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Read The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 267: Under the Tall, Blue Sky

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Chapter 267: Under the Tall, Blue Sky

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The progress bar did not freeze for long; it was just an illusion. As an observer, he subjectively felt that time was moving slower than it actually was. The entire conversion process took less than seven minutes. Shortly after, the World Gate emanated a soft glow and the fleet was transferred to another universe.

The scene in the home universe was still as busy as ever. Transportation vessels were flying to and fro around the brightly lit s.p.a.ce complex and the World Gate. The moment the Petrachelys emerged, Hao Ren was bombarded with hundreds of advertis.e.m.e.nts from private travel agencies, soliciting for sales. The lively scene was a total contrast to the other side. The s.p.a.ce peddlers dispersed quickly once they saw the s.h.i.+ny imperial emblem on the Petrachelys and the migration fleet behind it, knowing that it was an imperial convoy. So, before Hao Ren could issue a clear-s.p.a.ce notice, which was stored in the flight’s main computer, the s.p.a.ce had been cleared out. The entire place was quiet. However, the migration fleet behind the Petrachelys started spamming the public channel. “Please give way, please give way. Imperial convoy, imperial convoy…”

“Please give way, we are on a special mission. Star Voyager is on an imperial mission…”

“This is Draconis Lux, we are a business partner of the Empire, please give way…”

“883, dual-use, multi-purpose s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, we have a long history and we are realiable…”

Hao Ren stomped his feet and pointed at the captains behind him. “Holy sh*t, how could you do this?”

883 guffawed. “Don’t look at me, we aren’t violating any laws…”

Hao Ren allowed his MDT to set their course for Peatopia, the birth place of Lil Pea and he engaged the autopilot. The Petrachelys led the migration fleet and sped away from the World Gate. Meanwhile, Lily had sauntered back to the c.o.c.kpit without Hilda. Hao Ren was curious, so he asked, “Where is Hilda?”

“In the cargo bay, telling stories to the children.” Lily settled herself in a chair and started to yawn. “What’s so interesting about mountains, rivers and clouds? She kept talking about them, and I was bored to death so, I dragged myself back here.”

Hao Ren understood. He knew what Hilda was thinking. He just smiled and said nothing.

After a few moments of hypers.p.a.ce travel, the flight’s main computer spoke in a cold, synthesised voice, “Autopilot disengaged.” The migration fleet had arrived at its destination: the planet with oceans and forests, rich in raw and natural resources, and most importantly, habitable.

In the synchronous…o…b..t above the planet, beams of light started to flash as the ma.s.sive migration fleet emerged from hypers.p.a.ce and hovered in the area. The energy-field s.h.i.+ps and the 11 isles, including Darklight Isle, which they hauled along emerged above the new planet. These s.p.a.ce cities were circling the planet like satellites.

“The ma.s.s has very little effect on the planet’s…o…b..t. No adjustment is needed,” said the MDT as it switched on a special device aboard the Petrachelys and ran calculations on how the floating isles affected the planet. “The first thing to do now, is drop the materials and outposts on the planet. It may be difficult for large s.p.a.cecrafts to land so, the Petrachelys will take the lead. The landing site will be the same beach where we first landed. That place is pretty big.”

The Petrachelys accelerated slowly as it broke away from the fleet. Just as Hao Ren switched on the cabin’s broadcasting system to announce their arrival to the elves, Lily came forward and took over the microphone. The husky’s energetic voice began to resonate throughout the cargo bay. “h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Lily, First Officer of the Petrachelys! The flight has arrived at its destination and we are about to land. Please ensure that you do not leave behind your luggage, children and wives. Kindly get off in an orderly manner, and there will be no ticket-check!”

After making her annoucement, Lily stood upright and giggled at Hao Ren. “So that’s how it feels! I know people at the broadcast stations sound really cool…”

Vivian scoffed at her. “Loser.”

Hao Ren was still in a daze as he wondered: so far, even the captain of the Petrachelys was only a cog in the machine. When did Lily make herself First Officer?”

