mu Shuang.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Queen of Everything Chapter 313 – Stay with Jin Mou

Chapter 313: Stay with Jin Mou

After the Top 30 results of Dreams in Progress came out, almost everyone received the notification to stay in the dormitory.

Of course, no one rejected it.

Moreover, the production crew was quite generous. The place they provided was a small villa on the outskirts of the city. The location was not far, but it was quite secluded. Since there were security guards around, the girls could feel more rea.s.sured.

Su Cha was the last to move in.

As Bo Muyi had not yet left, she’d had to wait for Bo Muyi to leave before she could move in completely.

After Le Anqi was eliminated, she started her career as an internet celebrity. But now that she had a goal, she was also ready to change her path and focused on her studies in the art academy.

Su Cha continued preparing for the compet.i.tion.

After Bo Muyi left China for a business trip, Su Cha packed some simple luggage and moved into the dormitory.

However, since there were too many people there, Su Cha did not bring anything inconvenient, such as embroidery.

When Su Cha arrived, everyone was already there.

When the production crew saw Su Cha carrying a simple suitcase, they smiled and took it for her. “Is this all you have?”

Compared to the other girls who were accompanied by their parents, Su Cha’s outfit was extremely simple.

Su Cha nodded. “I’m close to home. If there’s anything I need, I can take a leave and go back to get it.”

The staff nodded and did not say anything. He asked curiously, “Is there no one in your house to accompany you today?”

Only the staff in charge of registration knew about Su Cha’s information and not many others. The staff did not mean anything by asking.

Su Cha smiled and did not explain much. “Busy.”

One word could hide everything.

The staff looked at Su Cha with sympathy. Many people knew that Su Cha was 18 years old. She was also the champion of the college entrance examination. They did not expect that her family members would not accompany her here.

This outstanding girl seemed to have a bad family.

The staff could not help but imagine a lot of things, but they did not know that Su Cha did have someone to accompany her. It was just that the bodyguards were in hiding. Su Cha did not want to be so high profile.

Ah Chen went overseas with Bo Muyi, so the people who were protecting her now were the secret guards from the Lookout Pavilion.

In actual fact, those who came to protect Su Cha had disguised themselves as program staff…

“You’re too late. Everyone has chosen their dormitory. You can just stay in the same room as the contestant Jin Mou from your division, right?”

The staff led her forward and told her about the dormitory.

Su Cha had no objections, especially when she heard Jin Mou’s name.

It was more than she expected, staying with a quiet contestant.

It was just a little strange. “I thought you would randomly choose.”

After all, the a.s.signed dormitory setup was quite interesting. After editing, the audience would be curious about which contestants would live together.

“It was randomly selected.”

The staff turned around and smiled meaningfully. “It’s just that the selection has been completed. Only Jin Mou is left. Since you have a good relations.h.i.+p with Jin Mou…”

He suddenly stopped talking.

Su Cha immediately understood.

Perhaps it had something to do with Jin Mou. Judging from her personality, she probably did not like to live with others. However, the production crew also had the rules of having at least two people living in the same dormitory. It was reasonable for Jin Mou to choose Su Cha.


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