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Volume 1
Chapter 11
*Mira’s POV *
After I received a pa.s.sing mark for the earth attribute physical enhancement, I went to the wind attribute physical enhancement training range.
My objective is to learn all four types of physical enhancement, so I plan to partic.i.p.ate in all of the trainings. While listening to wind attribute teacher, who is explaining the lesson beside me, I observed the others to learn what is going on..
Five students are standing behind a straight line on the ground. When another teacher gave the signal, they clad their body in magic power and began to run. The finish line was 50 meters ahead, and 30 meter behind it are 10 senpais waiting. If the students can’t slow down, then the senpais will chase them and hold them down, since there are students that run in speed they can’t control.
The majority can’t invoke the magic properly and are just running normally. Sometimes, there are children who can concentrate their magic power on their feet and run really fast, but it seems that they didn’t receive a pa.s.sing mark. There are also students who jump as if their body are floating — of course their speed was low.
Ah, just now there was a child that covered almost 5 meters with one step.
「Teacher, is there anything wrong with what just happened?」(Mira)
I look up at Teacher beside me, and she nods smilingly.
「Let’s see. It would’ve been be better if he was closer to the ground. Also, if he could do it consecutively and smoothly, then he would pa.s.s. If it’s Mira-san, it’s possible that you can go evem further with just one step.」(Wind Attribute Teacher)
「Then it wouldn’t be any different from flying right?」(Mira)
Teacher chuckled.
「That’s the dream of all magicians, right? Although it is possible to float things using the spirits’ power, experiments have shown that it is impossible for a human to fly.」(WA Teacher)
Hearing Teacher’s words made me remembered the toy, which is a pipe you blow into to suspend a ball in the air[1]. If we replaced the ball with human being then, although it is possible, it’s kinda surreal.
By the way, there are children who move forward by jumping. If it was me, then I could end up like an astronaut. Although I don’t know what to imagine to make it come true, if I used the large amount of magic power inside me through the Spirits and then put it to use, then flying in the air wouldn’t be something that is impossible anymore, right? Flying in the air, doesn’t matter which the world it is, doesn’t matter whether or not magic exists, will always be humanity’s dream.
「Fufu, however since it’s you, don’t try to fly in the sky, okay?」(WA Teacher)
Then do you mean, please if it possible try to fly?
The fact about I have abnormal amount of magic power seemed to be known by every teachers in the Academy. Then I need to interpret teacher’s statement just now in opposite manner. So what she really means is, please try to fly.
「Now, now, Mira-san also needs to line up. Even if you run normally, it would at least built up your physical power.」(WA Teacher)
Ahahaha… Hah…. I think it will be hard for me to increase my physical power. After all, for the last three months, even though there were physical education, there weren’t any changes to it. My face is laughing, but my heart is weeping.
The line is steadily progressing and it will soon be my turn.
Maybe because the children around me have ran many times, there were some children with dazed looks and exhausted looks. Conversely, there are also excited children that can’t stop moving.
Ah maybe this is what they call a runner’s high[2] after sprinting?
While pondering the mystery, my ears continue to overhear the conversations around me and pick up the lamenting sigh.[3]
「I completely can’t do it. I wonder if I don’t have the knack for this.」(Tired Student)
「Huhu, tenth time. I ‘m about to run for the tenth times. Am I really a wind attribute?」 (Depressed Student)
Ah there are children with a bad mental condition. Perhaps it will be better if I call a teacher?
「It’s alright. If you keep running, sooner or later you will be able to do it.」(High Student)
「Now-now, it is impossible just by depending on willpower alone. Hey, if you are tired, you can take a little rest right? I also want to rest for a bit.」(Tired Student)
The high[4] student embraced the depressed student, but then the tired student separated them. And then without hearing the reply, the slumped student let go of the high student and then left the line. She said few words with the Teacher, who then began a lesson at the place where the group of girls are sitting.