The s.p.a.cecraft landed without issues on the planet. Hao Ren and his company got off at once and went out in the open. Y’zaks took a deep breath on the beach, where the air tasted a little salty. “This place stayed the same. It’s just like when we last saw it. Hey look, the fireplace that we left behind is still there.”

The cargo bay was still closed, but the elves were waiting behind the door eagerly. They were waiting to step out into the new world. But before that, there was still one more step: three days ago, Hao Ren had asked Hilda for a few elven volunteers to undergo a comprehensive physical scan. The results were going to be used for the environmental adaptability test.

Although he ran a check using historical data earlier, he still needed a fresh test for technical reasons; it was better to be safe than sorry.

The MDT was monitoring the environmental readings, including the microbial environment. “No different from the last readings. Environmental compatibility is near 80%. Some people may get infected with local illnesses in the short-term but, as long as control measures are in place, there is nothing to worry about.”

Hao Ren breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, open the hatch!”

The main hatch at the rear opened quietly but, no one came out.

Hao Ren dashed over, wondering what was happening. Then, he noticed that the elves had lined up in the corridor between the cargo bay and the hatch in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. However, no one moved a muscle. He called out, “What are you guys doing there? Step out, this is your home from now on!”

Hilda emerged from the crowd and nudged those in front. “Everyone, stay calm. Come on out. This is real.”

With encouragement from Hao Ren and Hilda, an elf finally stepped out hesitantly. Then everyone followed.

The suns.h.i.+ne was a little too bright though.

As the elves exited the s.p.a.cecraft and set their feet on the planet for the first time, they looked up, bewildered, and even frightened at the tall, blue sky.

There were mountains in the distance.

There lay the boundless ocean.

There was the lush, primitive forest.

Everything was real.

Those in front of the pack fell into a stupor. Their steps slowed down, and they were rooted to the spot. It was only when people started coming from behind, pus.h.i.+ng against them, that they began to move again. Many were staring at the scenery in the distance while some were deep in thought so, they fell. It was a strange scene. Soon, everyone began to behave the same way: they looked up and wobbled under the dazzling sky. Then, they closed their eyes anxiously as they lowered their heads. Some even squatted on the ground as if they were horrified upon seeing the blue sky and white clouds.

“What’s going on?” asked Hao Ren as he looked at Hilda, who was beside him.

“We have never seen an actual sky,” Hilda said quietly. “Everyone was born to only know the dome. Even though we have had a glimpse of what the sky looked like in the past from archived images, we have never experienced it in person. They are now reacting exactly the way I did the first time I saw the sky; so wide, so high, like an inverted, bottomless abyss. You feel like you’re about to fall into it as you look at it. It is difficult to comprehend, isn’t it?”

Hao Ren could not respond with words.

“Anyway, they will get used to it. They will adapt.” Hilda looked at her fellow elves, who were anxious about the sky. “From now on, we will not live without keeping our heads up.”

Waves were rolling and cras.h.i.+ng into the sh.o.r.e; it was the first time the elves heard the sounds of mother nature. Finally, someone started to recall the old traditions and rituals pa.s.sed down orally from their ancestors. They remembered the glorious days of Aerym and its culture as well as history from the Planetary Era, which all had been weathered out. Someone began to hum the old folk songs. Some bowed down and kissed the land, which was strewned with rocks and sand. They felt blessed and grateful. This land would be their new cradle of life. Those who lowered their heads due to “uranophobia” began to hold their heads up again. They began to follow the instructions of their team leaders and started moving materials needed to build a camp.

Hilda stood on a reef by the beach, gazing into the distance. Although she had the body of a living holy spirit, her heart was still riddled with emotion.

“The first city of the Aerymian dynasty will be built by the seaside,” said Hilda as she turned and faced the people who began to gather behind her. “We will establish a new capital right here and name it after our saviour.”

Hao Ren nodded emotionally before something struck him. He sensed that something was not right.

“If you don’t mind, could you think of another name?” said Hao Ren.


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