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The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap is a web novel made by ちょきんぎょ。, Chokingyomaru.
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Today picture: Long Black Hair Girl eat Taiyaki

And Kagerou

And Eirin Princess Hold Kaguya

T.N: And my apology. I thought Fumi and Kuro were a same girl so I didn’t post picture last time. But after see a certain point that rude to say about a girl, I know they are 2 different girls

Chapter 74: Incident occurrence

“This is delicious!”

“It’s good to have a bowl here … By the way, soy sauce crackers across the street are also good.”

“Fumitsuki-san has just worked at a cafe, you know a lot of delicious things”

“Hehe, well…” (Fumi)

This is the Eaves edge of a j.a.panese confectionery store.We were relaxing with a j.a.panese umbrella bench set up for customers to sit and eat.

The snacks you eat in a relaxed time are very luxurious.While looking at Kuzuha-chan and Fumitsuki-san who are excited about the topic of sweets, I bite on my Taiyaki.

… It’s not too sweet, it’s a nice taste.

Sweet bean isn’t too sweet, there is soft sweetness of flour, and bean jam is on it properly.

It is a harmonious sweetness rather than confining the beans with flour. I can see why Fumitsuki-san recommending it.

It seems that Kuzuha-chan likes it a lot, and she is getting the third one now. I only eat a little because we will have lunch later, but I should let her eat as she like.

“I am pleased that you like it. Are you going to eat more?” (Fumi)

“Yes, I will ask for a second helping!” (Kuzuha)

“Woooo, Fumitsuki-san, here too!” (Kuro)

“Ara, kuro senpai, geez?” (Fumi)

” *Exited … Hurry hurry” (Wafu wafu~tsu. Hayaku hayaku)

“It will not come out so soon, I will give you half of mine, please wait quietly.”

“Wa~i, I love Fumi-chan, just like Satsuki-chan! Ah, but … not …” (Kuro)

“My b.r.e.a.s.t.s have nothing to do with this!” (Fumi)

“Well, yeah … Uhm … well, you mentally have big t.i.ts!” (Kuro)

“You have not praised it at all! It is subtle whether it is comforting or not!” (Fumi)

“Well, Fumitsuki-san, do you know that person?” (Arge)

“Yeah … That’s right, why is Kuro-senpai here?” (Fumi)

FumitsukiKuro Inui

After giving half the Taiyaki, Fumitsuki-san opened up his eyes wide and shouted.

This girl have long black hair, beast ears and a tail.

Probably the same as Kuzuha-chan, Beastkin girl.I wonder if her age was about 16 years old. Her eyes is chestnut color, she is staring at the Taiyaki while waving her tail.

“Um … this person is our employee, hey, please say h.e.l.lo”

“Mugu mumu … Wa~u? I’m Kuro, Kuro Inui! I’m wolfman (Jinrō), nice to meet you!”

“Labyrinth?” (Inrō)

“It’s wolfman!” (Jinrō)

Even against my mistake that can be seen as a mischief, she corrected it with a big smile.

Certainly, her ears and tail are shaped like a wolf.

Kuro-san’s appearance is the same Fumitsuki-san.It’s a chic impression, a maid outfit.Fumitsuki is pondering, watching the skirt which shakes unexpectedly by the tail swayed.

“Why are you going out with uniforms on your day off?”

“Fumi-chan is wearing too?”

“Because Fumi is working for the time being, Onee-sama came back and I was asked to deliver.”

“Wa fu, I see! Kuro is wearing this because I first saw it when I opened the closet!”

“… Well, there are lots of reserve”

While signing, Fumitsuki-san nodded.Instead of being convinced, it is a response to the feeling that she decided to abandon. (T.N: just like when you facepalm)

Kuro-san is happy waving her tail and eating the half-baked Taiyaki, and moving around here as if to bounce.

In a step like a dog playing in the snow, she looks at me and Kuzuha-chan from various angles.Eventually it gave a cry of “Wow”

“Yeah! This smell, as I remembered!”

It seems that she not only looks at it but also learns the smell.

… The movement is a dog perfectly.

I maybe rude, but she is a dog rather than a wolf that I see and feel.

Kuzuha-chan, the fox should also be a canine, but Kuro is much more like a dog. She is taller than me. And she is so friendly that I might have done as much as gently stroking her head naturally.

“I’m a vampire named Argento Vampear. Just call me Arge.”

“I’m Kuzuha of the fox.”

“You are Kuzuha-chan and Arge-chan. Wa~fu. Kuro remember it properly!”

Raise her hands Kuro-san declares.

The action seems overkill, but she is a person who is straightly transmitted what she thought.Is she not aware of what I am doing in the daytime, because she is a acquaintance of Satsuki-san who is fine under the condition, or just simply isn’t aware of it?

After dividing the half-tempered baked Taiyaki by a half and giving it to Kuro, Fumitsuki makes a word.