Now then, what about me? The girl sitting there has already ran for nine times, but I can’t run nine times like her. Before that, I will surely already exhaust my physical power before then.
Based on Teacher explanation, for Wind Attribute Physical Enhancement, the whole body will be clad in magic power to get rid of the wind pressure. That’s why even if the students succeeded in cladding their feet with magic power, they can’t pa.s.s the lesson.
This is the reason why the Earth Attribute Teacher said that although it is possible for me to achieve high speed movement using my previous Physical Enhancement, it can’t be considered as a proper wind attribute magic.[5]
That reminds me, when we were running away from Mana Eater, Swyn-san used a magic stone to cast Wind Attribute High Speed Movement Magic. He even did it while carrying me. Even though he is a man, you wouldn’t believe just by looking that with his slender arm, he was able to hold me while running. I believed that he was also using Earth Attribute Physical Enhancement.
Teacher had said that using magic from several different attributes or several different enhancement magic is hard. That’s why Swyn-san is truly an amazing magician.
Whoaa, while I was being impressed, my turn has come. Oh dear! I still hadn’t thought of anything.
Teacher heartlessly claps her hand. The sound, amplified by wind magic signaled to start running. We immediately began to run. I don’t have enough time to think of anything and it’s impossible to clad myself in a magic power armor in such short span of time. It can’t be helped. It’s only 50 meters, this round. Let’s run normally.
Yes. It’s only 50 meter. However, but for me it might be well not be 50 meters.
T-the breathing…… difficult…..
After a running with all of my strength for such a long time, I finally reached the finish line. Thereafter, I was staggeringly strayed off course and fell on my knees.
Eh, what with this kind of sorry state? Is running 50 meters really this hard?
There are children who running without magic power just like me; however, compared to them, my feet are terribly slow. Since the course can’t be used by the next team if I took my time running, I hurriedly kept running, and this is the result.
Can I cry?
While I was being crushed by the weight of my misfortune, there were a refreshing breeze blew towards me. It has a faint scent of custard.
When I raised my face, Rufi floated in the air and approached me to take a peek on my face.
『Master, are you okay?』(Rufi)
「Rufi…… You truly are a good child!」(Mira)
Overwhelmed by the surging emotion, I hug Rufi tightly.
「It’s alright~, I’m doing my best.」(Mira)
「Eh? You’re alright?」(Girl)
There was someone asking behind me, so I turned back while being surprised.
「No, umm, I only surprised.」(Mira)
There was a senpai with long chestnut ponytail and she is looking at the bent over me.
「Ah, sorry to surprise you. Since you were crouching down and weren’t moving, I came to check your condition.」(Girl)
「Thank you very much, I’m alright.」(Mira)
Well my heart is throbbing. Heart throbbing from running, heart throbbing from being surprised, and heart throbbing from wondering if my conversation with Rufi was been overheard. If she had seen me from the beginning, then I would look like talking alone, right? Will my heart be okay like this?
「I, don’t have much physical power.」(Mira)
I correct myself as I said these words. How shameful, to be downed just by running for 50 meter is really too miserable…… Since I don’t have much physical power.
「I’ve already recovered to a state where I can move, so I’ll return to my line.」(Mira)
「Alright. If you still feel bad, don’t hesitate to say so, okay?」(Senpai)
After saying this, senpai ran towards Teacher’s direction. She was covered by magic power and, with one step, she covered 8 meters. It’s was like she’s flying along, like gliding. With just 6 steps she reached the starting line, before decelerating and approaching Teacher. Perhaps she was reporting about my condition. Both of them sent a glance towards me.
Teacher nods, and then senpai rushes back to me.
Step, step, she came leaping, and stopped beside me.
「Teacher said to not push yourself too hard.」(Senpai)
Then she returns to the point 30 meters behind the finish line.
