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Read The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 991 – Sweet Yet Sour

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Chapter 991: Sweet Yet Sour

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Neither of them seemed to be in a rush to leave the bridal photography studio.

Instead, they treasured their rare times together by silently viewing their photos and waited for the photographer to develop the negatives.

“President Tang, this is the unedited negative that has already been developed.”

The manager of the photography studio personally took out a USB and handed it to Tang Yuansi.

“We will send the rest of the photos to the Tang Family villa after they are developed.”

Tang Yuansi did not say anything when he heard this. After he received the USB, he handed it to the anxious Shangxin and they both left.

Shangxin had already transferred a copy of the photos to her phone even before they had received the USB.

The photography studio did not allow their customers to make any copies of the unprocessed photos.

However, with Tang Yuansi around, no one would object to Shangxin demolis.h.i.+ng the entire studio, let alone simply making a copy of her own photos.

After they got in the car, the person who was supposed to sit beside Tang Yuansi and inquire about his well-being was currently sitting in her own seat.

She was staring fixedly at the screen of her cell phone with her clear, pure eyes.

She was looking through the photos again.

“In the past, I used to think that you suffered from facial paralysis and did not like to smile. I only realize now, that you are so handsome in front of the camera.” Shangxin raised her cell phone and s.h.i.+fted her body closer to Tang Yuansi.

She compared the photo on her cell phone to his face in real life.

The more she stared at them, the more disturbed she felt.

“The photographer was a female, and that must be the reason why she took nicer photos of you. How could a person like me who looks so good in front of the camera appear to look even worse than usual in today’s photos…”

Tang Yuansi reached out for her cell phone and placed it into his pocket.

Displeased, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I am right here in front of you, isn’t that enough for you to look at? Why are you still looking at the photos?”

“It’s different. This is my first bridal shoot, obviously, I must take a good look at them!” As Shangxin spoke, she bent her back and attempted to s.n.a.t.c.h the cell phone from his pocket.

However, Tang Yuansi grabbed onto her hands the moment she made her first move.

Pulling a long face, he gnashed his teeth and said, “How could a bridal shoot be taken twice? Who else are you planning to do the shoot with?”

A series of jealousy filled the words that erupted from Tang Yuansi’s mouth.

He was stunned at himself too.

He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly became silent.

He didn’t have much time left.

She was still very young.

Even though she was unwilling to give up on the child, he still hoped that she could find a man who would love and take care of her dearly in the future…

He felt indignant in his heart. However, compared to her happiness, that indignant feeling was definitely negligible.

His Xin’er deserved the best in this world.

Someone else should provide her the happiness since he was unwilling to do so.

Tang Yuansi’s face instantly turned a little pale.

“Brother Xiaosi…”

“I am fine, I am perhaps too exhausted from today’s shoot. I’ll rest for a while, wake me up when we have arrived, alright?” After Tang Yuansi finished speaking, he did not give her the chance to doubt him as he pretended to be extremely tired and immediately closed his eyes.

Her soft mumbles sounded beside his ears.

“That was just a casual remark, it doesn’t count. I do not want to be anyone’s bride other than that of Brother Xiaosi’s.”


Even though Tang Yuansi’s eyes were tightly shut, his eyebrows had unknowingly knitted tightly together.

Her words seemed like a tiny needle that had pierced through his heart.

It was sweet yet sour.

Just like a green plum.

It did not taste the best, but people could not stop eating it.

Xin’er, his silly Xin’er.

How great would it be if he could stay by her side forever…

Tang Yuansi did not fall asleep as he listened to her mumbles.

As pregnancy tires one out easily, Shangxin had fallen asleep instead soon after she quietened down and leaned against his shoulder.


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