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Read The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 490 – Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! (8)

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Read WebNovel The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 490 – Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! (8)

Chapter 490: Climax! Reunion of both mother and daughter! (8)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

From the look on Yu Yuehan’s face, it was obvious that he was going to continue with his naughty plans after she was done talking.

However, when she thought about everything that had happened over the past two days, Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips nervously.

First off, she reported the incident at the kindergarten to Yu Yuehan, but did not mention that Xiao Liuliu was called a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

She only briefly described that Xiao Liuliu had a disagreement with a cla.s.smate, and she had pretended to be Xiao Liuliu’s mother so that she could defend Xiao Liuliu.

Not daring to check the expression on Yu Yuehan’s face, Nian Xiaomu asked directly, “Can I ask you where exactly Xiao Liuliu came from?”

As soon as this question left her mouth, Nian Xiaomu could feel the arm on her waist tighten its hold around her. It was as if Yu Yuehan was trying to subdue his temper.

Suddenly, Nian Xiaomu felt a little afraid.

Could it be that she had forced herself on Yu Yuehan and coerced him to make a baby with her back then?

After that, did she dump him and even abandon the child with him…?

No way, no way!

Yu Yuehan was such a domineering and black-bellied man. It was more likely that he would be the one to force people to do things against their will.

How would it be possible for a woman to make him do something that he didn’t want to do?

It was definitely not her fault…

Since this was the case, what exactly had happened?

She could not remember anything now. Surely Yu Yuehan wouldn’t have forgotten if he had done the deed with her before.

“Well, I know that this concerns your privacy. If you are unwilling to talk about it, that’s okay…”

“I don’t know,” Yu Yuehan glanced over at her as he answered in a very cold tone.

His entire presence was filled with gloom and fury.

Puzzled by his reaction, Nian Xiaomu wondered if he was angry that Xiao Liuliu had been bullied or angry with her for asking that question.

Furthermore, what did he mean when he said that he did not know?

Did he not know how his daughter came about?

Nian Xiaomu bit the tip of her tongue as she asked, “Surely you would know which woman you had slept with?”

Her voice was m.u.f.fled, and it was impossible to make out what she was saying.

Yu Yuehan frowned and asked, “What did you say?”

“I said,” Nian Xiaomu puffed up her cheeks and raised her voice a notch louder, “don’t you know which woman you had slept with before?”


The dining room suddenly plunged into silence.

A few servants who had stepped out of the kitchen heard their conversation and quickly retreated into the kitchen while pretending that they had not heard anything.

This was seriously an eye-opening experience for them.

They had been working at the Yu Family villa for many years, but had never seen any woman who dared to interrogate Yu Yuehan like this.

Furthermore, this question… How was he supposed to answer this question?

Awkward! Too awkward!

As soon as Nian Xiaomu let out that low roar, she realized what a stupid thing she had done and covered her face with her hands silently.

Although it was a well-known fact that Yu Yuehan did not go near women, who knew if this was only a facade?

He was of such distinguished status and looked so strikingly handsome. The number of women who liked him could easily line the streets.

Even if he sat still and did not move, there would be hordes of women throwing themselves at him.

Surely it was impossible for him to not have had a single woman in all those years.

If he actually listed all of them out, she might…

As Nian Xiaomu conjured up all these thoughts in her head, her chin was held and lifted up, and she was met with Yu Yuehan’s dark gaze. Suddenly, she decided that she did not want to hear his answer anymore.

“Wait a second…”

“Don’t you know best who I have slept with before?” Yu Yuehan pinched her chin a little harder as he enunciated every word.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

His words meant that…

How could she really be the only one he had ever slept with?

“Impossible! If that’s the case, how did Xiao Liuliu end up in my belly…”


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