「So that’s is the Wind Attribute Physical Enhancement……」(Mira)
I closed my eyes, and while taking a deep breath, I circulated the magic power inside me. While trying to do quickly recover my physical power, I was contemplated over the scene that I had just seen.
Wind Attribute Physical Strengthening ———— High Speed Movement. There’s no change to the running posture. There no need to jump too high. It’s just running for several meters with each step while only being several centimeters above the ground.
I’ve also confirmed the range of the magic power’s influence this time. In the senpai’s direction of movement, there was an eggsh.e.l.l like shield. I believe it’s to ward of the wind and decrease air resistance as she moves forward.
Speaking of a streamline shape to reduce air resistance, I’m reminded of Shinkansen.[6]
If I remember correctly, it has something to do with fluid mechanics? It was made smooth in order to decrease friction and increase fuel efficiency. It was something that I watched on television, so I don’t remember it clearly. However, this isn’t caused by the gap in my memory. I was originally weak in science, so when I was watching the program, I only commented, 「Engineers are so amazing」 and that was it.
Returning to the topic at hand, even though it was a world with magic, not only are there no Physical Enhancements, like today, but also no magic that could completely enable someone to fly. How disappointing.
Then how about attaching wings onto the magic power armor? Or would something like a hang-glider would be better? I could jump from a high alt.i.tude and then glide forward.[7]
It’s something that Teacher dreamed of, right? Although they aren’t wings, but if I run hard then I could take off, maybe I can reach a height higher than a house roof, then slowly glide down…… Hm? If we’re talking about taking off, then it’s an airplane, right? Though the flight alt.i.tude is low and the distance is also short.
For now, let’s try running while wearing the magic power armor, and test if it possible to create an egg shaped image from my magic power.
I had decided what my next step will be. I didn’t look at my status card, but since my panting has stopped and my heartbeat hads calmed, I think I’m already alright now. I stood up and jogged towards the starting point.
「Mira-san, how’s your condition?」(WA Teacher)
I was going to return to my line and wait, but the Teacher waited en route and called out to me.
「Yes. I’m not out of breath anymore.」(Mira)
「That’s surprised me. I’ve already been warned by Magic Master-sama concerning your physical power, however……」(WA Teacher)
「I’m also surprised. Even though I was only running with all of my power……」(Mira)
Teacher made a wry smile.
「Building up your physical power is important; however, it would better if you refrain from using it all, alright?」(WA Teacher)
「I understand.」(Mira)
I obediently answered. 「Good.」 Teacher nodded. But then, she tilted her head.
「How come you were running normally and not wearing any magic power. Can I hear the reason?」(WA Teacher)
「It was just, when my turn came up, I was still thinking. I can’t wear magic power while I’m running, so I thought that if it’s only 50 meters, then I should be okay.」(Mira)
The result is a total failure.
「Th-that’s true. Since you didn’t see any examples in the lesson, you must’ve hard to imagine it on your own. I’m sorry for that.」(WA Teacher)
「I’ll be alright fr the next round, since I just observed that senpai just now. I’ll be able to use my magic power properly.」(Mira)
「Annarose Giralda-san, right? She is the wind attribute’s top student out of the high school’s first years.」
Top student, huh? So that why she was so cool, being able to move eight meters in one stride.
She the type of a person who’s more suited to wear a boy’s uniform rather than girl’s uniform. She has the dzuka attribute[8]. An Onee-sama type.
Hm? Wait. I’ve heard the name Giralda somewhere……
Since I’ve come to the Capital, I’ve met with many people with long names, so I honestly can’t remember them clearly. However, since it struck a chord with me, then I think it’s someone close to me.
While I was being troubled by this, inside my mind, a white ap.r.o.n fluttered. That’s right. Carla-san had the same family name. Their magic power attributes are different, but they might be sisters. It seems that even if people are related by blood, it is not necessarily for them to have the same attribute. There also the case with the Princess having a water main attribute and the Price having an earth attribute as a precedent. Since the Princess also has two attributes with the other one being earth attribute, it doesn’t mean that this is always true.
