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Read The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1298 – It’s Someone’s Name!

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Chapter 1298: It’s Someone’s Name!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tan Bengbeng’s eyes reddened as well and she went forward and grabbed hold of his hand.

For a long time, she was unable to speak.

As for Qi Yan, he was worried that Tan Bengbeng would cry her eyes out while she was recuperating from her miscarriage, and repeatedly tried to remind her, “You promised me, it’s just a meeting. No crying.”


Tan Bengbeng was originally quite sad but upon seeing him shoot daggers at her like an old fellow, she suddenly could not cry out anymore.

After nodding at him, she started to explain the events that happened over the last few years to the Mo Family elderly head.

When she was done, Tan Bengbeng suddenly thought of a very important question.

“Back then, everything happened so suddenly. When I rescued Missy, I tried to contact you, but there was no way I could reach you. What exactly happened?”

This question was something Tan Bengbeng had asked Mo Yongheng too.

Mo Yongheng had told her that some situations had happened at the Mo Corporation and the elderly head had told him to handle it. By the time he returned, the elderly head had already suffered from his stroke and was being poisoned.

In order to stay by the elderly head’s side, he could only pretend to surrender to Mo Kun and listen to his orders.

Although Mo Kun was taking over Mo Qian’s ident.i.ty and had become the President of the company, his management regime was too extreme, resulting in some blunders.

If not for Mo Yongheng handling these matters for him, the consequences would have been far worse for the company now.

In addition to that, Mo Kun also needed Mo Yongheng to help control the Mo Family and the other elders. As a result, even though he knew that Mo Yongheng was not truly loyal to him, he still continued using him carefully and allowed Mo Yongheng to stay by the elderly head’s side to take care of him.

As Mo Chengxian could not speak at present, upon hearing Tan Bengbeng’s question, his eyes flickered slightly.

After a while, he managed to quiver his lips and muttered two words.

The first time he did, no one seemed to understand what he said.

They only knew that he seemed to have mentioned someone’s name.

“Don’t rush, take your time to speak.” Mo Yongheng at one side reminded him gently.

Ever since the elderly head had been in a coma, it had been Mo Yongheng staying by his side to take care of him.

Although he often saw him in a state of waking up, this was the first time he had seen him regaining full consciousness.

That was why, like Tan Bengbeng, Mo Yongheng was also very curious about what had happened to him three years ago.

“Du… Nu…” Mo Chengxian managed to repeat himself with much effort. He was in such haste that he had even started to drool.

However, still, n.o.body could get what he was trying to say.

“What on earth is ‘Du Nu’?” Qi Yan asked with his head tilted, suppressing his laughter.

After receiving a glare from Tan Bengbeng, he became obedient again and hurriedly went forward to help listen.

Mo Chengxian continued to mutter, “Du… Nu…”

“Is Master trying to say someone with the surname Du? Which Du character is it? Is it the same Du in the name Dufu?” Mo Yongheng asked cautiously after deciphering his words. [Dufu is the name of a Chinese poet]

Mo Chengxian’s eyeb.a.l.l.s turned left and right.

It wasn’t.

“The Du used in Duguo?” Mo Yongheng asked again. [Duguo means to spend or pa.s.s time]

This time, Mo Chengxian blinked his eyes.

He had guessed correctly!

“What does Nu mean then?” Tan Bengbeng asked.

This character was something none of them could actually guess.

‘Du Nu’ did not sound like someone’s name at all.

Seeing how the elderly head was unable to say what he wanted to and looked as if he was in agony, Tan Bengbeng hurriedly got him to stay quiet.

She turned to look at Qi Yan.

“Do you have any way to help the elderly head to speak properly?”

“This can’t be rushed. The toxins in his body have been more or less cleared, but some residual toxin remains. There will definitely be some effects from it. Moreover, don’t forget that the Mo Family elderly head lost his ability to speak because of his stroke. Even if all the poison in his body has been cleared, he still needs a long time to recover before he can speak normally. As to what extent he can recover, that will depend on his physical condition.”


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