“Senpai, are you busy?” (Fumi)

“Yeah … I am free! Because I am free, I want somebody to care about me, Fumi-chan let play, Kuro is bored?” (Kuro)

“Will you please let go of me, Kuro-senpai. If you have free time please show us around the city? Because you are always taking a walk around the city, aren’t you good with this?” (Fumi)

“Wa ~fu, leave it to me!” (Kuro)

Kuro-san’s eyes are shining, she nods repeatedly and divides a Taiyaki into quarters only.

Fumitsuki-san, who saw the situation, gave Kuro-san the last piece.Again, it disappears into her stomach.

To think she can eat more. She‘s almost like a dog.No, she is a wolf.

“Kuro know well about this city! Where would you like to go?” (Kuro)

“Um … Do you have a location that is just right to take a nap … ?” (Arge)

“Wa~n! I know a nice place!” (Kuro)

“… then I want you show me … wait, huh? (Arge)

I tried to say I would like to ask her, but I couldn’t do it.

Fast.No, it is suddenly rather than fast. She lifted my whole body in a princess hold manner.

The scenery around me is floated without understanding the situation.Another floating feeling different from lifting.


Along with a roar, Kuro was dancing in the air.Naturally, I accompany her as well.

She didn’t care about turning off my skirt, she didn’t care why my kimono was disturbed, Kuro-san start jumping.Roughly landed on the roof of surrounding houses.

“Waffu ~u! Here I go”

“E, wai… HI ~YAA~N~”

She is faster than I can protest here, Kuro-san runs while hugging me.

Kuzuha-chan is calling me and Fumitsuki-san is Kuro-san, but Kuro-san completely ignored them.I mean, she was absorbed in purpose and it seems she have not heard.

A lot of people ‘s eyes are glaring at us, even so she didn’t care.

Her speed is really fast.Even in her arms, I can see that her foots have a lot of power to step on.

“HI ~YA?”

I embrace her almost reflexively and withstand a sense of floating.

My feet and b.u.t.t are visible and I feel restless. My legs have revealed to the thigh.

“Hold on tight!”

She talk to me but I could not afford to answer that.

She keeps holding me, flying from the roof to the roof one after another.

Jumping in the roof is what I did in Arlesha, but it is different because I’m carried by her, not jumping on my own.That’s suddenly from a person I just knew the name.

Rather than being afraid, the deployment is too fast and my head can not keep up.

I felt a sense of floating a few times, I finally managed to calm down and open my eyes, I saw it.

A big building rising in the center of the city.

Like a castle in the Sengoku Period, It’s rugged but clean building. There are four towers in the surroundings, each of which is connected as if it were relaying the center castle.

Kuro is running in the middle, towards the castle, in a straight line.I mean, it is already before my eyes.No, is it in front of my feet?

“Wooohooo! we’re arrived!”

She let me down on the roof after she’s landing.

There is no power on my legs due to the continuation of floating feeling. And I fell on my b.u.t.t on the roof of the castle.There is a feeling of cool feeling.

“… You’re getting a little overhead”

“Wa fu?”

Oh, she doesn’t understand at all.

Even if I complain, it seems to be ineffective, so I just saved a breath.

If you repeat breathing several times, it gradually calms down.As soon as the power return to my legs, I got up and fixed my clothes in disarray.

Ah, nice scenery.

When I stand up and look around, the scenery is high, wide and far away.

I can look around to the outer wall which is the entrance of the city, the wind that I receive is cool, the fragrance of the flower comes.

When I smell the fragrance of comfortable flowers, I become sleepy.

“Wafu wafu! I wonder how you do, did you like it?”

“Yes, I think it’s a nice place, but is it okay to be here?”

As far as you look around, this is the center of the city.When I say the center of the capital city, there is still an image that an important building is built.

Compared to the surrounding buildings, this castle is expensive, big and gorgeous.Whatever you think, isn’t it an important facility here?

“Wafu! It’s okay! Kuro know acquaintance here!”

Kuro-san is proudful hit her hand to her chest.

Satsuki-san must be widely known, so it may be relevant here.If it’s okay, I do not have to hold back.

I take out a blanket from the blood bag and laid it, then I lie down there. Yeah, not bad.

“Can Kuro take a nap like you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Wa~ fu!”

Waving with a tail she looked happy, Kuro-san lay down next to me.

It is a messy way to forcibly, but if she’s doing it for me. It is favorable.I didn’t get hurt. She brought me to a place where I could easily take a nap, so it was fine.

I was worried about Kuzuha-chan, but it would be fine if Fumitsuki-san is with her. If they try to join, the other side can follow my smell.

Because my stomach is full, consciousness sinks as soon as I close my eyes.

I have worked enough today, so let’s soak in happiness that I can take a nap with a good feeling.

Today picture: Aya and Momiji

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