「Since she is the person who is responsible for you, I am relieved.」(WA Teacher)
「Responsible for me?」(Mira)
I tilted my head and Teacher told me honestly.
「Among the members partic.i.p.ating in this training camp, she’s the only one who could stop you.」(WA Teacher)
「Ah, in case I run out of control. However, I’ll be careful not to run recklessly.」(Mira)
「Yes. Just remember to rest if you are tired.」(WA Teacher)
I bowed my head quickly, and then this time I returned to the line. This time I put on the magic power armor.
Since I’m only running, I don’t think I need to put on a glove, but I fully equipped it as a wearing practice. Now, even if I fell in grandiose way, I will be okay. I lengthened the lower parts of the corset to cover until it reached the skirt’s hem.
When I was running just now, I noticed that because the one piece dress has a flared skirt silhouette. I think the hem could splendidly be upturned.
Since the robe would flutter in the wind, it wouldn’t be able to cover the skirt. Although I think it will be alright if use using magic power to interfere with the wind.
Or rather, please give us a gym uniform. Why we were running in our uniform in the first place? Is it because we can’t choose our clothing when in war? Then I wish for leggings to be worn under the skirt!
I continue to throw complain inside my mind and while waiting for my turn to run, I repeatedly cancel and equip the magic power garment. Although it would be ideal if I can wear it in an instant, for now I could do it with short time gap, so I think maybe this is still fine.
When there were only two more people until my turn to run, I stopped practicing and put on the armor while waiting, and then I once again stood at the starting line. I imagine a frontward shield. It is egg-shaped to ward off the air. However it is inevitable that I need to find out the optimum shape and angle myself one at a time.
「Start!」(WA Teacher)
Together with the *Bam* sound, I began to run. On my first step I accelerated with a dash, but because of the unexpected speed, I reflexively stiffened my body. With a light impact sound, my feet arrived on the ground. It seems that I unconsciously distorted the egg-shaped shield distorted and made it a vertical wall.
Timidly, I look around my surroundings. I have become the center of the attention. I was 30 meters from the start line. Their looks…. Must be because I suddenly dashed, right? After all, the other children only went to 5 meters.
While hiding my discomposure, I tilt my head for them to see. “Please don’t retort to me. The person herself doesn’t really know what is happening”, is what I trying to appeal to the spectators.
I ignored everyone’s gaze and went back on the course. This time I’m was somewhat slowly skipping my step. I’m also only slowly stepping on the ground, and *pyon* hopping, and then landing, *pyon* hopping and landing. I repeat this again and again. I’m worried if the two meter distance between each step is considered too weak or not. I leisurely became the first one to cross the finsih line. Ye~ay!
Nevertheless, how troublesome. Without cancelling the armor, I walk back to the starting line, while letting out a small sigh.
It seemed that I am afraid of high speeds. The reason why I unintentionally stiffened up immediately after starting is not just because I was surprised by the unexpected high speed, but also because I was scared. After that I couldn’t make anymore large steps.
This time I let out a big sigh.
I remembered how much I hate riding rollercoaster because not do only I get motion sickness, but I’m also not good with high speeds. Even though I have a cheat level magic power, perhaps I wouldn’t be able to fly by myself. How disappointing.
Maybe if I ask Rufi, then I can fly slowly. Then maybe, I can become accustomed to it.
I don’t know how much magic power be necessary for that, but if I use my absurd amount of magic power, then I guess this is possible. However I won’t submit to the temptation of flying.
When I returned to the starting line, I asked Teacher.
「I am afraid of the high speed, what should I do about this?」(Mira)
After I asked, Teacher froze for a moment, then, with serious expression, she pinched her brow.
「I’m sorry. Because no one has ever asked me that before until now, so…」(WA Teacher)
「 No one has?」(Mira)
「No one. After all, they mostly ask how to go faster.」(WA Teacher)
Is wind attribute magicians are speed demon[9]?
