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Read The Queen of Everything Chapter 924 – Pursuit

The Queen of Everything is a web novel completed by Gu Mu Shuang.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Queen of Everything Chapter 924 – Pursuit

Chapter 924: Pursuit

Killing intent rose in his heart.

Since this person wanted to her, they had to pay the price.

Fu Mo rushed over from behind. Su Cha turned around and said to her, “Fu Mo, help me control the surveillance cameras along the way later, and…”

She pointed at the building hundreds of meters away. “Check the surveillance cameras in that pointed building. The sniper is in that building. Remember, help me control the surveillance cameras.”

Fu Mo seemed to be stunned for a moment. Before she could understand why Su Cha wanted to control the surveillance camera, she saw Su Cha walk to the other side, open the window, and jump.

Fu Mo: “!!!!”

Her eyes widened and she ran to the window almost instantly. She saw Su Cha’s figure that was about to land on a window sill. Su Cha then stepped on the window sill and flew out like a light b.u.t.terfly.


She finally understood why Su Cha wanted her to take control the surveillance cameras.

If this was filmed by someone, it would become a world-cla.s.s wonder.

After managing her shock, Fu Mo quickly hid under the table and took out her laptop to work. She followed Su Cha’s request and invaded the building’s system.

As she watched, she could see Su Cha flying towards the building on the other side. She stepped on the bar of another tall building before flying towards the next.

However, she was very fast. She was as fast as a gust of wind. She would only stop for a moment to gather her strength before disappearing again.

This was happening so high up that anyone looking out would probably think that it was a strange thing.

“Our research report last week showed that the market… market… market…”

In one building, a group of white people from overseas were having a meeting. The person in the lead was wearing a blue suit. Just as he started to speak, he saw something outside the window. It seemed to be a person. She just stepped on the window and turned to look at him. Then, she disappeared instantly.

He was so shocked by this scene that he forgot his report. He repeated a word a few times and looked out of the window in disbelief.

The employees who were looking at him were surprised. “Are you done? Why don’t you continue?”

He rubbed his eyes, unsure if he was hallucinating.

If it was not an illusion… They were on the 35th floor of this building… Was this a joke?!

Following her memory, Su Cha arrived at the right building in a few leaps. This was indeed a hotel. Although the light in front of the room was switched off, the window was open.

If no one was staying here, the hotel staff would not have left the window open.

She jumped in through the gap in the window, rolled, and stood up silently.

There was no one in the room.

She felt it the moment she landed.

Without turning on the light, Su Cha took out the phone in her coat. She had been paying attention just now and did not let the phone fall out.

She called Fu Mo and went to the phone in the room. There was information about the room there. Su Cha reported the room number to Fu Mo.

“Hmm… That person is checking out, Cla.s.smate Su!”

Fu Mo entered the website’s system and found that the checkout status had just been updated. It had only taken Su Cha a minute to arrive here. It was impossible for this to have moved so quickly. It could only be that they had an accomplice, which meant that they had just left.

Su Cha quickly opened the door and chased after them.


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