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Read The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1230 – What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

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Read WebNovel The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1230 – What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

Chapter 1230: What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Young Master Yongheng…” The a.s.sistant returned with two cups of coffee in hand, standing at the door as he looked blankly at Mo Yongheng who had suddenly said he was going out to take a breather.

A few seconds later, he lowered his head to look at the cups of coffee in his hands.

It was as if he was pondering over who the coffee was for if Mo Yongheng was leaving the room.

“Pa.s.s both cups to me here.” Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and gestured at the a.s.sistant.

While drinking the coffee, Nian Xiaomu contemplated whether Mo Yongheng’s earlier reaction was trying to find an excuse to leave or if he really felt that his chest was stuffy and wanted to get some air.

If it was the latter…


Nian Xiaomu spat out the hot coffee after having drunk a huge sip out of guilt.

While trying to cool down the coffee, she picked up her phone and sent Yu Yuehan a message to ask if he had gotten home.

Beep beep!

She received a reply from him very quickly.

Yu Yuehan: [I’m here. I am handling the company’s matters. How is it over there?]

Nian Xiaomu c.o.c.ked her head to one side to think for a moment before typing her reply.

[Nothing much. Just looking at doc.u.ments. Miss you.]

After her text message was sent out, it went unanswered.

She had already placed her phone aside and read a few doc.u.ments, but Yu Yuehan still did not send her a reply.

If it was any other text message, it would have been fine. But, it was a rare one of her expressing that she missed him. Shouldn’t he immediately celebrate this joy and return her some compliments?

He actually had no reaction at all. Could it be that he was hugging his phone and overwhelmed with joy by himself?

Nian Xiaomu continued reading the doc.u.ments distractedly, waiting for an answer from him.

Very soon, there was a reply from Yu Yuehan.

There was only one line: [Nian Xiaomu, have you done something unfaithful to me?]


He had taken this long to reply to her text message, just because he was pondering over this?

Where was the trust they had agreed on?

She did not believe that love existed in this world anymore!

Beep beep!

Before Nian Xiaomu had decided on how to reply to his text message, Yu Yuehan’s phone call came in.

Looking at the name which was flas.h.i.+ng on her phone screen, Nian Xiaomu’s hand trembled for a moment before she answered the call.

Yu Yuehan’s deep voice contained a trace of s.e.xiness. “What are you doing?”

Nian Xiaomu straightened her back as she answered, “Reading doc.u.ments.”

Yu Yuehan replied, “With whom?”

Nian Xiaomu scanned her surroundings and answered calmly, “Just me. Oh, there’s an a.s.sistant standing at the door too.”

Yu Yuehan was obviously in disbelief as he retorted, “You wouldn’t send me a text message like that to please me for no reason. You’re feeling guilty. What are you feeling guilty about?”


Marrying a man who understands you more than you understand yourself is such a terrifying thing. Do all the young girls out there get this?

Even a G.o.ddess like her could not handle it, so young girls ought to be more vigilant when they pick men!

Never believe in sayings that women should find a man who understands them. When it reaches the extent where he is akin to a worm in your stomach, it’s an absolute nightmare!

After stuttering for some time, Nian Xiaomu finally answered properly.

“Yu Yuehan, this isn’t right of you. I’m trying to please you and you aren’t even happy about it. Don’t tell me you like it when I make you angry?”

On the other end of the line, Yu Yuehan let out an obvious cold snort before muttering with his thin lips slightly apart. “Have I been made a cuckold again?”



When had she made him a cuckold before?

She was innocent!

Nian Xiaomu took a deep breath before answering, “Don’t malign me, I haven’t done anything. I only saw Mo Yongheng just now and got reminded a bit of the past. Just a bit… it wasn’t very important…”

“Hehe.” Yu Yuehan obviously understood what she meant and added for her, “A handsome young hunk?”


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