「That’s right. For example, people who recklessly ride the carriage have no awareness of their speed, so…」(WA Teacher)
Accidents huh?…… I’m undoubtedly sure that there is a possibility of that going to happening. In my previous life that is.
I slowly shake my head to right and left. I can’t to say it — that I was sent flying by a car.
「Yes. You don’t have such kind of experience right?」(WA Teacher)
At least in this world. It can’t be helped if you’re afraid of it, Teacher said so while making a wry smile.
「Not to mention the speed, you’re also be able to invoke the magic consecutively; although, I think the distance is a bit short. The score is a bit low, but even so, perhaps you can be given a pa.s.sing mark.」(WA Teacher)
「Is that true!?」(Mira)
「However, you will still need to practice until lunch time. Since if you get used to it, then you might feel okay with the speed. After lunch, there will be a test, please consult the other Teacher for it.」(WA Teacher)
「Ah, that’s right…」(Mira)
She poured cold water on my excitement before saying something unexpected with a flat tone.
「Even if you barely pa.s.sed, I believed you still need to practice, right? At any rate, you are the antic.i.p.ated newcomer.」(WA Teacher)
This time, I feel as if she’s also implicitly said 「Please perfect flying magic by all means.」 Even though she didn’t mention anything about flying, however, as expected, that’s the real meaning right?
However, I dare to say that I’m not intentionally not reading the atmosphere! But it requires a lot of effort if you want to fly. It doesn’t seem like it’ll possible to create a flight magic suited for public
「I understand. I will keep practicing. Thank you very much.」(Mira)
I agreed to continue practicing before bowing my head and heading to another place. While I headed towards the starting line, Rufi approached with uneasy expression. Guno and the others are waiting at another place and are watching us practice.
Since the lesson basically doesn’t need their power, they don’t need to especially stay by my side. When Rufi approached me back then, perhaps because she was worried about me.
I smiled and poked at Rufi’s inflated cheek.
「Why do you make such face? I will overcome this hurdle by myself, so on the next rest day, please help me, okay?」(Mira)
Rufi smiled brightly like a sun.
Un. So Cute. So Cute!


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[1] This toy!
[2] An addictive side affect from exhausting oneself in a footrace or other sports, it has been compared to an o.r.g.a.s.m or being on drugs. It’s because after strenuous exercise, brain released several endogenous euphoriants that are responsible for producing exercise-related euphoria, specifically phenethylamine (a stimulant), β-endorphin (an opioid), and anandamide (a cannabinoid) that created a “high” feeling. To put it simply, physical exercise is like smoking weed, inhaling and taking dope at the same time. This is explain many things about how some athlete behaves…
[3] Please imagine the characters of the following scene as girls…. (mainly because there is no gender identifier in j.a.panese)
[4] High in the definition of : a state of high spirits or euphoria.
[5] For the confused:
High Speed Movement: Wind Attribute (normal magician): reduce air friction, normal feet muscle.
High Speed Movement: Earth Attribute (abnormal Mira version): make the feet muscle stronger so it could run faster.
[6] A high speed bullet train operated in j.a.pan with speed of 240–320 km/h comparable to an aircraft in time and cost. Comparable train with similar speed exist in numerous European and Asian nations as Fast Intercity Transport. Strangely inexistent in USA for some reason, even thought it would be ideal for continental nation like them.
[7] Just Cause style!
[8] It’s a short form of Takarazuka Revue. An all women theatre troupe, where women also play men’s role. Takarazuka type refer to ‘manly’ beautiful women who appear in many Shoujo or Yuri manga…… It’s too long to describe, just read some yuri or shoujo manga… Or Yuu Kashima type character from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Typically look like this:
[9] A person obsessed to drive or go in high speed, oftentimes broken the local speed limit (there is no such as speeding in my town so feel free to push the pedal if you like)


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